Top Motivational Speakers in India

Akash Gautam - Top Motivational, Keynote Speaker in India
Akash Gautam – Motivational, Keynote Speaker in India

Looking for some kickass motivation that will give you & your team a HIGH for a lifetime?

Akash Gautam will do it magically with his wonderful original ideas for life. He is a Corporate Trainer & a very popular Motivational Speaker in India.

Know much more & all about him by clicking at  (His official website).

For engaging Akash as a Speaker / Trainer: Please write to us at  info@akashgautam.comWe prefer Emails. We will revert to you with all details in quickest time.

However only if it is an urgent business need; you may speak with Riya at +91.708-75-06666 . Akash’s India number is 97799-3-6666.

30+ of the NIFTY-50 Companies in India trust Akash repeatedly for impacting the backbone of their businesses- their very important people.

He promises ‘Life changing Events. Always !’; something which you have never witnessed before. His genre is Sarcasm & Humor. His ‘High Energy’ events are Motivation minus the boring Gyaan(Theory) & are just what actually gets needed in Life & at work. Pure, practical & unconventional inspiration.

Your team will be jumping at the end of it & your people will for sure come & thank you for the same. This is a commitment.

Top Corporate organizations across the world like Google, McKinsey & Co., Accenture, Vodafone, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Maruti Suzuki, Titan, Glaxo, Hyundai, Bisleri, Cipla, Airtel, Tata Steel, ICICI Bank, RIL, Mahindra, Godrej, HDFC, Dr. Reddy’s, FGB (Dubai) & hundreds more trust Akash Gautam & go to him when they need a Keynote Speaker, Trainer or a Motivational Speaker for Sales Conferences for Corporate Events and Meets. Know much more…

He regularly gets invited as a Celebrity Speaker at TEDx, Top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow & others), IITs (Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai etc), XLRI, MDI, SRCC & other Top Colleges in India. With more than 18 years of rich experience, 1300+ Events (with greater than 7,50,000 attendance & counting);  he is today the most sought after & leading name whenever Corporate organizations look out for Keynote Speakers in India.

His freshening Events are not just the ‘What To Dos’ but also the ‘How To Dos’ as well. You may want to see for yourself –

CALMSUTRA | Stunning Stress Management Techniques | Akash Gautam

Rise and Shine | Why Happy People are More Successful | Akash Gautam

How to Screw the PRIME YEARS of your Life | Akash Gautam


You may also want to see snapshots of some of his best sessions across the world here – Picture galleryPicture gallery.

Do definitely visit this page where Clients have written Happy Notes (Testimonials) for him.

Below are a few such testimonials (Happy notes from clients):

CIPLA- Standing Ovation from Global Business Heads
CIPLA- Standing Ovation from Global Business Heads

“Akash is not just an exceptional Motivational speaker but a magician too. He took us (Senior Mgmt of CIPLA) at Mumbai into an almost hypnotic state where we shed all our general notions of life & could feel & think like him. We came out, full of fresh energy, confidence & new perspective. I have hardly experienced such a real moment before. Outstanding!!”
– Anuj Aggarwal,
Head of International Strategy,CIPLA


“One word for Akash-’Exceptional’! His talk ‘Rise & Shine’ was the best that I have witnessed in Maruti Suzuki in my 27 years of career here. He just shook us out of our present belief systems into a newer world altogether. Unforgettable & life time experience.”
– Manoj Agrawala,
Vice President, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.


Dubai - Leadership Games with First Gulf Bank Management
Dubai – Leadership Games with First Gulf Bank Management

“FGB invited Mr Akash Gautam to Dubai for his flagship motivational session ‘Rise & Shine’ with its sales team(some 150+ participants). Akash not only just did- what the Bank wanted him to do but also exceeded our expectations. He fired our team with some very practical motivation & Sales fundamentals. His talk was amazingly powerful & gets talked about & remembered in the office corridors & cabins even months after.”

