All my gut check and research tells me that 80% careers of 2030 are not even born yet. Obsolescence like a raging bull is striking hard in every domain. And this is precisely the reason- why you must not invest your time and precious youth into doing things which may not stay significant after a few years. There is nothing more stupid than dating an idea whose time is going and definitely nothing more romantic than dating an idea whose time has come or is yet to come. Hence these itches inside me to pen some deep work about 10 Upcoming Careers of future that can make you very rich.

For the trending careers of next 10 years, I believe ‘data’ would be as important as ‘emotions’. Because if only passion were to guide people in choosing careers, a large section of men would have become porn stars 🙂 . Since we are talking of data backed career decisions, let me give you a little background :-

The careers that are most promising, enticing and important today did not exist a few years ago. Did you hear about App developers or Social Media Marketers?  Who knew digital start-ups like Facebook and Google would take the world by a storm of epic proportions and totally change the world. And let’s look at people closer to home. The ‘Virushka’ wedding that we have been so crushing on for the past 10 days was made to look beautiful by a team of people who followed their passion at the right time – Team Joseph Radhik and Devika Narain (the wedding planners and photographers).

I am sure Sales, Finance and IT will always stay super relevant even after 50 years. Their mediums might change but messages shall stay. Do read: ‘How to Smartly Choose a Career’.

Comes the Question:- Who will earn maximum money after a few years?

And the Answer:- Someone who picks up a TREND very early and then invests a lot of time, energy and money into making a business out of it. Another way would be to sharpen one’s skill set immensely to become a very popular choice among the audience of one’s niche market. No one goes to a number 3 guy but people pay a huge premium to a number 1 guy. This concept will never change.

So, coming back to the ‘mudda’ of this post: 10 Upcoming Careers of future that can make you very rich. Here i will recommend only those careers which are awaiting a semi-fission reaction kind of a spread in the next few years (just the way IT happened in 90’s and early 2000s). The caveat stays the same: You will need to have an extremely sharpened skill set in any career (which is recommended below) for you to get filthily successfully rich & or feel satisfied. Being average is being nothing.

Let’s quickly get down to those 10 Upcoming Careers of future that can make you very rich. They are not only different but will also be hugely relevant to the next coming decades. There is no order of importance to these ten. Just have put them randomly and it is up to you to identify the most befitting one for yourself or for your loved ones.

1. Alternate Energy Sources

To all those who think global warming is a myth, I would say they are living in ‘mithya’.

careers in alternate sources and green energy

Career in Alternate Sources of Energy

As the non-renewable energy resources rapidly move towards depletion and energy wars become a reality, a career in alternative sources of energy could be like sitting on a jackpot. Science will not fail you ever. It is age old yet always new, reinventing, renovating and the knight in shining armour for all of mankind. Research in environmental sciences, management of resources, Disaster management, Human Ecology, Waste & water management etc. is where the future is. The whole planet needs 10000 times more manpower dedicated towards these than is now. So, imagine the scope but only if you are good. In India, do check out a few courses at TISS & IISc.

2. Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of the social, physical and psychological aspects of aging. India may not have needed specialized gerontologists till about a decade or two ago, as families played the role. But as urbanization has increased and the young have migrated to cities, the older Indians might need more help. Also, the average life expectancy in India has sharply gone up, thanks to better medical care.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai offers a course in gerontology, if caring for the aged is something that peeks your interest. There are many opportunities in NGOs, private homes, old age homes, nursing homes and more. This is to be seen as an opportunity to help our more experienced population make a smooth transition to the second innings of their lives.

And if you ever wish to understand more on gerontology from a medical perspective, do read ‘Being Mortal’ by Atul Gawande. It is a book that will open your eyes and brain to the basic idea behind aging and mortality. Huge value lies in this area (again if you are good, and are early into establishing yourself in this domain).

3. Tea Tasting

This could truly be the career for all those people tagging each other in the tea memes :).

I am not kidding. Tea tasting is an actual career and tea sommeliers take back fat paychecks. The starting salary for a tea taster is somewhere around 50,000. Not bad for a job that requires you to taste different kinds of tea and help tea lovers taste joy in their tea cups. Higher you go, fatter your earn. By any idea do you know the rates of a good quality White Tea? Do find and shock yourself.

