I turn 35 in a few days. It is a confusing age. Something within you tells you that you have grown up. Still there is that another something within you that  doesn’t  want you to give up so soon —on your ‘single, flirty’ ways about life. As I look back at the last decade, I find a lot of satisfaction. God has kept me special and especially lucky. Could create whatever a guy seeks in his early life. Here are 10 reasons why I do not want to be rich; my take on money and happiness in life.

Last few weeks, I have very carefully remained busy planning my next 5 years. I could very cunningly plan my career, vacation, fun, family, health, spirituality goals but I just got stuck at one point- ‘Finance Goals’. Boss!! Last few days have been a big tear across my mind as I think about ‘How much RICH should I be after 5 / 10 or more years’? What is a good measure of ‘wealth creation’? I spent a lot of time in the last month looking at people who are elder & more experienced to me. As I tried to inner view them; a lot of answers emerged. I could conclude a couple of things:-

a) I have a plan. If I work very hard from now on — I can make a very big mark on the world and that should simultaneously create a lot of money.

b) However, if I work less hard and use the saved energy for something else, then that something else can also get created well.

I took a decision finally. Thought to SHARE with you through a blog post.

Why I do not want to work very hard to become filthily RICH?

1) State of Perpetual Anxiety

Guru Nanak Dev ji said it so right when he said — ‘Bade Bade jo disay log, unko vyapey chinta rog’. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) (Those who are rich they are always in tension to lose it)’. I found that most of people who are older than I am are living in a state of perpetual anxiety. A chronic anxiety fatigue is enveloping them and it just  doesn’t  leave them. Rather it becomes stronger and firmer with every passing year.

The reason I found for this was: – ‘Majority of the issues in the lives my elders & contemporaries are either because of ‘wealth creation worries’ or out of ‘worries about increasing that wealth which already got created’. A vast majority was also precipitating complexities in their lives because of their ‘Image issues’ to the external world. They just look so desperate to sound ‘Cool’ / ‘progressing’ / in ‘power’. Security of ‘money flows’ have almost bought them out. Majority junta is just deceiving their hearts while they live their lives like a ‘Hollow Man’. Oops! I find it nauseating. I find it too normal and just not distinguishable. Hopeless Deal! I do not want to be rich if it takes away majorly from my peace and makes me an anxiety patient.

2) Killer Savings

It takes a lot of effort and energy to save money. Trust me — ‘Money SAVE kartey kartey band baj jaata hai’. Even politicians these days work very hard to save money as corruption has become very interestingly difficult to do. My point is: – ‘What is the point of creating ‘more material properties’ when one is already not likely to CONSUME the ones / savor the ones which he already owns / has’.

I will want to cherish slowly ‘what I already have’ than trying to spend my vital energy into creating something which I might not end up using also. Why do something; which is not required? The heavy duty energy that you intend to put in to create that extra money could be used to ‘stay fit’, ‘stay young’ and more importantly ‘stay Dil Se’. There are a lot of things that money just cannot buy — trust me!

A famous shayar once said-

‘Kitni jyaada mushkil se tu kamata hai daulat ae insaan ..
Thodi si mehnat kar, Khuda jannat bech raha hai’ …

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3) The Endless Highway

As I see a lot of people who are richer than I am; one thought that comes to my mind is- ‘There is no limit. There are so many of them’. When I take my car on a highway and speed it up to overtake 4 cars; suddenly I find that there are 5 more ahead of me. So! This race shall never end. You achieve great wealth and suddenly your reference points will suddenly change. So, if you are on the highway race of richness — you are just ONE of the cars which is always worrying about overtaking, speeds, power etc. Even if you win this rat race; you shall still be a rat only.

I want to just romance life inside my car while keeping on moving ahead at a speed which is apt for my dreams. That’s why I do not want to be rich, very rich. The music of the CD playing inside the car usually gets missed upon because people are too much suffering from ‘thought attacks’ while driving. After 10, 20 & 30 years- I will prefer ‘loving listening to my favorite Kishore Kumar, U2 & Eagles’ with a free mind than complicating it.

