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  • Ashish Shah, Head – Human Resources Matrix ComSec, India

    Crisp, logical, to the point and very practical are the highlights of Akash Gautam's session. It was not just a session but a GAME CHANGER for my team.
    Sometimes in life you meet the best trainer, brilliant orator, management guru individually & they mesmerize you with their knowledge and then you meet someone who is a combination of all & completely shakes you... that's Akash for you. Best man for the job. He has given the term 'Motivational Speaker' an entirely new meaning. Totally Refreshed.

  • Rabbur Reza, Chief Operating Officer, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh

    “The entire session of Akash in our Annual Sales and Marketing Meet at Phuket, Thailand was entertaining and enlightening. Akash is a unique motivational speaker who can capture the audience with humorous talks which are equally insightful. He is a brilliant speaker who inspires the audience to learn how to be happy and successful in both personal and professional life.”

  • Sohit Satyawali, Head- Marketing, The Mosaic Company

    We had an overwhelming feedback from all our channel partners & team members about the “Rise & Shine” session and it left them truly motivated and charged up. Would like to Thank You once again for the fantastic engagement we had with you.

  •  Aparna G S, Head – Human Resources, V-Guard Industries Ltd.

    Akash’s session was very lively, energetic and informative. It refuelled our employees & left them fully charged up. The best part which I liked was that Akash was very accommodative and much before the program he ensured that he understood the profile of the participants, the nature of their job and the areas which we wanted him to focus on. This helped him in making the content totally relevant to our sales folks.

  • Mr P.K. Ruia, Chairman, Ruia Group

    “Engaging Akash Gautam for a Motivational Event proved to be the best of education combined with the best of entertainment. He won our hearts and got into our minds through wit, the most delightful and arresting manifestation of human intellect. Many thanks to Akash for igniting power and confidence in my team.

  • Gaurav Pallial, CEO, Citrus Hotels & Resorts

    “Awesome, spellbound, out of this world are a few metaphors I would use to describe his ‘game changing talk’. It was almost like being taken by the scruff of your collar & made to realise the obvious. He has the uncanny, almost supernatural ability to connect with the audience. One moment there was raucous laughter & the very next moment he had them in tears. He just drove home the point that it was all futile without being happy. Akash truly made a difference to team Citrus.”

  • Aditya Birla Mgmt Corporation Pvt Ltd. (Corporate- HR)

    “Akash specifically designed the program for our line managers from various Corporate Functions who support us in driving key HR practices around engagement & learning. Our objective was to inspire our managers & help them unlock their leadership. Akash’s program was very very inspirational & innovative. Kudos to him for making it impactful with his epics, anecdotes, desi-ism, tolerable expletives & slangs. We hope to attend more of his programs.

  • Building India Inc, IIT Delhi

    Akash came as a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating our minds through his unique insights. As students, we face daily the rigors of the academia & the co curricular.In this mélange of activities, there comes a time when we need to re evaluate of what is essential & let go of trivial pursuits that hog our time.. His talk propelled us to achieve greater heights in our lives while keeping one thought at the back our mind ”Motivation is within us”.

  • Aakash Bhotika, Organizer-Xaviers Commerce Society

    College fests are just about Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment. And Akash sir is full Entertainment. The 3rd Chapter of INSIGNIA ;2011- St Xaviers College , Kolkata would have been half successful ; had it not been for the 'larger than life' presence of Akash Sir. He simply rocks with his sense of humor and innovation. His event 'Bollycabulary' still gets very commonly discussed in the college campus; months after it got conducted. Xaverians are a big fan of Akash Sir. Thank you Sir!

  • CA Ranjeet Kr Agarwal, Vice Chairman, Council of ICAI

    Akash’s sterling session super motivated the entire bunch of 2500+ CAs & CA Students from 7 countries. His was the best session of our two days CA Students National Convention. I am glad we invited the best Motivational Speaker in India!

  • Maitreyi Kandoi, Managing Editor, Kindle Magazine

    I only have one regret about Akash's workshops-that he wasn't around when I was a student! A superb Motivational speaker in India, Akash works wonders on students of all age groups.

  • Eddie Chandhok, President, Global Delivery, Infogain

    Akash’s connect with his audience is amazing, he engages the participants using humor & delivers with a strong punch a clear & positive message. With his Passion, Energy, Charisma & Laughter therapy, he mesmerized the audience for more than 3 hours in his training. His Training was a perfect climax for our Senior Management Offsite at Ranthambore National Park.

