As you live life forward; many many TRAPS will attract YOU. Some people fall into them out of excitement & then spend a lifetime in recovering. One such massive trap is often laid on your road to ‘selecting the right college’ for yourself. There will be crooks and ignoramuses everywhere. Be cautious! As a Motivational Speaker in India; I am tempted to warn you about this rampant racket that has become a big suction point for the youth of today.

Lala jee’s who ran successful sweet shops or transport businesses or something like that in 1980’s or 1990’s thought a decade or more back that they could sell education too. Hence emerged a forest (May I say ‘weeds’) of B Grade & C Grade colleges in the outskirts of almost every city & town in India. Almost each of them claiming to ‘Transforming the lives of Indians & shaping their careers etc etc ‘ -very cute cute punch lines.

Do not you notice in the months of April – July (admission time) huge hoardings, prime time TV advt slots, newspaper full page advts, FB sponsored posts, e-mailers of such ‘Pls Pls Pls join me’ desperate advertisements everywhere. Some so bold enough to even imply that the ‘world is already there with them’ & you will be a moron; should you go anywhere else.

Stories! Stories! & more such stories reach the gullible & the needy minds of the lakhs of students who end up consuming such stories & then paying lakhs into the bank account of an unknown Laala but with a well known waist size.

Now what’s the problem with that, one may ask!

Privatization is not bad. It did wonders in the field of Insurance, Banking, Medicine & more. But you need to be careful while selecting the right college because 90% focus of such universities /colleges is on admissions & not on imparting quality to students. One requires a different kindaa double helix in one’s genes for this.

Hardly 5% private universities / colleges have that different DNA & they are doing very well. And they are bound to become better & better with time. All this makes up the case for the bust of the remaining B-Grade educational institutes in India in the coming some time.

Practically 1/3rd of the mushroomed B-Grade & C-Grade colleges closed down in the last 5 to 7 years. The stock prices of most of the listed Educational Companies hit so low that some of the most premium brands were / are available for sale for a few crores only.

When you are on the road to picking a college for yourself, if you going just by their name then please take note of this – just starting an IIT & an IIM in every state will not be a great solution for India; if not carried through well. Some data: – None of the eight new IITs sanctioned in the XIth Five Year Plan (2007-2012) have yet managed to get a permanent campus.

Majority B Grade colleges do a desperate and an exaggerated foreplay of exciting a few HR recruiters of well known companies. At times, it is a buyout even. Then such stories of campus recruitment become the main display item at the counseling tables and do not we see such paid news in newspapers almost daily.

The youth today is connected. It knows ‘what is what’. It is great to see the world becoming more and more logical. Anything which is only fanciful, an inflated dream, or a lesser logical concept has no other option but either to correct itself fully or to go the obsolescence way.

The big market in India

But then this trickling of sensibility will take time in India. There are enough takers here for chutiyaapa. Reason: our big bang population. There is a big big market for non sense in India. A Nirmal baba swindles crores in the name of faith & Asaram rapes the faith of his followers. A pony tailed guy in Delhi asking students to ‘Dare to think beyond IIMs’ & the funny part is that there are thousands of takers for such people.

Someone is always trying to tell you a story and is emotionally trying to fit his story to match with your world view. Majority junta gets CONSUMED with the stories of such clever marketers.

Everything around looks so hyped, so exciting & so dramatic that at times I really get scared thinking ‘What the withdrawal symptoms of all this will be’ if a person fails to catch up fully with all that is happening around. Depression! Simple as that.

Be Difficult

e.g. almost everyone around seems to be in a relationship. Today! take a decision – ‘I will NOT get impressed from Anything / Anyone so very easily’. Be it ANYONE in my career, my religion, my relationships, my finances or ANY damn thing which is RELATED to me. Be Emotionally MORE competent & render these businessmen blunt!

Besides, if you are not thorough, you might fall into the trap of these FAKE UNIVERSITIES (list declared by UGC). This year alone, UGC and AICTE have released of 23 universities and 279 technical institutes that are fake! Read the news article. 

