There is something so inexplicably beautiful about Hindi shayaris and the way they hit the heart – I can’t even begin to explain. The rhythm, the alliterations and the most hard hitting truths in as few words as possible – bull’s eye, every time! They are awesome. They are stunning. Some of these Hindi shayaris are so inspiring that they soothe the heart and soul like wow 🙂

Needless to say, I am a huge fan! Here are 10  beautiful Hindi shayaris that I have always went back to, whenever I have needed inspiration in a nutshell:


Tumhe auron se kab fursat, hum apne gum se kab khaali,
Chalo bas ho chuka milna, na tum khaali na hum khaali

You are so busy with others
I am occupied with my pain
Let’s call off the obligations to meet
Neither of us have time for each other.

These lines by Premchand ji do not necessarily fall under shayari but are so relevant in today’s digital and smartphone times, even when written a long time ago! We are a turning into a dumb generation with smart gadgets. Failing to give up our baseless device addictions and failing to comprehend why our relationships are failing as well. Lot of failures there! Replacing human interactions with machine, the false sense of busyness, with things that won’t matter one year hence and the collectively abysmal quality of relationships – all spell doom for people struggling to find time for one another!

Are we living our lives as grand as we portray it online? Probably a good time to think through – are we really replacing all our communications & interactions with online?


Hai wahii surma is jag me, Jo apni raah banata hai…
koi chalta hai padchinho par, koi khud pad chinhh banata hai.

They are stellar in this world, those who create their own ways
There are some who walk on footsteps of others &
There are some who create their own!

There are many who try to make it big in the world. But only those succeed, who have the courage and the fearless determination to carve their own ways instead of blindly following the bandwagon. Which group do you belong to?


Log har mod pe ruk ruk ke sambhaltey kyon hain?
Itna dartey hain toh phir ghar se nikaltey kyon hain?


Why do people keep halting on their ways,
If they are so afraid, why do they leave the comfort of their homes at all!

Isn’t this such a valid question? Fearlessness is so important a quality to have when one ventures out in the big world. Living with fear is akin to not living at all. Fear in itself is not bad. But remaining afraid is unpardonable. Real life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So, Go! Get out and achieve whatever you set your eyes on, by becoming fearless. One Life ! It will be worth the fight.


Mushkile dilo ke iraade azmayegi
Khwaabo ke parde nigaaho se hatayegi
Girkar tujhe hai sambhalna
Yeh thokaren hi tujhe chalna sikhayegi.


Adversities will test the strength of your heart.
It will remove the veil of daydreams.
You have to fall & get up again
These bumps are your true teachers in life

In very simple words – the falls of your life will teach you the joy in getting up. Convert your failures into the staircase that leads you to triumphs. Befriend them. Because success won’t come to your doorstep unless you have treated failure as a friend.


Baksh deta hai Khuda unko, jinki kismat kharab hoti hai..
Wo hargiz bakshe nahi jaate, jinki neeyat kharab hoti hai..
Na mera ek hoga, na tera laakh hoga..
Na tariff teri hogi, na mazaak mera hoga…
Guroor na kar iss shaan shaukat, shareer par..
Mera bhi khaak hoga aur tera bhi khaak hoga…


God forgives those with bad destiny but not those with cruel intentions.
Do not take pride in your riches and prosperity and your life. All of us will come to an end!

A lesson in humility, in this small transitory minute life. Have you ever compared the size of the Universe with your own size? It is a cruel reminder of your insignificance, your ordinary mortality.

Do not be vain in life. It is one very small life. In this small speck in the universe, live gracefully and live well.  Have good intentions even if destiny isn’t very lenient with you. The Almighty will take care of the rest!


Samandar mein fanna hona to kismet ki kahani hai,
Jo martey hain kinaron pe mujhe dukh unpe hota hai

Dying in the middle of the sea is an occupational hazard and a matter of destiny.
But dying on the shore, is the truly sad story.

Let me rephrase it this way- a ship is safest on the harbour. But that’s not what it is meant for! Sail fearlessly on the oceans of life with your passions, dreams, goals and visions on your sleeve. Sail to far off lands and achieve what you could only dream of. Go kick some ass!


Ghaas par khelta hai ek baccha, paas maa baithi muskurati hai…
Mujh ko hairat jaane kyun duniya, kaaba aur somnath jaati hai

A child plays on the grass. The mother sits and smiles nearby
And I wonder why still, the world needs to go to pilgrimage.

You have everything in the world if you have parents. Their sewa is bigger than any pilgrimage you could do, any prayer you could pray, any life you could live. The world today is moving fast, and many of us are leaving our slow parents behind. Not cool! Their debt is not something you can repay – but try nonetheless. Remember – someday you will be a parent too. You may want to read further ‘Mona Darling


Kitni mehnat se tu kamaata hai daulat ae insaan.
Thodi si mehnat kar khuda jannat bech raha hai

Dear human! You put much effort into making money.
For even half of that – heavens would have been yours.

Such depth in two lines only. The brevity and the beauty with which it ensconces the meaning of spirituality on the path of God realization is insurmountable.

It simply means, probably we put a lot of our efforts in the wrong direction. We look for completeness and fulfilment in monetary and materialistic pathways when true joy lies in the divine.

Do read- ‘10 Reasons why I do not want to be very Rich


Zindagi ki uljhanon ne hamaari sharaaratein kam di,
Aur log samajhne lage ki hum samajhdaar ho gaye.

It is the trials and tribulations of life that ate away my pranks, laughter and shenanigans.
And people think I have grown up!

Sad but true. We become so engrossed in duniyadaari that we often forget the child in us. We end up believing we have grown up while the truth is that the child in us doesn’t get the right toys to play with.

Amidst the complications that life throws at us, we are often forced to let go of the smaller joys. Confounded with so many responsibilities, and having left behind the things that truly made us happy – a lot of us get this feeling of having grown up. Growing old is mandatory. But growing up is optional. Don’t make it the default choice. You don’t have to!


Uthati lehron ko saahil ki darkaar nahin hoti,
Hauslon ke aage koi deewar nahi hoti,
Jalte hue ik chiraag ne aandhiyon se kaha,
Himmat hai to bujha ke dikha,
jalne ke liye mujhe kono ki darkaar nahi hoti.

The rising waves do not need the shore. Sheer confidence can surpass any wall.
A candle can always ask the torrential winds – “blow my flame away if you can. I do not derive my heat and light from dark corners like you.”

Do you have the confidence of that candle in you? Do you challenge the status quo more often? Because, if the answer is NO – you are probably playing it a little too safe.

Be the wave that doesn’t need the shore to rage into the night (or day). Be that candle that holds its own and with whatever small capacity it has – keeps the ability to light up the whole world! For as far as you can, be on your own feet.

Which are your favorite inspirational shayaris? Let me know in the comments below. Also, do share these with the shayari connoisseur friends of yours. It is always good to receive Thank-yous from friends 🙂

Rise & Shine !
Akash Gautam

About Author

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