  • Indranil Bhattacharya, Regional HR Manager (East), Titan Company Limited

    “I had a very faint idea of what Akash can do after watching his videos on his website. But then the proof of the pudding lies in its eating. And magic happened at Kolkata when Akash Gautam took our retail staff to a deeply inspirational & an exhilarating ride. The message of a lifetime was shared straight from the heart with panache & amazing simplicity. 2.5 hours flew like it was 25 minutes and we learnt what no books can teach. Thanks Akash for the amazing experience"

  • Sujata Gupta, Director, Pitrashish Marketing Pvt ltd

    Akash is simply excellent. A brilliant Motivational Speaker; his presentation & delivery mesmerized everyone in the audience (some 1100+ Network Marketing associates from across India at Kolkata). His Interpersonal skill & the ability to get the audience participating with him using Hindi as a language is praiseworthy. Kudos Akash!

  • Rahul Kandhal, Change, Communication & Learning Lead (International Markets), Singapore, GSKCH

    Akash's talk influenced all the participants to voluntarily draft individual action plan for themselves to be the best that they can be. As a motivational speaker in India ; Akash has a unique style. He makes sure that the audience is well engaged by adequately incorporating the element of humour.

  • Anil D’Souza, Head – Human Resources, Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance

    With his immense energy and huge happiness quotient, Akash bowled over the team of SUD. He did the toughest job - connecting, engaging and motivating a team of 250 people right from our CEO to the junior most levels. Within the first 5 minutes, with his honest and happy insights generously dosed with humour; he was able to give us all, a chunky slice of life in many hues. And we want him back as soon as the next opportunity provides itself.

  • Bindi Thakkar, AVP – Marketing, HDFC ERGO General Insurance

    We were glad to have Akash for Calm-Sutra; his unique Corporate talk on Stress Management at the HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate your powerful presentation. It was not only insightful but also reflected our aim of knowledge sharing theme. Feedback from our clients has been excellent. Akash truly is one of the best Corporate Trainers in India.

  • Kumar R.L, Vice President, SAB Miller India

    Akash's unique colloquial ability to connect with my management teams from across India helped him reach out not only to their minds but more importantly also to their hearts. He helped us realize that 'Motivation is within us'.

  • G Sreenivaasan, President – Consumer Products Division, TTK Healthcare Limited

    The energy he unleashed during his talk has to be seen to be believed. He had the uncanny knack of connecting with people immediately. My team absolutely loved his session and honestly wanted more because of the emotional intensity he was able to bring about. He had all of us laughing, some crying( yes!) and all of us on our feet singing. He left us with many thoughts to take home and quite a few action plans. My team felt that his session was top notch and very value adding to their lives.

  • Nick Smith, Managing Director, AIRBLAST B.V., The Netherlands

    What a difference one man can make - what Akash says, and the way he says it, his energy, and commitment - all combine to result in people wanting to change! Our team certainly felt the full force of Akash over a 4 hour seminar in which we laughed, shouted, danced, and asked ourselves questions which led us to realise some of the simple truths of life...! Akash doesn't simply present the same seminar to each audience - he tailor makes each seminar depending upon what the audience requires - thus acheiving fantastic results each time!"Thnaks Akash!

  • Ripu Daman SHARMA , Country Manager, India, Lutron, USA

    We invited Akash Gautam at our Annual partner colloquium at Macau. His ‘Rise & Shine’ session was simply fantabulous and mesmerised my entire team beyond my imagination. Talk was very inspiring, engaging and fun filled too. Thank you Akash for the good time. Keep Rocking with your magic spells !

  • Dr. Andreas Lauermann, President and Managing Director Volkswagen India Private Limited

    “It was a pleasure to have Akash at our company’s event recently. His talk was not just entertaining but it was engaging, motivational, thought provoking and behavior changing. He has an amazing ability to connect with the audience at the same time enabling them to embark on a journey of mindfulness and transformation. He actually left us thinking about the small things that can make a big difference in our lives. The feedback that came to us is truly commendable and I am sure that our employees will remember this for the years to come."

  • P Mani, Chief Compliance Officer & Head Assurance, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

    Firstly - your session ‘Rise and Shine’ was very aptly titled. It was a pure exhilarating & invigorating experience for my global team. It was loved by one and all. The manner in which you delivered the content made it even more special.