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4) Power Plus

Spiderman — my childhood role model said it right- ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. May be the reason- why majority of our politicians and corporate honchos become more hungry, ruthless and wanton when money associates with them. I do not want to be filthily rich because I am scared of my ‘head going wrong’ when that happens.

Rajat Gupta (Ex Mckinsey & Co.) fell a victim to THAT extra avarice which he just did not require. He, I am sure had more than enough in his life to have a fairy tale ending. But power corrupts. If he was doing all that for his kids then I guess he was myopic. I respect what my dad left for me; but I do not go jumping about it. Also it would not have mattered to me; had my Dad left 10-20% less.

5) Inverse Proportions

I must have money that should keep care of my desires which are heart centric and not greed centric. E.g. visiting 10 exotic locations abroad is a part of my next 5 year Goals. Doing this shall give me a great feeling. The problem comes when I try to squeeze in another goal (in the same 5 years) like creating 3 properties along — one flat, one land piece and another commercial space in some metro of India. I will take loans, manipulate funds, work an extra hard, kill myself, murder my personal life with family & even molest those 10 exotic vacations (because I will be too worried about my finances on those vacations).

Just a few years back I used to wonder- ‘Do people who live in big kothis / bungalows in the posh localities of cities remain really v happy?’ A lot of them became my friends recently while I addressed them as a Motivational Speaker and I got my answers. Their issues are funnier, strange & more complex than finding sense in Ekta Kapoor serials. ONLY they know this. I am sorry to write but I found a big majority of them to be: – ‘Item Log’ 🙂 . One thing is for sure- the larger the size of ‘Duniyaadaari’ ; the smaller the size of peace.

6) Family Time

While I get too busy becoming filthily rich; I might ignore relationships in my life. My son is 7 already and soon he will be ready to leave home for his life and career. My mom is 61 and needs me. My wife till now has been sheer busy in the maintenance mode of home and relationships. I owe it to them.

What is the point of being on the dining table with family while talking on mobile phone along? What is the point of eating that food; if you do not enjoy it 100%. I see so many people not eating their food; but eating the emotions / thoughts that are happening along. Food is merely a mechanical act to get them energy to create more money. I do not want to be rich if I miss out on the most basic joys of life.

7) LOC 

The sensory expenses are usually the expenses that we end up making out of seeing things around e.g. movies, heroes, heroines, neighbor’s daughters, classmates / colleagues who are richer than us etc. Movies are the biggest influencers. We do not realize but we end up becoming ‘what we see on the screens’. We just make such sensory expenses to satisfy our egos.

The speed with which we go about making sensory expenses; our enthusiasm about such items dies at double that speed. I realize that I need to create some kind of ‘wealth philosophy’ about expenditures. Important & urgent things first, then wise things (e.g. investing in health, investing in sharpening my one/ two core skills etc), then saving some part of it (out of the uselessly sensory expenses that I make).

Agree it is your money and you have all the rights to do ‘whatever’ with it ; but then if you squander it carelessly then you just add more pressure onto yourself to create the lost wealth using anxious ways which may damage your peace and 100% life living ways. One must fulfill all his / her desires but somewhere I have begun to believe very strongly that one must draw a line somewhere. A line of satisfaction, a line reaching where one feels good, a line of principles about wealth spending etc.

8 ) Health or Wealth

Over pursuit of money is leading to a multitude of life style diseases e.g. Spondylitis, Back pain, Hypertension, Diabetes and more. You go to any ward in any hospital and every field of medicine’s patient wards will be running full. A reputed cardiologist shared a very staring statistic with me yesterday when he told me that ‘Greater than 50% of the cardiac patients in his hospital are aged less than 40’.

I thank God for keeping me fully fit till now. I do not want that I exert an extra much to create wealth which I only end up wasting in hospitals later. I see life as ‘A judicious decision making of choosing to invest one’s energy at the right places’. I have decided that I WILL NOT expend my energy into anything that creates health disorders for me; even if the process of that wealth creation makes me an extra rich.

9) Feel Good Bank

While saving my energy from the wealth race; I can use the same energy to genuinely help people who need me. That will add to my bank balance in the ‘Feel Good’ Bank & a strong bank balance here can be a good hedging against factors as inflation of karma cost, duniyaadaari etc.