-Jayashree Kumar,
Head of Sales – Bancassurance/ Banking, First Gulf Bank, Dubai (UAE)


“Akash makes you believe that even sky is not the limit. Saying that Akash Gautam did a splendid job at the Bisleri ‘All India Sales Conference 2015, Mumbai’ might be an understatement. The level of energy, positivism & knowledge that he brought along & inculcated in each one of us- is a learning we will keep for years to come. Kudos to Akash for igniting power & confidence in my team with his highly inspirational words. It was a pleasure to have him as a part of our conference.”
Mrs. Anjana Ghosh,
Director, Bisleri International

Malaysia -Appadurai A., Country Head- India & Sri Lanka , HP (Hewlett Packard) lifts Akash up on his shoulders during Thanks giving
Malaysia -Appadurai A., Country Head- India & Sri Lanka , HP (Hewlett Packard) lifts Akash up on his shoulders during Thanks giving


“Akash was rated 9.2 on a scale of 10 by 100 of our senior team mates who attended his session in Malaysia. Perhaps- one of the best motivational speakers that Hewlett Packard ever engaged with. He has unbelievable amount of energy and humor through which he drives his points. Through extremely simple activities he makes a huge impact on people and their way of thinking, Akash Gautam was simply awesome.”
Appadurai A.,
Country Head- India & Sri Lanka HP (Hewlett Packard)

Mahindra & Mahindra- All India Sales Conference
Mahindra & Mahindra- All India Sales Conference, Mumbai


“Mr. Power Battery Backup. Akash -this is your new attribute. 180 minutes … no break from your side & all 400 people glued for 180 minutes… it’s a pure win win situation..Have interacted & partnered with many motivational speakers, but surely will rate you among the Top Motivational Speakers in India. Your connect with crowd, your energy level, the examples are so practical and real. When I spoke to the participants their feedback was simply WOW.”
Yogesh D. Gandhi,
General Manager –HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

“With his immense energy and huge happiness quotient, Akash bowled over the team of SUD at Mumbai. He did the toughest job – connecting, engaging and motivating a team of 250 people right from our CEO to the junior most levels. Within the first 5 minutes, with his honest and happy insights generously dosed with humour; he was able to give us all, a chunky slice of life in many hues. And we want him back as soon as the next opportunity provides itself. “

-Anil D’Souza,
Head – Human Resources,Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance


Adani Group Sr Mgmt gives Akash's Event a standing ovation
Adani Group Sr Mgmt gives Akash’s Event a standing ovation, Delhi 2016

“I was privileged to hear Akash mesmerizing our Top Employees in Agra .To get a standing ovation from our Team speaks volumes about his exceptional skills.. Down to earth and forthright he is brilliant in communicating his message ..I am sure we will be utilizing his services regularly to electrify our Corporate & Sales teams and make them realize their own hidden potential. Unbelievably brilliant talk by you Akash. Thanks”

Atul Chaturvedi, CEO, Adani Wilmar Limited


No Gyaan Zero Yawn Events - Always !
No Gyaan Zero Yawn Events – Always !

“”What a difference one man can make – what Akash says, and the way he says it, his energy, and commitment – all combine to result in people wanting to change! Our team certainly felt the full force of Akash over a 4 hour+ super motivational event in which we laughed, shouted, danced, and asked ourselves questions which led us to realize some of the simple truths of life…! Akash doesn’t simply present the same seminar to each audience – he tailor makes each seminar depending upon what the audience requires – thus achieving fantastic results each time!”Thanks Akash!””

Nick Smith, Managing Director, AIRBLAST B.V., The Netherlands


With Mrs Rajshri Birla & Top Women Leaders of Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai 2016
With Mrs Rajshri Birla & Top Women Leaders of Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai 2016

“We invited Akash for our All India Sales Team Award Function. Akash was brilliant, outstanding and connected with Sales team right from the start. Full of energy, humor & enthusiasm, he kept the sales team engaged throughout the session. All of us received lots of practical insights about Sales. My entire Sales team needed this only at this juncture. Perfect !”

Sudarshan Jain, Managing Director,
Abbott Pharma (Global Healthcare & Research)


“The energy he unleashed during his talk has to be seen to be believed. He had the uncanny knack of connecting with people immediately. My team absolutely loved his session and honestly wanted more because of the emotional intensity he was able to bring about. He had all of us laughing, some crying( yes!) and all of us on our feet singing. He left us with many thoughts to take home and quite a few action plans. My team felt that his session was top notch and very value adding to their lives. “

G Sreenivaasan, President – Consumer Products Division, TTK Healthcare Limited


With the Top Doctors & Scientists of Bangladesh at Dhaka
With the Top Doctors & Scientists of Bangladesh at Dhaka

“Akash delivered thoughtful messages with so much impact that it will stick on to participants forever. What made Akash’s talk very unique however was the delivery. He created happy mood by using the language which most of us prefer in personal lives, blended with sumptuous dose of humor which kept the audience captivated. I can vouch that my colleagues and channel partners got motivated like never before. Thank you very much for inspiring us like this. Lifetime experience.”