  • Himanshu Kapadia, Vice President, Marketing Management, BASF

    Akash delivered thoughtful messages with so much impact that it will stick on to participants forever. What made Akash's talk very unique however was the delivery. He created happy mood by using the language which most of us prefer in personal lives, blended with sumptuous dose of humor which kept the audience captivated. I can vouch that my colleagues and channel partners got motivated like never before. Thank you very much for inspiring us like this. Lifetime experience.

  • Jayashree Kumar, Head of Sales – Bancassurance/ Banking, First Gulf Bank, UAE

    FGB invited Mr Akash Gautam to Dubai for his flagship session 'Rise & Shine' with its sales team (some 150+ participants). Akash not only just did- what the Bank wanted him to do but also exceeded our expectations. He fired our team with some very practical motivation & Sales fundamentals. His talk was amazingly powerful & gets talked about & remembered in the office corridors & cabins even months after.

  • Yogesh D. Gandhi, General Manager –HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

    Mr. Power Battery Backup. Akash -this is your new attribute. 180 minutes … no break from your side & all 400 people glued for 180 minutes… it’s a pure win win situation..Have interacted & partnered with many motivational speakers, but surely will rate you among the best speakers & trainers in India.  Your connect with crowd, your energy level, the examples are so practical and real.  When I spoke to the participants their feedback was simply WOW.

  • Shenu Agarwal , Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Escorts Agri Machinery

    “Goose-bumps! Nerve-wrecking intensity! We invited Akash to address our Sales & Service teams in Goa. Frankly, I was quite worried with his request for a long 120-minute Motivational Talk. But he spoke for more than 180 minutes and not for a single moment anyone of us wanted him to stop. When it comes to inspirational speakers, I have never seen one like him. What a guy! What an experience to hear him!. Escorts wants more & more of you Akash."

  • Manoj Agrawal, Vice President, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

    One word for Akash-'Exceptional'! His talk 'Rise & Shine' was the best that I have witnessed in Maruti Suzuki in my 27 years of career here. He just shook us out of our present belief systems into a newer world altogether. Unforgettable & life time experience.

  • Mrs. Anjana Ghosh, Director, Bisleri International

    Akash makes you believe that even sky is not the limit. Saying that Akash Gautam did a splendid job at the Bisleri 'All India Sales Conference 2015' might be an understatement. The level of energy, positivism & knowledge that he brought along & inculcated in each one of us- is a learning we will keep for years to come. Kudos to Akash for igniting power & confidence in my team with his highly inspirational words. It was a pleasure to have him as a part of our conference.

  • Sudarshan Jain, Managing Director, Abbott Pharma (Global Healthcare & Research)

    We invited Akash for our All India Sales Team Award Function.  Akash was brilliant, outstanding and connected with Sales team right from the start.  Full of energy, humor & enthusiasm, he kept the sales team engaged throughout the session.  All of us received lots of practical insights about Sales. My entire Sales team needed this only at this juncture. Perfect !

  • Google India HQ, Hyderabad

    Google was on Cloud 9 of learning, laughter & fun. The talk was brilliant. Thank you so much Akash. Great show ! Look fwd to more such talks.

  • Anuj Aggarwal, Head of International Strategy, Cipla Ltd.

    Akash is not just an exceptional Motivational speaker but a magician too. He took us (Senior Mgmt of CIPLA) into an almost hypnotic state where we shed all our general notions of life & could feel & think like him. We came out, full of fresh energy, confidence & new perspective. I have hardly experienced such a real step-back moment before. Outstanding!!

  • Appadurai A., Country Head- India & Sri Lanka HP (Hewlett Packard)

    Akash was rated 9.2 on a scale of 10 by 100 of our senior team mates who attended his session in Malaysia. Perhaps- one of the best motivational speakers that Hewlett Packard ever engaged with. He has unbelievable amount of energy and humor through which he drives his points. Through extremely simple activities he makes a huge impact on people and their way of thinking,  Akash Gautam was simply awesome.

  • Atul Chaturvedi, CEO, Adani Wilmar Limited

    “I was privileged to hear Akash mesmerizing our Top Employees in Agra .To get a standing ovation from our Team speaks volumes about his exceptional skills.. Down to earth and forthright  he is brilliant in communicating his message ..I am sure we will be utilizing his services regularly to electrify our Corporate & Sales teams and make them realize their own hidden potential. Unbelievably brilliant talk by you Akash. Thanks”

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