“Akash! You can come in T-shirt, shorts & slippers to do your talk at Google” – the words of Manish (My host at Google) relieved me; as I had exhausted wearing all my formal clothes during my back to back, daily corporate events & training sessions in the last 7 days. I was so looking forward to my talk at Google .

Google had opted to get done out of me; not a stress management, not a Team building, not a Sales Training but an Event on ‘Relationships’ titled ‘Lovepal Bill’. I wonder how many Corporates in India would have the guts to have this done. Google rightly did; knowing the average age of its team.

Akash Gautam's session at Google India

A packed house for Lovepal Bill at Google

I thought I was a much traveled Motivational Speaker who has seen & spoken at good number of Corporates & it is very less likely that now after all these years something would surprise me. My belief got shattered. I was not only pleasantly surprised, totally impressed but was simply overwhelmed during my 6 hour stay at Google Hyderabad.

At the Google reception – 4 bright, yuppie, lively Googlers greeted me in way that I forgot for a second that I am not meeting my college buddies.

I thought I was Cool. But suddenly I was feeling like I was in Antarctica.

Akash Gautam's Google Talk

No it is not a Mall. This is inside Google office.

Rakesh (I knew him from his St Xaviers Kolkata days) took me for lunch & told ‘Akash! Cafes here serve different cuisines and hey, food has colour labels for calories – Low, medium & high’. Which would you like? I got confused, smiled & said- ‘Khuch bhi chalega’.

As we walked through floors, I found that GOOGLE HQ in India is just not an office but an ‘Extended college campus’.  Everyone (Yes , everyone) carrying Macs, Nexus phones (Google’s holiday gift), people sleeping, people dancing, people cooking, people working, people carrying their pastas to workstations & lots more.

Normally in the post Corporate Event time at many organizations- employees come & crib about their bosses, office culture, life etc etc. Here was a place where everyone I spoke with was gung ho about his work brand & sounded so exuberant and thankful to Google for making his / her life so much full of joy, abundance & fun. I told them – ‘You are no good to work anywhere else after Google’. Google has spoilt you richly, beautifully & creatively. Here’s a peek at Google’s culture of Success and Employee Happiness.

All organizations are different & good in their own ways and cultures. However, they must pick up the best from each other to come better. My talk at Google turned out more beneficial for me than for Googlers it seems. Here are my 5 lessons from the work culture at Google which I will so want the other Corporates, employees and youngsters to have a look at:-

1. Space (Physical, Mental, Emotional): Google gives the employees their space. You can find people sitting under a desk, working away inside Google’s Bollywood-ized car, learning in a huddle room… or possibly even napping at the bunkers. So much physical space translates to mental freedom and emotional flexibility.


With Nikita inside the Bolly-Car (which is a work station too)

2. Work Culture: The culture is that of chaotic order and self-governance. For e.g: Google dress code is two words, “wear something”. Not rules, but principles. Makes for unfettered minds.

3. Feedback and Appreciation: Googlers take and actively pursue feedback very seriously.  You improve only when you think you can do better, and when you find out how you can. And when a job is well done, Google calls it out and how! Bonuses, appreciation mails.

4. Accessibility and transparency: Whether it is Larry Page or the latest Noogler (New Googlers), everyone at Google is accessible and only a ping away. Same goes for transparency. While Googlers are highly protective about company secrets and innovation from outsiders, the company by itself prides itself on transparency across levels and boards. This level of transparency, automatically brings about accountability and sets into motion the Feedback loop too.

5. Innovation: Think 10x is Google’s Mantra. Should be yours too. They innovate even in the most simplest of the things. Look at the testimonial they gave me! (Below). And here are a few other testimonials I got from my happy clients.

Normally post my corporate talks & trainings ; I feel like this in my mind – ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. (Videos of my talks, a snapshot for you).

This time it was different- ‘I came, I saw, I got conquered & Googled forever’. 

testimonial by google for akash gautam

Google says ‘Thank You’ in the most innovative way!

I am just happy I got an opportunity to talk at Google. The company’s ‘Talks at Google’s is a very well known initiative that brings together the best leaders, innovators, thinks and doers together to share knowledge and know-how.

Here’s hoping all companies realize that a better work culture can boost their employee morale way better than solely relying on monetary benefits!

Googled. Forever 🙂

Akash Gautam

About Author

World’s Top Corporate Organizations including 30+ of the NIFTY-50 companies in India trust Akash as their Keynote Motivational Speaker. India’s premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC too go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to us to know how he can transform your Team.

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Join 50,000+ other smart people who regularly pursue my life hacks, career advices & some non-conventional inspiration. They tell me that my emails help them bunk the junk stuff in life. Check for yourself.
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