Poetry, and what it does to you! Poems are the summaries of different colors of life, woven with art. And I love using poetry as a Motivational Speaker, during my events. Art has a very tremendous impact on the audience. And especially, inspirational Hindi poems help me stir that emotion deep within my listeners – that call for a better life. I also believe, there is a magnetic pull in Hindi poems, that no other language has. Something that’s difficult to put into words. This blogpost has 5 of those wonderful gems, extremely inspirational Hindi poems about never giving up in life. Chale chalo!

Here are the 5 poems. Savor them in leisure, savor them with love. Relish them with the joy that is found in relaxation, and the kind of peace that is sometimes only found within the entangled words of literature, that only poets seem to understand.

Chalna Hamaara Kaam hai – By Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman’

This wonderfully inspirational poem appeals to the perseverant side of you, by imploring you to never leave your path, never to stop and stand, till you reach where you left for. Your identity is that of the traveler, who has to scale mountains and wade valleys. You have to go on, irrespective of your co-travelers, your families, your people, your pains and joys. You have to go on… Because life will not stop for you, or for anyone else. Keep walking, is what he says.

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Gati prabal pairon mein bhari

Phir kyun rahoon dar dar khada

Jab aaj mere saamne, Hai raasta itna padaa

Jab tak na manzil paa sakoon

Tab tak na mujhe viraam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

(Why should I stop while my feet still have speed, and there are roads to be traveled ahead. There will be no full stop till I reach my destination. I will keep walking)

Kuch keh liya, kuch sun liya

Kuch bojh apna baant liya

Accha hua tum mil gayi, kuch raasta hi kat gaya

Kya raah mein parichay kahun

Raahi hamara naam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

(It’s good I found you on the way; we got to exchange a few pleasantries and the journey became easier. If I have to introduce myself, my name is ‘traveler’ and my work is ‘this walk towards my journey’.

Jeevan apporna liye huye

Paata kabhi khota kabhi

Aasha niraasha se ghira

Hansta kabhi, rota kabhi

Gati-mati na ho avaruddh

Iska dhyaan aadhon yam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

(With the incompleteness in life, I face gains and losses, I fight hope and hopelessness, I battle tears and smiles. I ensure my speed doesn’t get hit and I keep walking.)

Is vishad viddh-prahaar mein

Kisko nahi behna pada

Sukh-dukh hamari hi tarah

Kisko nahi sehna pada

Phir vyarth kyun kehta phirun

Mujh par vidhaata vaam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

(Everyone has to flow with the tide of time, everyone has to face the two sides of the coin. I will not blame the almighty for any of these, for walking is my only work.)

Main poornata ki khoj mein

Dar-dar bhataktaa hi raha

Pratyek pag par kuch na kuch

Roda atakta hee raha

Niraasha kyun mujhe, Jeevan isi kaa naam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

(In search of consummation, I kept wandering here and there. And at every point, obstacles bugged me. But why should I be sad, for such is the nature of life; such is the nature of this walk of life.)

Saath mein chalte rahe

kuch beech hi se fir gaye

gati na Jeevan ki ruki

jo gir gaye so gir gaye

rahe har dam, usi ki safalta abhiraam hai

chalna hamara kaam hai

(Many started walking with me; some continued some dropped out mid way. Life didn’t stop for anyone, those who fell, were left behind. Unhindered success comes to only those who keep walking non-stop, this walk of life.)

fakat yah jaanta

jo mit gaya who jee gya

moond kar palkein sahaj

do ghoont has kar pi gaya

sudha mishrit garal, vah saakiya ka jam hai

chalna hamaara kaam hai

(The one who is ready to die for this journey, who is not afraid to drink in the joys and sorrows of life with a smile on his face is the one who lives the most. This elixir, this journey of life, is the most intoxicating of all.)

If you have to run this through, run it well. Run it for the right reasons. Don’t just run it like in a herd. (Read: Hum Sirf Bhaag Rahe Hain)

If you wish to read the poem in Devnagari, please visit: Chalna hamaara kaam hai

Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti – Harivansh Rai Bacchan

This is one of my favorite inspirational Hindi poems. I have used it often in my events and it sends the audience into a trance, every time! Shri Harivansh Rai Bacchan ji is total love! This poem talks about success coming to those who never give up. He asks us to take failure as a challenge and not leave the battlefield till the war is not won. For – failure and success are just benchmarks. Let’s leave this benchmarks aside and just not give up till it is done! All you need is courage

Lehron se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti

Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti

(The vessels would never cross the river, if they feel scared of the waves. Those who keep trying, would never fail.)