10) Constant Scrutiny

I am scared that I were to become filthily rich – I might have to loose my ‘my kind of humor’. I make fun of people, issues on twitter (akash_vaani). When I become rich and very famous — ‘I will be more constantly under the public eye. Funny people / moral watchdogs and immoral bitches will scrutinize the content I post.

After working very hard & after becoming OK-ily famous in my country — I have realized that ‘Slow is better than Fast’ and ‘Simple is better than Complex’.

After many years; if I remain alive – on a wintery sunday morning I will prefer a head massage, a healthy breakfast, my favorite music, a book to read and loads of excitement about doing everything which will be heart centric. Trust me, something within me tells me that it will be much better than anything else e.g. having a few extra crores in bank. One Life! & I want to love it and live it 100%.

I have a few more confessions to make as a Motivational Speaker. Do read them 🙂

Money is a very useful tool. But that is what it is – a tool. A means. Not the end. Do try to remember that!

Akash Gautam

About Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

  • goddess of knowledge saraswathi and materialistic world devi laxmi seem to be with u as left and right hand.yes dream to be filthy rich and achieve ur goal and help others too.mind is greatest gift frm god..

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Geeta ! for ur v kind words…

  • Pooja

    Insightful & brilliantly written. I just hope we remember it everytime money tries to lure us 😛

    • AkashGautam

      Pooja – Thanks ! It will be difficult. ONLY when a person makes his / her own set of mistakes : it is then that the person is LIKELY to remember. Usually junta including myself likes to ‘Gather Gyaan’. But then a saint is a sinner who never gave up. Cheers !!

  • your blog really impacted on me , one personally request , you should write such article every week , so i can be pumped here

    • AkashGautam

      Rahul ,

      Thanks ! Will try my best to do ; but my work doesnt give me a breath to do that. Working hard to serve you in more ways always …

      As regards the ‘PUMP’ thing — you are young . Go and get it somewhere else 🙂

      • ROlling Over the floor laughing my ass out bole to ROFLMAO,,(PUMPING)

  • Krishanu Chakraborty


    • AkashGautam

      🙂 Thanks

  • Rupan Chhab ra

    Hi , your blogs are just like ” pearls of wisdom” ….just great work .

    • AkashGautam

      Gratitude !

  • Sanjay

    akash i have always loved ur posts n live talks..I agree with u on this topic but not fully. It is a lengthy post. So my sincere apologies to anyone reading this. I agree tht mindless pursuit of wealth wil end up either in hospital or in lineliness. Wealth is limitless but for some people it is necessary. the reason being, there is so much uneven distribution of wealth. rich get richer and the poor get poorer. for the rich money is never a constraint and the poor always worry about the next day. By poor i do not mean people below poverty line. Middle Class people who dream of a good house by their retirement to live in peace end up spending most of their life fulfulling their obligations to their parents, spouse and children. By the time they reach a certain age the burden only increases. Take for example, A middle class man who gets a job after lot of difficulty. From the age of 25 he has to take care of his parents first, who have sacrificed their life for his upbringing and education, then comes his wife and children.From 30 to 50,a dream to give his children good education and life is fueled by the urge to work even harder. he also expects to give his wife the happiness she deserves. by the time his children grow up he has the worries of his children’s education and their marriage. also comes the thought of post retirement life. so from 50 to 60 he starts planning about his post retirement life. He spends all the money he earns for his parents first, his wife and wife and children next, and then if he has saved something in his life he keeps it for the doctors in case of emergency. So where does a middle class man accumulates wealth in his life time. He spends his entire life attending to the duties and obligations he owes to different people who are associated with him. And the same continues with his children too. So middle class never get rich or accumulate wealth. They crave for a worry less life where they have enough to support them in their twilight years. Its only the rich who are worried about the no of Zeroes in their account. I think most people who are middle class and have seen their fathers working hard for them will agree that middle class people never save money. Cos they never have enough to save. Hope I have not bored anyone out here…Thanks for your patience.

    • AkashGautam

      Hi Sanjay!