Himanshu Kapadia, Vice President, Marketing Management, BASF, Singapore


@Google India HQ, Hyderabad
Akash Gautam @Google India HQ, Hyderabad

“We were glad to have Akash for Calm-Sutra; his unique Corporate talk on Stress Management at the HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate your powerful presentation. It was not only insightful but also reflected our aim of knowledge sharing theme. Feedback from our clients has been excellent. Akash truly is one of the best Corporate Trainers in India.”
Bindi Thakkar,
AVP – Marketing, HDFC ERGO General Insurance


“Goose-bumps! Nerve-wrecking intensity!! Deep connect!!! We invited Akash to address our very important Sales & Service teams in Goa. Frankly, when I met him right before the event for a briefing, I was quite worried with his request for a long 120+ minute Motivational Talk. He spoke for more than 180 minutes and not for a single moment, I or anyone of the 200+ people in the hall, wanted him to stop. When it comes to inspirational speakers, I have never seen one like him, or even close. What a guy! What an experience to hear him!! Escorts wants more & more of you Akash.”

– Shenu Agarwal ,
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Escorts Agri Machinery


30+ of the NIFTY-50 Companies trust Akash each year for Kickass Inspiration
30+ of the NIFTY-50 Companies trust Akash each year for Kickass Inspiration

“It was a pleasure to have Akash at our company’s event recently. His talk was not just entertaining but it was engaging, motivational, thought provoking and behavior changing. He has an amazing ability to connect with the audience at the same time enabling them to embark on a journey of mindfulness and transformation. He actually left us thinking about the small things that can make a big difference in our lives. The feedback that came to us is truly commendable and I am sure that our employees will remember this for the years to come”

Dr. Andreas Lauermann
President & Managing Director, Volkswagen India Private Limited


Akash Gautam regularly gets featured in leading magazines & newspapers among the Top 10 Motivational Speakers in India ( 2015, 2016 & 2017 ) lists. Other Top Motivational Speakers in India who featured in those lists included names as Deepak Chopra, Shiv Khera, Sandeep Maheshwari, Arunima Sinha. Akash’s events are a laugh riot with extra toppings of sarcasm, goosebumps and realizations. The impact rate is much higher because he speaks in the language the attendees love most. You’ll find in his Events a treasure of stunning concepts that will set your productivity soaring.

TataSky-Annual Sales Meet & Award Function
Tata Sky-Annual Sales Meet & Award Function, Kolkata

As a Motivational Speaker & Trainer in India; Akash has enjoyed the privilege of speaking to, connecting with and interacting with a very diverse clientele which includes even Tihar Jail inmates; Delhi , rural women of Haryana & Miss India beauty pageant contestants too.

“As a student I used to dream of huge auditoriums, houseful audience, powerful mikes & then ‘Me’ extending myself onto all this. It took time but all my dreams came true. God has been very gracious. Now, ‘It is Thanks giving time’.” he says. The journey of starting as a no one to being counted among the Top Motivational Speakers in India has been a very enriching & humbling one.

Training & Motivational speaking are much more than speaking borrowed lines in fluent English.It is a highly specialized art where the Trainer draws from his extensive researches & experiences of having done the same over many years. And my experiences have brought me two things – content & style. I believe, the style of reaching out to people is as important as the content being talked about.

The journey in retrospect seems like a fairy tale. It all started in the year 2000 when I started picking up Corporate assignments as a Motivational Speaker in Delhi. The assignments were sundry & the work was neither satisfying nor gratifying then. The corporates did not want to believe & invest in an upstart Motivational Speaker & Trainer. But every bone in my body made me believe that I could create products & events which could solve problems in people’s lives. Delhi made me aggressive & patient at the same time. Having studied & lived in New Delhi for many years; when it came to settling down; we decided to work & live out of Chandigarh (the most beautiful & organized city in India). Reasons were simple:- Chandigarh as a city had a hygiene factor about it which stimulated the creative hat in me.  I find writings Blogs in parks of Chandigarh more easy to do than in any part of Delhi.