Besides, as awareness around green and organic tea increases, the appeal for this job is also increasing. If tea gardens and tea smells rock your life, you might want to become a trained tea taster. There are many institutes like Tea Masters, World Tea Academy, Tea Tasters Academy, Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies etc. that offer diplomas in tea management (which includes extensive knowledge about cultivation and manufacturing).

The time to be “Chaiwala’ has never been more ripe! These guys are ‘IN’ and are there to stay 🙂

careers and quotes in tea tasting

Careers in Tea Tasting

4. Content Writing

Gone are the days when writing meant years of struggles and eating manuscript rejections for breakfast. Today, there are millions of websites in the web space and content is becoming the king of the universe. But guess what! Writing isn’t easy for all of those creators.

Yes writing is an art. But technical writing is the demand of the web economy. If you are someone who is trained to mix this art with a little bit of science, ability to research and also the tenacity to beat your writer’s block, the world of content writing is open for you. Your skills are in dire need for offline and online content for advertising, websites, blogs – anything and everything you see on the internet. Yep! There is a writer behind all of them.

And if you are any good, you can become an influencer too. Brands will be chasing after you to create some ‘Word of Mouth’ for them! You could be a travel writer, a food blogger, a make up blogger, a youtuber, a science nerd – anything you want to be. The world can become your oyster, if you can convey your thoughts in a more structured and understandable and appealing manner. Some websites which are churning fresh, relevant and researched content are making huge money and will grow only further in the next coming time. (Read: How to Become a Social Media Celebrity)

5. Medicine and Health Care

This is age old. And upcoming too. Technology is literally changing the face of healthcare as we speak. Cutting edge research, new innovation and improvement in health care means plethora of opportunities to build a career in health care management. And you don’t need to be a doctor for it. As the need for healthcare increases, the need for people who can manage hospitals, clinics, primary health care administration etc. is also on the rise.

But this is not it. There is a lot that healthcare offers. The dialogue around mental health in India is picking up. As celebrities like Deepika Padukone (Actor, Founder: Live Love Laugh Foundation) have opened up about their battles with depression and created a platform for uninhibited conversation, more cases of people in need of mental health care are seeing the light of the day. Clinical psychology and psychiatry are very upcoming fields in Indian healthcare scenario and the demand is much higher than the supply.

And if you are a doctor, then you have even more opportunities. There is serious dearth of specialized medicine in India and no end to the kind of specializations you can pick up if you go a little off track. For e.g. I have a friend who is a Ayurvedic gynaecologist. She treats her patients with naturopathy and Ayurvedic medicines only. There is a market out there for every body part of human kind. If one has proper business acumen- then there are billions of slip discs, metabolic disorders, lifestyle diseases waiting to not only happen but happen en-masse in the coming years. Reason – the way modern people are working is definitely not working (for their bodies and minds).

6. Research and Teaching

The IIM Bill 2017 has been passed finally, giving much more autonomy to the premier management institutes of India. The education sector is growing. While the adding of newer IIMs and their contribution towards management education and employability of Indian youth is still a matter of debate, the growing batch sizes mean increasing demand for teaching professionals. Besides, the MHRD and UGC are gradually increasing stipends and fellowship awards for research scholars across the country as an encouragement towards increasing the research output of the country. Doctoral studies and market research are highly lucrative career options right now.

upcoming careers demands in research

Career opportunities in Research and Teaching

Literacy is an important segment of the Human Development Index and there is always need for good teachers at the primary, secondary, undergraduate and post-graduate levels of study. If teaching is something that appeals you, and more importantly -a good work life balance is what you aim for, then you should definitely give this career a thought. At the end of the day’s work, one can comfortably come home and have a lot of time to meditate / work out in a gymnasium for hours (without any stresses of a Corporate Job). Money is not bad too and shall grow only in future (if you are at good places).