      Thanks for the brilliant insight. In a way you are right. This is a NORMAL cycle of life which every middle class family goes through.

      But – what do we do to change this? Or, do we do anything at all ? Generations after generations – the same thing is happening.

      I believe the answer lies in – doing things differently. India needs fewer kids per family and the head of the family infusing ‘THOUGHT LEADERSHIP’ amongst their kids to do something bigger with his / her IDEA. When we raise fearless children – we have a chance to break free from this monotonous and never ending cycle. Only these fearless children with great ideas for life will be progressing and also realize virtues like ‘being rested’, ‘holistic’ and ‘full of purposefulness than sheer busyness’.

      You can do it too! But if you think you can’t, don’t let your kids do the same. Generations can change with IDEAS. My grandfather was a farmer. My dad became a doctor. I’m trying my level best to become something different.

      You have got to try! Things do change.


      • raghav

        sir for that…family members need to have high level thinking…tht is only possible if they r exposed in gud atmosphere…
        bt if a middle man…spended his whole life in a village r town…
        he dnt let his children to do freely wht they want…
        always pressurise to work hard on best income generating carrier..

      • Jyoti Mittal

        Akash sir, we are truly lucky to have you. You are God’s gift to humanity. Please be our guiding light always n keep inspiring us.

    • preeti

      Hello Sanjay ,
      You are talking about only the one dark side of the middle class families I truly agree to your words here but thats what Akash Sir has tried to said in the above blog that Try and do something different , if u win in rat race u will still be the rat , same goes here the thinking the rules followed with middle class ppl are the only obstacles for them , One has to take the initiative to change something or make it better .Pre planning is defiantly good but anything done with burden or fear of future can never give a person happiness or peace ever …. These are just my views thought of sharing with you …
      Thank you

  • Its always easier said than done.The temptation is too strong,the illusion too enamouring.Everyone is running so fast to become an English-speaking money-spinning machine that we have long forgotten we belong to the land of Gandhi,Guru Nanak,Tulsidas,Kabir.We want to ride the high horse of Consumerism and Westernism only to widen the big hollowness we built over years of yearning for lust,money,position,power.everything that has so cunningly been promised to us since childhood to bring happiness,peace,satisfaction while the opposite being the case.We dont deserve these Sants,these Mahatmas,these Mahapurush.One jewel from Ramcharitmanas comes to my mind
    Kaam Koh Mad Maan na Moha
    Lobh na Khosbh na Raag na Droha
    Jinke Kapat Dambh nahi Maya
    Tinke Hridaya Basahu Raghuraya

    • AkashGautam

      Agree with u. and the doha is awesome. Keep writing ! Thanks

  • kanchan chaturvedi

    awesome sir!

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks ! Glad u liked it …

  • Gk

    Sir whatever you wrote is absolutely right but i hope the youth of today realize this soon..

    • AkashGautam

      Hum apni zimmeydaari dhang se nibha lein ; that wud be the biggest difference that we can make to the world. U and I take it well – we have done our job. Shine on !!

  • happy

    awesome one…..ye padhhne ke bad mera rich hone ka ichha thoda kam hogeya….

    • AkashGautam

      🙂 Lol

  • Well said Akash!

    • AkashGautam

      Hi ! Laxmi , Coming from a prolific writer as u is humbling. I wish I were even 1% of ‘how good a writer u are’. Thanks ! Akash

  • shubham

    ur blogs r always full of learning..grt one.

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Shubham…

  • Akash Bhai…
    I just joined private sector…And I surely believe this article of yours would definitely change the way I look at life now….
    Kudos….Thanks for being such an Inspiration 🙂

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Akash for ur words … Stay Blessed and keep shining !

  • Harikesh Kushwaha

    Without money there is nothing but Money is not everything …
    this post is really fantastic Sir !

    • Dheeraj

      “Suddenly I find that there are 5 more ahead of me. So! This race shall never end. You achieve great wealth and suddenly your reference points will suddenly change ”

      i am drawing a parallel of above thought with success

      This happens even when you achieve more than your peers and suddenly your benchmark of success changed to your new peers. once again you got in a trap of outdoing them in terms of success,wealth,position,power and what not…… and cycle continues. One tend to forget what was his original benchmark and how far he has achieved from it. SKY IS THE LIMIT – agreed but the height from the ground that ou have achieved so far by putting efforts is worth enough to feel happy 🙂

      Comments Welcome !!!

