Akash Gautam
Best Motivational Speaker in India

Motivational Speaker in Hindi

Why Akash?

Fluency in Hindi & 6 other Indian Languages

Stories, Humor, Kickass Original Content

Content that ACTUALLY Works. Just what you NEED

Zero tantrum guy with No Fuss attitude

Events remain talking points even months later

Pure Value for Money

Akash’s Kickass Corporate Events

  • Exposing your Hindi speaking audience to a motivational speaker who speaks mostly in English will be as much purposeful as putting a torch light in place of your car’s headlight. It just would not solve your real need.
  • Akash Gautam, a very popular Hindi Motivational Speaker in India will do it magically with his extraordinary & original ideas for work, businesses & life. He grew up & educated himself in North India & for the last 20+ years has been impacting teams across India (especially in the Hindi heartland).
  • 30+ of the NIFTY 50 Companies in India & hundreds others trust Akash Gautam as their Hindi Motivational Speaker. Events & interventions as Dealer Meets i.e. Channel Partner meets, Product Launches in Hindi heartlands, sales trainings for your infantry, Network Marketing (MLM Marketing Company Events) require a Hindi Motivational Speaker. Akash Gautam is not only fluent with Hindi but can also converse with the basics of six other regional languages which get spoken in India.
  • He also regularly gets invited as a Celebrity Speaker at TEDx, Top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow & others), IITs (Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai etc), XLRI, MDI, SRCC & other Top Colleges in India. With 20+ years of rich experience, 1500+Events (with greater than a million attendance & counting); he is today the most sought after & leading name whenever Corporate organizations look out for Keynote Speakers in India.
  • As a Motivational Speaker in Hindi, Akash uses poetry, shayari, humour, sarcasm & lots of stories to drill some real, kickass motivation into the minds of his audiences. His Events are inspiration that lasts & not which fades easily.
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Letters from Happy Clients

Pictures from Akash's Events

ACC Cement- Distributors Meet
Adani Wilmar- All India Sales Team- MINDFULNESS exercises
Addressing 5000+ audience at Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Happy Happy Audience at the end of Akash's Events
Merino Laminates Dealer Meet in Hindi


Akash’s Popular Quotes

  • जब पत्ता है कि ये काम करना है, करना ही पड़ेगा। तो क्यों न खुश होकर करें?
  • ज़िन्दगी में ये जानना बहुत ज़रूरी है कि क्या ज़रूरी है।
  • आप कितने हैं, अपनी सोच जितने हैं।
  • आप उतने ही दूर जाएँगे, जितना फाल्तु का कम भार उठाएँगे।
  • जब चमड़ी कटेगी, तब अकल बड़ेगी।(Put your own skin in the game).
  • ना नींद पूरी होती है … ना need।
  • मैंने अपनी जिंदगी में ये सीखा है कि हर आदमी को नहीं सिखाया जा सकता।
Akash Gautam

Akash’s recent engagements as a Motivational Speaker in Hindi :-

  • Channel Partner Meet, TAFE Motors, Mumbai, Motivational Speaker in Hindi on Change Management
  • All India Services Team Conference, Hyundai Motors, Hotel Leela, Goa, Keynote Hindi Motivational Speaker on ‘Fast changing needs of Customer & How to adapt faster’
  • Annual Sales Conference, Willowood Fertilizers, Radisson, Lonavala, Hindi Motivational Speaker on sales
  • Regional Insurance Agents Meet, SBI Life, Hyderabad, Motivational Speaker in Hindi, Theme- ‘Jeet Hamaari Hai’.

Motivational Speaker in Hindi – Akash Gautam promises ‘Life changing Events. Always!’; perspectives on life, and those small changes with big impact – which your team would not have witnessed before. Unlike most other Indian Hindi Motivational Speakers, His ‘High Energy’ events are made of Motivation minus the boring Gyaan (Theory) & are just what actually gets needed in Life & at work. You take his any motivational speech in hindi – all contain Pure, practical, & unconventional inspiration.

Your people will be teeming with joy at the end of it & for sure come & thank you for the event. This is a commitment.

His sessions are more effective because he speaks in the language the attendees love most- Hindi, a language they can identify with. You’ll find in his Events a treasure of stunning concepts that will set your productivity soaring. Top Motivational Speakers in India

As a Hindi Motivational Speaker and Trainer in India; Akash has had the opportunity of interacting with a very diverse clientele which, apart from the brands mentioned above, also includes participants like Tihar Jail inmates; Delhi, rural women of Haryana, Miss India beauty pageant contestants & even IAS Probationers at LBSNAA, Mussoorie. ‘Reinventing oneself is a superpower’; Akash says & his powerful motivational events are full of practical pointers on how to do that.

Akash Gautam’s Blogs get consistently ranked among the most read and top Motivational Blogs in India. His popular Blogs include – 10 Ways to Screw your Life between 20s & 30s , Blogs on sharpening your Communication Skills & How to Meditate & increase Mindfulness- Everything you need to know

Original. Unconventional. Magically Refreshing. That’s what Akash Gautam’s motivational talks are.

Know more about Akash Gautam’s interesting story & his two decades+ of work as a Motivational Speaker in Hindi by clicking at www.akashgautam.com (His official website).

Write to us at info@akashgautam.com or call Dr Riya at +91.708-750-666 for Keynote Motivational Speaker in Hindi Bookings for: –

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Join 50,000+ other smart people who regularly pursue my life hacks, career advices & some non-conventional inspiration. They tell me that my emails help them bunk the junk stuff in life. Check for yourself.
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