7. Law and Judiciary

The gap between supply and demand of legal services in India is quite huge and alarming to say the least. According to this Indian Express article, there are about 2.8 crore cases pending in the district courts across India and a shortage of almost 5000 judges! That’s a whopping number. A Supreme Court report suggests that the judicial manpower needs to increase by 7 times if we want to meet these demands.

Besides judiciary too, there is an increasing demand of corporate law practitioners including cyber security lawyers, IPR lawyers, international lawyers, M&A etc. To those people who think there is nothing to make a career in these days – “Where are you looking really!!”

8. Deaddiction and Rehabilitation centres

While Punjab has the highest cases of reported drug abuse in the country, the rest of the states are not very far behind. In Punjab alone, almost 75% of the youth is struggling with addiction issues. That’s 3 out of 4 youngsters (News report). A disturbing number to say the least.

It is also an opportunity to give meaning to your compassion by helping them. There is a huge need for de-addiction and rehabilitation centres across the country and the numbers right now, are not enough. While this opportunity presents itself, it is also important to note that this work is not to be taken lightly. I have come across many reputed rehabs, with a reputation for callousness as well. It is a job that requires the right mix of training and empathy for the less fortunate. The reputed Pharma company Sun Pharma made a future out of itself because it identified a huge market for psychotropic drugs in USA hardly a few years back. In India work in this domain is either under-penetrated or just not organized. Hence the scope.

9. Veterinary Medicine and Pet Grooming

There is already a scarcity of medical professionals. Don’t even get me started on the scarcity of doctors for our furry friends! I once read a case study about how difficult it is to find blood banks for animals and there is almost negligible competition in this field, along with the immediate need for doctors. Most animal shelters run on volunteered service and struggle for survival.

upcoming career options in India pet grooming and veterinary medicine

Pet Grooming as a Career Option in India

This is an excellent opportunity for animal lovers to turn their love into more meaningful opportunities. Pet grooming is also a promising career to get into, as many pet owners like to pamper their babies but do not have the time, patience or training to do so. If you invest in learning those skills, trust me – there are many windows just waiting to open for you. My hotel in Macau also offered Dog Spa services and it was more costly than what i would have paid for mine. And wait, there was a 2 day waiting as well for the dog spa 🙂


10. Nanny and Day-care services

This is already a flourishing business in most metros. Go to any good office areas in big cities and you will find many day care centres that save the day, especially for families where both spouses are working.

A lot of people love spending time with babies. This is a great idea to make money out of it. You would of course need to be extremely diligent and careful in handling someone else’s child but it is also a chance to make a good difference. Those children would be spending a lot of time with you and if you are trained to look after them well, those parents will come running to you!

We Indians have always had nannies while growing up. Our ‘naanis and daadis’ used to be there to raise us. But now we are turning westward and want professional nannies who are smart, careful and good with kids and most importantly – a good influence. Many parents (i myself included) of urban, nuclear families are just hunting for people like these. A huge business is waiting to be seen in this domain. Do not be surprised if you soon see an IPO of a company in this area. I travel a lot and i hear a lot of buzz around this in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune etc.

These career options are just the tip of the ice-berg. The best career opportunities in future are just waiting for dreamers like you and me. There are many options in careers like data sciences, big data analysis, Information technology (next gen), Speciality Restaurants etc. that are just waiting to be explored by the right set of people in India. And you could be one of them, if you can think just a little off-track. Another example would be Gaming (Casinos. Just look at the stock price movement of Delta Corp on NSE and you’ll know).

“The new and exciting won’t happen to you if you keep looking at the same old corners.” No point doing Engineering from a local private B Grade college or doing something random (just because you could not get admission into a course / college of your choice). Take control. Do something which is futuristic and is still in a nascent stage. Have the guts to take the road less traveled. I too took that road 17 years back, when i decided to become a Motivational Speaker. It has been not only fun but also extremely fulfilling.

best career quotes

Career Quotes (

You’ll be stupid if you pick up a TREND when 90% of it has already gotten consumed.

Rise & Shine!

Akash Gautam

About Author

World’s Top Corporate Organizations including 30+ of the NIFTY-50 companies in India trust Akash as their Keynote Motivational Speaker. India’s premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC too go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to us to know how he can transform your Team.

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