  • preeti

    Hello Sir ,

    Again its a good and most needed post for the ppl here. We all are running for success which comes in terms of MONEY MONEY AND MONEY ….. But really there is no point getting rich when u don’t have peaceful mind and much of time to spend it . There is no point earning Roti when u cant even eat a full Bread in breakfast and ofcourse no point going in an Air conditioned car when u r still sweating thinking of meetings or something more materialistic.Really person needs to be first thank full first all he has been given by God …. because it has been said that
    “whosoever has gratitude will be given more and he/she will have abundance and whosover does not have even what he has will be taken from him “.

  • hey akash.. i m alwyz inspired by ur blogs… really its a gud one.. thanks for such a clear-cut view about life….. u said it rightly… sb yahan log “bhed chaal ” chl rhe hain paisa kamane k liye… zindgi jeena bhool gya hain…

  • Akash

    Excellent blog Akash. Loved it. Specially the 9th point… Hope to apply the same in my life.

  • Vaishali Arora

    awsme blog.. agreed with your thoughts.

  • sir u thoughts jst adds another dimension to our thinking !!! 🙂 🙂 fab blog 😀

  • money can obviously fill the materialistic part of your life but surely cannot provide you the inner peace if you don’t do something good for the society which would help them to change there life.

    n SIRji u r just doing great job by serving us like ….may that PEACE comes to you ..!!

  • abhishek

    “Paisa sab kuch nahi
    hota hai”, ye baat usi ke mukh se achi lagti hai jiske paas already bahut paisa

  • adit

    “Paisa sab kuch nahi hota hai”, ye baat usi ke mukh se achi lagti hai jiske paas already bahut paisa

  • Riteshwer

    Akash you have written a wonderful feelings of yourself which is really a big problem of every one.. I just want to relate your words with these beautiful lines.

    Pighle Neelam Sa Behta Ye Sama
    Neeli Neeli Si Khamoshiyan
    Na Kahin Hai Zameen Na Kahin Aasmaan
    Sarsaraati Hui Tehniyaan-Pattiyaan
    Keh Rahi Hain Bas Ek Tum Ho Yahan
    Bas Main Hoon, Meri Saanse Hain Aur Meri Dhadkane
    Aisi Gehraiyaan, Aisi Tanhaiyaan, Aur Main… Sirf Main
    Apne Hone Par Mujhko Yakeen Aa Gaya
    by These lines you can easily understand what is important for you .. MONEY or anything else which gives you inner satisfaction and provides you peaceful life.

  • akansha arora

    I totally agree wid u sir… I see my own boss…. Hes got so many heath issues bt one of da best archs of northern india… Always restless n sleep deprieved… I dnt wana be like dat…. Cheers to ur blog!!

  • Nipun

    Akash sir,inspired by your this post ,which was so true, and which i liked so much… i have created my own version of it… here it is-

    I believe, that the last 60 odd years after Indian Independence, people have been so busy amassing wealth!! It is so much into our brains,that we want to be very rich, we want to spank new cars, nice bungalows and what not!! We feel ,that money is so much for us, that it is what defines us, our success,our social status etc… But deep beneath my heart,I see a vision of future, in which people realize that money cant buy happiness. They would realize that,

    1)while trying to earn more and more, they are sacrificing on the smiles of their mom,dad,children and their loved ones!!

    2)while trying to earn more, they are spending more energy ,which otherwise could be well spent, on helping the needy!!

    3)while trying to earn more, they are loosing their individuality, who actually they are, and trying to be someone else!!

    4) while trying to earn more,they are trying to invite and aggravate more life style diseases like hypertension,back pain,depression!!

    5)while trying to earn more, they are compromising on those 15 minutes that they should be giving to themselves everyday,to find some solace amongst this worldly Pandemonium!!!

    6)while they earn money, they tend to spend the same on sensory pleasures like watching movies ,gifting things to their girlfriends, which rather should be spent in exploring themselves,nature, enhancing core skills!!