IIM Ahmedabad - Akash's Event receives a Standing Ovation
IIM Ahmedabad – Akash’s Event receives a Standing Ovation

In the year 2003; I picked up my first high impact Corporate assignment with Nokia & IBM as a Motivational Speaker in Bangalore. My work in Bangalore got recognition & recommendations from the managements & brought me to Hyderabad. As a Motivational Speaker in Hyderabad; I executed important Corporate assignments primarily with the IT & Education sectors but I primarily spent this year sharpening my skill by spending hundreds of hours reading books & practicing spontaneity by the Hussain Sagar Lake. Fun it was!”

In the last 10 years -my dream of being one of the Top Motivational Speakers in India has taken me to all major cities & states in India like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh (Punjab), Pune (Maharashtra), Indore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Assam (Eastern India and North East) , Cochin (Kerala) etc and more. As a Hindi Motivational Speaker in India- I realized that customizing the Events & talks in a language which the audience understands more is critical to the impact of the Event. People buy from a point of emotional contact & a language as Hindi when used to convey a strong message; makes the impact all the more easy in a Hindi speaking country as ours. Today every one out of five Motivational Events that I do are in Hindi.

Addressing 2500+ audience from 7 countries @ an International Convention
Addressing 2500+ audience from 7 countries @ an International Convention

In the last few years; I realized that Hindi as a language works the best when I am working as a Motivational Speaker for audiences as during Dealer Meets, Vendor meets, addressing associates of Network Marketing – MLM Companies. I took some extra time to adjust to the customization needs at Chennai; where the audiences were mainly Tamil speaking. But after a few Events; I was ready to go. Doing Events for Corporates in Chennai is as much a ease now as it is in any other part of India. On the way picked up little bit of Tamil, Telegu & Bengali as well for my Events in Chennai, Hyderabad & Kolkata. This hard work really helped me demolish the basic language barrier while working across geographies of India as a Motivational Speaker.

As a Motivational Speaker in Dubai (UAE, Middle East, Gulf Countries), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, & other South East Asian countries; I could customize my Talks to the specific sociological needs of the corporate employees. Do check 12 super Inspiring Quotes to fire your Career Mojo  & Motivational Videos to super charge your confidence  .

It was a great learning experience- the cross cultural understanding. Being a Motivational Speaker in India (one of the largest geographies in the world) entails a lot of travel. In total I did some 1200+ Events in the last 16 years. The travel was very heavy & this inadvertently took a toll on my family time. But then i realized that ‘life is a package’. If the positives outweigh the negatives – it is a good deal. You can not have the best of all the worlds. You may want to read ‘ 10 Motivational Blogs I religiously follow

The trust, appreciation and support that my style of training has brought me from my colleagues and clients is truly humbling. It feels amazing & very humbling to regularly find my name among the Top Motivational Speakers in India lists. It motivates me to work harder & keep on inspiring them while ensuring that they have fun while listening to me.”- he continues. Confessions of a Motivational Speaker

Among the Top Motivational Speakers in the world; the names which have inspired Akash the most are Les Brown , Brian Tracy , Eric Thomas, Bob Proctor , Robin Sharma, Simon SinekNick Vujicic.

Also check Top Motivational Speakers in the World who inspire me the Most

Akash himself has touched, inspired and impacted more than 7,50,000 lives in a career spanning over eighteen years. With a strong following of more than 4,00,000 individuals on his social media, blogs and videos, he continues to try and impact lives daily. He believes – ‘The best is yet to come”. Do check ‘Three kickass Motivational Stories to Shake you up

Akash Gautam’s Blogs get consistently ranked among the most read & top Motivational Blogs in India. His popular Blogs include – 10 Ways to Screw your Life between 20s & 30s , Blogs on sharpening your Communication SkillsHow to Meditate & increase Mindfulness- Everything you need to know

Original. Unconventional. Magically Refreshing. That’s what Akash Gautam’s motivational talks are.

Invite Akash today to  get your teams, clients and lives transformed forever.

Invite Akash today to  get your teams, clients and lives transformed forever.