Akash Gautam
Best Motivational Speaker in India

Motivational Speaker for Sales Conference

Why Akash?

Keynote Speaker at 300+ Sales Conferences across the world

Zero tantrum guy with No Fuss attitude.

Content that ACTUALLY Works. Just what you NEED

Stories, Humor, Kickass Original Content

Regularly Trusted by World’s Top Organizations

Pure Value for Money

Akash’s Kickass Corporate Events

  • One person who can light up or dampen the sales conference: your keynote sales speaker. Reason: – Sales managers & teams have been selling for all these years. Most are good too. First, to gain their acceptance & then to genuine value add to them could get tricky for any Sales Motivational Speaker.
  • The most aggressive sales organizations across the world including 30+ of the NIFTY-50 companies in India trust Akash Gautam as their Sales motivational speaker during their annual sales conferences.
  • As a sales motivational speaker, Akash has spoken at 300+ Sales Conferences in the last 20+ years. He is a storyteller & stories work magic with sales teams. His incisive understanding of sales psychology & sales motivation helps him connect straight with the hearts of his audience. He uses humour, tolerable sarcasm, winning & inspiring examples from other organisations & team games as tools to instil ultra-positive mindset habits into the minds of the participants.
  • Scores of happy letters from clients across the world prove how Akash as their Conference Speaker has helped their teams overcome their self-limiting beliefs & fears of change.
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Letters from Happy Clients

Pictures from Akash's Events

CIPLA- Standing Ovation from Global Business Heads
Dubai ESCORTS Annual Conference
Mahindra Tractors- Annual Sales Conference
Tata Sky - Annual Sales Conference
Tata Steel Annual Sales Conference, Puri 2019


Akash’s Popular Quotes

  • “A Salesman without Enthusiasm is no better than a clerk”
  • “The bottom line is that what matters is the bottom line”
  • “Stories matter as much as the product. Today I will help you learn how to tell a story well. A good story can create an intense, personal connection between you, your customer, your message & ultimately your product”
  • “In sales or in life; learn to use your emotions for you & not against you”
  • “Revenue is Vanity. Profits are Sanity”
  • “Being calm and assertive is always a winning strategy for a salesman. It forces the salesman to be genuine and to slow down. This forges a deeper connection and understanding that may just lead to a closed deal sooner than one even expected.”
Akash Gautam

Akash’s recent engagements as Motivational Speaker for Sales Conference:-

  • Conference Speaker at Taj, Santa Cruz Mumbai for Alkem Labs,
  • Keynote Sales Speaker at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru for Prestige Real Estate,
  • Motivational Sales Speaker for Tata Steel (Tata Pravesh) at Hyatt Regency, Delhi,
  • Sales Motivational Speaker for UPL, Mumbai,
  • Sales Speaker for Greenply Industries Limited, Kolkata,
  • Keynote Motivational Speaker for JLR at Shimla

Motivational speaker for Sales Conference: A lot of effort goes into pulling off offsite & Corporate Team Meets. Behind all the fun, it is serious business too. Randomly trusting anyone as a Sales Motivational Speaker for your conference could be a costly mistake that organizers could make. Akash with his rich experience will give your sales team a lifetime of high. He commits this to all the organizations that trust him as a Business Motivational Speaker.

In sales, the reward for good work is more work. And that is the only way to grow in sales- exceeding targets while keeping on sharpening one’s skill sets. Most sales people, even leaders because of the daily rigmarole of sales targets inadvertently end up getting caught in playing Small Games.

The cacophony of noises of small games makes people spend more time in shallow activities than doing real stuff which leads to sales. This is a classic trap which prevents value unlocking to fully happen out of people. This is where Business Leadership Speakers come in. Akash’s Corporate Events are full livewire and have been transforming sales teams across India & Asia for 20+ years now. Regularly, top speaker forum rankings recognize Akash as the Best Sales Motivational Speaker.

Know why Akash is recognized as Best Motivational Speaker for Sales Conference, Business Leadership Speaker, Sales training for sales teams HERE

Write to us at info@akashgautam.com or call Dr Riya at +91.708-750-666 for Keynote Speaking Bookings.

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Join 50,000+ other smart people who regularly pursue my life hacks, career advices & some non-conventional inspiration. They tell me that my emails help them bunk the junk stuff in life. Check for yourself.
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