    7)while trying to earn more and more, they are concentrating on their desires which are greed-centric rather than heart centric!!

    8)while trying to earn more, they are not aware of the extra tension ,that they will have to endure ,to protect it!!

    9) while trying to earn more, they are becoming more richer, and more famous, and at the same time coming under extra scrutiny from funny people,nonsensical ones,moral watchdogs and immoral Bitches!!!

    I am quite optimistic that, in the time to come, People would dream that, after many years; if they remain alive – on a wintery sunday morning ,they will prefer a head massage, a healthy breakfast, their favourite music, a book to read and loads of excitement about doing everything which will be heart centric.

    Trust me,from my point of view, something within me tells me that it would be much better than anything else e.g. having a few extra crores in bank. One Life! & I want to love it and live it 100%.

    P.S – I hope many would be inspired by it, and get a proper direction,and proper base to their dreams of earning a lot of money…
    Akash Sir.I like your thoughts and your simple way of looking at life.
    And folks,Thanks for taking out your time and reading it!!! 🙂

    -Nipun Agrawal

  • Amar

    Loved it.

    Really inspiring .

  • Amar

    Loved it.

    Really inspiring .

  • Richa

    Hey Akash ,

    u have simply written n jotted down the truth of todays panicking world n their impatient n never ending desires. It was really a fun reading ur blog . keep writing n go on spreading the truth.

  • Ashish Garg

    Sirjee bilkul kamaal ho aap.. very very inspiring and close to heart. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  • Ashish Garg

    Sirjee bilkul kamaal ho aap.. very very inspiring and close to heart. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  • Almas Rizvi

    awesome article…yet again…Akash…u rock man!

  • aashish

    awesome one .it will definitely help to shape a new mindset among youth about living your life to fullest

  • Anshul Tandon

    Awesome post akash sir! If implemented life will become such a enjoyable and tension-free journey.
    Thank you so much for guiding all of us!

  • prabha upadhyay

    as i always say ur d best ..u r d best….& u r d best i find it so satisfying ….specially d last para….good 🙂 take care

  • Anushree

    Very good post.you have talked something all of us never stop to think about.we just blindly do things in life just to get money or power but we forget how to actually live life .and worst part we give what we love for stupid reasons like getting a few more thousands.the strive for everyone in life is to get satisfied and how can that ever happen if you give up what you love.

  • Payal

    Hii Akash..I love this post..actually it is required for us to think about ourselves right now..what we actually want in life…crores in bank account or a healthy future with near and dear ones…All answers are with us only…depends on our choices not on chances..Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Laveena

    “maya aave, tensn sath lve”….:D the best things in d wrld cnt b prchsd… in dis shw sha wrld we dnt relse wt our innr soul wnts… i totlly agree.. nd love ur blog <3

  • Alex

    YOU r the best sir,
    seriously.. i love each and every post of yours.. and they are so damn interesting and inspiring! Keep rocking Sir!

  • shrikumar dalia

    awesome sir i will surely try 2 follow this thanks 4 d message

  • shikhar

    sir i really admire your blogs & they have helped me improve my life significantly & cherish my dreams even more.Your blogs resonate with real life.I have heard you once in luknow ,sir even some of my best teachers haven’t inspired me as much.

  • Aditi

    Hello Akash sir,

    I totally agree with a few things that you have said. For example, ‘Money SAVE kartey kartey band baj jaata hai’. — because mera toh definitely baja hua hai =P

    However, I feel that whatever you have said is very theoretical and philosophical. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that ‘aaj ke zamaane me, agar apke pocket me rokda nahi hai, toh duniya aapko ghaas toh door ka baat, sookha tinka bhi nahi daalta’. Wherever we go we need money. We all know that ‘Money is the most powerful language in the world’ today and honestly, it does matter if you have those few extra crores in the bank.

    You only tell me if someone doesn’t have money or maybe he has money, but not enough, toh uska koi standing hota hai? No. (And I am not talking about social standing here). Ek matchbox se lekar ek plane ka ticket tak, everything that one wants is going to cost. And since there is no barter system today, you need Vitamin M right.

