So! Guys- what HAPPENings are HAPPENING on the ‘HAPPENING’ front of your Life? If not much- maybe you are NOT doing the NEW. You are just stuck with enacting ‘Your ONLY Life’; in a very ordinary way, yet looking for ways of living a better life. Ain’t gonna happen my friend, because, maybe you are feeling ‘USELESS’ because YOU are using it (brain) LESS. How can the results CHANGE; if the inputs do not CHANGE? Maybe it is time for you to- Do the NEW.

Use the ‘Do the NEW’ approach in these 5 ways of living a better life and see the results changing for yourself!

In your Family

Instead of keeping on asking ‘What your family does for you’ or ‘Always complaining that your family members do not think LIKE you do’ — why do not you take the challenge to,

‘BE a Superhero in your family’

And change the fortunes of your family for many generations to come. I see most youth usually grumbling/ complaining/ remaining upset/ feeling old fashioned/ greedy about material aspects — when it comes to family interactions. Change it. You be different. That’s one of the more foolproof ways of living a better life.

THINK BIG. Do the NEW. Be the Superhero. A new enthusiasm will propel you when you decide like that. Raise yourself and with you — the image and fortunes of your family. When you will become the superhero in your family-‘you will GIVE; and not always ASK for’. You will become the ROCKSTAR than just being an always DEMANDING / CRY baby.

The best things about being in family are actually NOT THINGS. All it needs is a SHIFT in thinking that- ‘I wish to Do the NEW’. What is the best way to become the MOST loved guy in your entire family?  Answer: – You PROGRESS maximum in your OWN Life & become just ‘FABULOUS’. No other way is MORE effective 🙂

Immeasurably CONTRIBUTE to your family; while speedily PROGRESSING in your own Life. You shall have DONE the NEW then ; for not many people are doing this.

IN Your Daily Life (in small things)

Let us look at the last Diwali. Didn’t some of you irritate your friends by

– Tagging 30+ friends of yours on FB with “May hundreds of lamps ….” messages /photos

– Sending forwarded WhatsApp messages – which said the same (which even you didn’t know / read)

– Giving / Sending Sweets (which you knew – they will not consume)

Believe you me- you are all set to do something similar next Diwali / this new year eve. Most of the stupid duniyaadari entanglements are self made. You will feel / look so mediocre if you ONLY do — what everyone else is doing. DO the NEW.

(20 Habits that will Help you Live a Better Life)

Do this NEW in the small, small things that you do in your daily Life. E.g. An early morning bath, calling your Mom twice in a day (for no reason at all), by not seeing those stupid serials on TV, by only doing constructive Facebooking, by keeping your desktop / wardrobe/ room more organized and clean, by eating healthy foods only / By not calling up ur Boyfriend/Gf to check if he/she has had dinner and by / in so many many other ways.

Here are some Superb Ways of Living a Better Life!


Trust me 2/3rd of the youth energy gets wasted in aspects as ‘Relationship maintenance and management’, in impressing people around, in looking ‘COOL’ and in proving that ‘you are RIGHT’.  No endeavor of man fails so constantly, with such regularity, as his quest for love. He helplessly waits to receive Love and regularly gets disappointed. You can become a SHOW STOPPER amongst your friends by doing it much less or by doing it at the right time only. Everyone is falling in LOVE — very easily and very frequently. You- ‘Do the NEW’. Wait for your right one.

Here’s much more on RELATIONSHIPS, should you wish to simplify this very important aspect of your life.

In your HEALTH

‘Sab duniyaadaari mein itney Vyast hain; ki Sehat hoti jaa rahi Trast hai’.

A casual visit to any hospital in India will tell you that it is the youth which is in limelight there because of lifestyle diseases as Spondylitis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Anxities ,or STD’s etc. You will genuinely feel that KFC, Mc Donalds etc. ROCK!!/OR have they rocked us?? Today if you decide to ‘Do the NEW’ ; it will help prevent the kids in your colony from calling you a Family pack (instead of 6 pack) but RICH uncle or a Bimaar but Mercedes waali Aunty; a few years later. Stop giving excuses of busyness. You can have excuses ….or you can have peak health and energy for creating other luxuries of life.

Looking to begin somewhere? 5 Healthy Habits that Will Change Your Life.

Don’t RUN with the worldliness. Put on your running shoes and run in a park. Do the NEW.


Almost everyone around is SO busy with people issues that duniya is becoming uselessly melodramatic and filmy. Every man and woman is seeking ‘attention’, ‘praise’ and is living on ‘assumptions’. Do the NEW here. Have a GOAL in life -which inspires you; even in the middle of your night. This GOAL will save you from doing the ordinary stuff.

Most people live in tensions of ‘living upto their images/ correcting their images. Do the NEW : by being comfortable in your own skin.

Everyone is Running and just Running. Unfortunately people give a Sunday to their bodies; not at all to their minds. Minds are still ‘Monday mornings’ 🙂

Do the NEW: You SLOW DOWN. For -even if you win the rat race- you’ll still be a chuhaa.


Gulzar sahib said it well when he said :-

‘Samajh sake to samajh zindagi ki uljhan ko
Sawal utne nahin hain jawab jitne hain.’

So, ‘Do the NEW’.

If I look back at my own life — ‘My best as a father, a son, a husband, a Motivational Speaker came out when ‘’I was Free, Happy, Playing pranks on friends, not checking mails / FB, when i was not Detailing Life’’…

Keep smiling! Your SMILE is the sexiest apparel that you can sport. Personally experienced   .  Almost everyone around is going nude (without the SMILE). You- ‘Do the NEW’ by adopting these, and many more ways of living a better life. There is only one idea you need, that will work – one shift in mindset that will change your being altogether. Chase that idea. But until then – do not expect new and better results if you are doing the same old stupid boring things. That’s juvenile!

May the FORCE be with you for doing the NEW.

Akash Gautam

About Author

World’s Top Corporate Organizations including 30+ of the NIFTY-50 companies in India trust Akash as their Keynote Motivational Speaker. India’s premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC too go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to us to know how he can transform your Team.

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Join 50,000+ other smart people who regularly pursue my life hacks, career advices & some non-conventional inspiration. They tell me that my emails help them bunk the junk stuff in life. Check for yourself.
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