Nanhi cheenti jab daana lekar chalti hai

chadhti deewaron par sau baar fisalti hai

Mann ka vishwas ragon mein saahas banta hai

chadh kar girna, gir kar chadhna na akharta hai

Akhir uski mehnat bekar nahi hoti

koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti…

(Even small ants slip a thousand times while climbing the walls with food. It is their confidence that fills them with the courage to not give up even in the face of a few failures. Hard work always pays off in the end, for those who keep attempting, never fail.)

Dubkiyan sindhu mein gota khor lagaata hai

ja ja kar khaali haath laut aata hai

Milte na sahaj hi moti paani mein

badta doogna utsaah issi hairaani mein

Mutthi uski khaali har baar nahi hoti

Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti…

(When deep sea divers go in search of pearls in the depth of the ocean, they often come up empty handed. But they always find oysters with pearls in the end. It is that want of the pearl, that keeps them going.)

Asafalta ek chunauti hai sweekar karo

kya kami reh gayi dekho aur sudhaar karo

Jab tak na safal ho neend chain ki tyago tum

sangharshon ka maidaan chhodh mat bhago tum

Kuch kiye bina he jai jai kaar nahi hoti

Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti

(Failure is a challenge. Accept it. Find out your faults and correct them. Let sleep elude you till success finds you; but do not leave that battlefield without being victorious. Fame will never be yours, till the effort has been yours too. For those who keep trying and work hard, never fail.)

For reading this in Devnagari, please visit: Koshish karne waalon ki, kabhi haar nahi hoti.

There are recitals. And there are recitals by Amitabh Bacchan. Do check out this video, where he brings the poem to life.

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal – Tanveer Ghazi

I am sure all of you watched PINK and got inspired. This poem is the one that Amitabh Bacchan recites at the end. This poem talks about self introspection and discovery on the way to finding your purpose. Although written keeping women in mind, I believe it appeals to every one out there who is looking for their purpose. You are not timid, inconsequential. You are the magic, the grandness, the magnanimity of life itself. Just see who you truly are! Wonderful, beautiful and an extremely inspiring poem this is.

tu khud ki khoj mein nikal

tu kis liye hataash hai

tu chal tere vajood ki

samay ko bhi talaash hai

(Embark on that journey of self – introspection, even time is waiting for you to find your purpose.)

jo tujh se lipti bediyaan

samajh na inko vastra tu

ye bediyaan pighaal ke

bana le in ko shastra tu

(The chains that bind you, don’t mistake them for clothes you can’t take off. Melt these chains into weapons you unleash.)

charitra jab pavitra hai

to kyun hai ye dasha teri

ye paapiyon ko haq nahi

ke lein pareeksha teri

(Why feel helpless, when you are certain of your character. The world is not entitled to test you – with so many hidden skeletons in their own closets.)

jalaa ke bhasm kar use

jo kroorta ka jaal hai

tu aarti ki lau nahi

tu krodh ki mashaal hai

(Burn down to ashes, this mesh of injustice. For you are not the meek flame, you are a raging, burning fire.)

chunar udaa ke dhwaj bana

gagan bhi kapkapaayega

agar teri chunar giri

to ek bhukamp aayega

(Make flags out of your scarves, even the sky will pay heed. The mere fall of your scarf, is enough to shake the whole of earth.)

tu khud ki khoj mein nikal

tu kis liye hataash hai

tu chal tere wajood ki

samay ko bhi talaash hai

Such simple yet heavy power words! And if you didn’t catch it in the movie, here’s the video: Tu Chal | PINK 

Badhe chalo – Sohanlal Dwivedi

This one too, talks about the walk of life, the never ending walk. Our lives are nothing but journeys, that will probably not even end in death. Poet Sohan Lal Dwivedi captures that wonderfully in this poem that urges us to not abandon the walk, irrespective of seasons, terrains and upheavals of life. A must must read, for those times when even a step seems like a massive effort.