    Let it be a rat race yaar. But atleast, I will have the money to buy whatever I want, spend on everything that I want. And you know I read somewhere that Greed is Good and I somehow agree with it (not the Rajat Gupta vala case types). If I want everything, what is so bad about it? I am not robbing a bank, I am just going to work my ass off and spend what I earned on what I want.

    You said that many years down the line, you will prefer to have a head massage, a healthy breakfast, favorite music, a book to read and loads of excitement about doing everything which will be heart centric — who said that all this can’t be done if you turned into a millionaire/billionaire?
    Arre, people who did not look after their health while making money are idiots, doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to everyone. See, we call it a rat race. It’s a race. You gotta be fit.

    I see so many of my friends/acquaintances going on trips abroad, partying in clubs, buying designer clothes, brandishing smartphones in my face blah blah .. and let me tell you they didn’t get all this out of the money they earned. It’s their parents’ money. So what does this show? Their parents worked like anything and today these people are enjoying all these comforts which I can’t/maybe can but not to this extent. So now you tell me, ‘zada’ paisa kamaane mei kuch burai hua? No.

    Have you seen the movie ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ starring Rishi Kapoor and directed by Habib Faisal? Usme Rishi Kapoor is in his retirement age but still has not earned enough to buy a car for his family. So if he would have worked a little bit more in his prime, threw some of his principles out the window and pressed a few knobs here and there, atleast he would have a car today? Don’t you think that would be a better situation? (I think I am not making a clear point here, but I hope you get what I am trying to say =P)

  • wow! what a great time to read this wonderful article! right now i am reading Walden which is so critical of modern world ….. imo, balance is the key….it’s more important to meet interesting persons, have good experiences etc…beyond a point more money is meaningless ..

  • Mohit

    Immoral bitches..lol 😀

  • Moumita Sinha

    Hello sir, I am new on these site , but what you said is to some extend, but those who struggle those who want to do something new they don’t have,for e.g I have done MBA which I am not interested at all. I want to do IPS or something else but for than money requires. Mumbai is not my birth place to survive in Mumbai is the most difficult part for a fresher.

  • kuntal

    First of all thank u again for sharing ths amazing post with us. There is line which in ths blog which remember of my current situation… which is…. “What is the point of being on the dining table with family while talking on mobile phone along?” this line of urs melt my heart….. actuly i stay so busy with my new business setup that even in dinner table i have to talk ova phone…n sumtimes i do my parents gt angry i hv to tk my plate in my room .Once my dad gt so irritated that he told me “at least kuch time humare sath bhi bita lo, dinner tho kr hi sakte ho, hum log aur 5-10 saal k liye hi hai thora time hi bass mangte hain”,dat day i really felt so v.bad for my parents. From dat day i promised myself i ‘ll spend at-least sum time with them………..

  • digvijay

    Hi Akash
    I read your article in Hindustan news paper in hindi and it is quite inspiring for others .I am also just about to yours age and now it is deciding time to chose its own goal or satisfaction .just searching your blog at net get all content as it is post .like and love it for thinking better half of life .just wana to add that ” sai itna dijiye ja me kutumb samay mai bhi bhukha na rahu sadhu bhi bhukha na jaye” but itna kam bhi na dijiye jisse jalebi khane ka man ho aur …………..kha bhi na paye .
    like your post .thanks

  • ankit debnath

    akash i have been lucky enough to experience one of your great motivational events recently and this is the first time i am reading any of your post . sach batau apne zindagi ka aina rakh diya humare samne 🙂 .thnx for that .. 🙂

  • Maddy Singh

    Hello Akash Sir,

    I think once someone reaches to metropolitan city and do not have any checkpoint onto himself sooner or later he get himself in the same race you mentioned.

    I am really feeling lucky to have someone like you who keeps reminding me how to lead a better life. After reading the blog I can say it was simply awesome. I loved the quote “Slow is better than fast and simple is better than complex”.

    Thank you again!
    Sant Singh Rathaur


    This one should apply once he is rich. Not for people who can barely manage their expenses.
    So once you save 20 times your annual expenses,you should read this article. For the rest its a distraction.

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