Na haath ek Shastra ho

Na haath ek astra ho

Na anna veer vastra ho

Hato nahi, daro nahi

Badhe chalo, badhe chalo

Be it Rahe samaksh him shikhar

Tumhara pran uthe nikhar

Bhale hi jaaye jan bikhar

Ruko nahi, jhuko nahi

Badhe chalo badhe chalo

(Weapon or no weapon, you walk. Don’t give a damn about your scarcities or the people who leave you mid way – you continue your walk; you keep moving forward.)

Ghata ghiri atoot ho

Adhar mein kaal koot ho

wahi sudha ka ghoont ho

jeeye chalo, mare chalo

badhe chalo badhe chalo

(Be it massive clouds, be it poisonous head. Be it life or be it death – you continue walking).

gagan ugalta aag ho

chida maran ka raag ho

lahoo ka apna faag ho

ado wahin, gado, wahin

badhe chalo, badhe chalo

(Let the heavens spit fire, be casualties galore. Let their be streams of blood – you keep fighting, you keep walking.)

chalo nayi misaal ho

jalo nayi mashaal ho

badho naya kamaal ho

jhuko nahi, ruko nahi

badhe chalo, badhe chalo

(Become a pioneer, a trendsetter. Become the torch-bearer. Do not bend down, you keep walking.)

ashesh rakt tol do

swatantrata ka mol do

kadi yugon ki khol do

daro nahi maro nahi

badhe chalo badhe chalo

(Whatever little remains in you, you give it all to your journey. You pay for your freedom, you bring in new generations But you continue walking.)

To read this in Devnagari, visit: Badhe Chalo


Jo beet gayi so baat gayi – Harivanshrai Bacchan

Another gem from Shri Harivanshai Bacchan ji, I find this to be one of those inspirational Hindi poems that would appeal to the youth much more. This poem talks about the metaphorical, the mental journey that continues forever. Just as the skies and the gardens don’t lament the loss of their stars and flowers, and the earth doesn’t lament the loss of its inhabitants, we too should not be hung up about what gets lost in the way. It implores us to re-evaluate our attachments and not let them stop us from fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

Jeevan mein ek sitaara tha

Mana who bahut pyaara tha

Wah doob gaya toh doob gaya

Ambar ke aanan ko dekho

Kitne iske taare toote

Kitne iske pyaare choote

Jo choot gaye phir kahan mile

Par bolo toote taaron par

Kab ambar shok manaata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi

(Look at the vast expanse of the skies. When a star breaks, it remains broken forever. The universe never laments over the loss of its dear ones. What’s gone is gone.)

Jeevan mein wah tha ek kusum

They uspar nitya nichaawar tum

Wah sookh gaya toh sookh gaya

Madhuvan ki chaati ko dekho

Sookhi kitni iski kaliya

Murjhaayi kitni vallariyan

Jo murjhaayi phir kahan khili

Par bolo sookhe phoolon par

Kab madhuban shor machaata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi

(Look at the gardens of Eden all around. What blooms, also dies away. And once they are gone, they are gone forever. The garden never laments for the loss of its flowers. What’s gone is gone.)

Jeevan mein madhu ka pyaala tha

Tumne tan man mein daala tha

Wah toot gaya toh toot gaya

Madiraalay ka aangan dekho

Kitne pyaale hil jaate hain

Gir mitti mein mil jaate hain

Jo girte hain kab uthte hain

Par bolo toote pyaalon par

Kab madiralay pachtaata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi

(Even the ‘madiraalay of life’ doesn’t lament when it loses its precious drops of alcohol as they fall on to the earth and disappear.)

(This poem in Devnagari script)

The summary of the poem is – it talks about moving on. Today, I see many of the younger clan getting stuck in their emotional relationships and living in the past. Mr. Bacchan is trying to appeal to our significance by comparing us with nature. If the all mighty sky, the ever expanding space doesn’t cry, why should we – insignificant, small, inconsequential (in comparison) human beings remain stuck in life.

Yes, loss hurts. But the thing about life is – it never stops. Either you carry your pain with you, or you leave it behind – you need to move on with life.

Do tell me which are your favorite inspirational Hindi poems that have moved you tremendously in life. I have written extensively about Motivation in the last few years. Do give those blog posts a read, for some quick motivation.

And do, sometimes in your busy lives, come back to these poems. They will be that instant dose of pain relief, or like that quick head massage – that calms you down. That’s what literature does to you. It inspires you; stirs a deep emotion within you – which even you didn’t know existed. Cherish that feeling.

Be Inspired!

Akash Gautam


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