Character is not in following others, but in finding your very own unique path and then fearlessly following it e.g. in a shopping mall you see so many things displayed. You want only one or two out of the hazaar that get displayed there. Yes! You do window shopping but at the end of it you just focus on what you came there to buy. In the same way; when the marketers bombard you with their information & appealing stories; you need to stay extremely vigilante and use your damn brain to decide if that thing is on the road to the kind of life which you want to create for yourself.

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

YOUR ‘baby steps’; but in the direction of YOUR goals are much better THAN YOUR leaps , somersaults & jumps which are NOT in the direction of YOUR Goals.

Majority junta does not follow its dreams because they want to avoid that feeling of uncertainty. It is perfectly fair then that they receive average results & mediocrity when they input average decision making & then average efforts into their lives. Do not be shameless to expect an awesome life with good things happening to YOU; while YOU hardly input YOUR best! Just a reminder: – You are NOT the Jamai (Son-in-law) of life!

Here’s a more generic approach to selecting the right college / university, in case you are beginning the process and feel stuck somewhere!

I am so glad I listened to my inner voice some 15 years back & did not fall into the very secure traps. What is stopping you? Be a victor; not a victim of Life! Develop a backbone. Not a mere wishbone. ‘Be a Chess player & not a Chess piece’.

See it is simple: – If YOU wish to have something which YOU have never had; then YOU gotta do something which YOU have never done!

You might find answers to a lot of your Questions about Careers, admissions etc at ‘Smartly choose a Career’ & ‘Six pack ideas for a SIXy career’

GET OUT there and DO something..

One Life! Rise & Shine…

Akash Gautam

About Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.


    I totally agree with your point of not joining a private college blindly, Akash, but what is the solution?
    Now that I think about it, not everyone can get into government organizations! Not everyone knows what they want to do in life with the limited opportunities offered to them since their childhood.
    Its not practical to sit at home, reflecting and trying to find a purpose in your life with all the pressures around.
    Is it not better join a college nearby, find and work on your passion and leave the college once you are sure. Who knows, you find that one mentor in form of a batch mate, teacher or anyone. Plus you don’t have to waste energy convincing your parents and protect them from all the unnecessary stress and suggestions form the relatives and SAMAJ! You don’t have to pass time and just be a regular graduate..

    • AkashGautam

      Hi ! Pratik,

      Lemme ask you another Q :- ‘If you are not finding the right person to get married to; will you marry just anyone who lives near your house or who your parents advise’ ?

      4 years in a college (if it turns out to be a disaster) can have very lasting influences on a person’s life. A student learns the most from his peers than from books in colleges as these.

      Yes ! Joining an average college can turn out to be good if the person is crystal clear about ‘WHY AM I GOING TO THIS COLLEGE’ .

      Majority college students really do not have a lucid answer to the above question other than the fact that they dont know what else to do yet. There is no point inheriting Goals from family, relatives and school friends – Goals which are not truly yours.

      Parking arrangement in a nearby college is fine but is laced with a high probability of increased entropy & vagueness …

      7 out of top 10 careers of 2025 are not even born yet – says a very credible research report. Why can not we think ahead of times & create something which is more futuristic.

      If you join something out of weakness ; it is very rare that you will emerge from there ‘WITH STRENGTH’.

      Will detail ‘what else could be done’ in the coming few blogposts.

      Do check the two LINKS given at the end of this post.

      Best wishes,

      Akash Gautam


        😀 Your marriage analogy cracked me up.

        Theoretically, everything you have said makes perfect sense! And I think what you say holds good for your audience.. people who want to learn and are motivated enough to work hard.

        Even the most motivated entrepreneurs fail, I am not sure what the normal junta who doesn’t join a college does if they don’t have shops and retail businesses to run! They can’t even get an MBA degree without a graduation 😀

        To my understanding, the intentions matter. Indian education system is really fucked up!!
        It makes me sad.

      • Akshay

        So, you suggest that we all should go for the big shots like srcc, iit, etc. Obviously we all do try.
        But what about the majority which is left out from these, not selected in these.
        Relatively, to your question, If i don’t find the right person to get married, I’ll not marry a neighbor, instead look out with more efforts, but what if you still don’t find it, either you don’t marry or keep searching whole your life.
        Similarly, if a person doesn’t make up to iim’s, iit’s, either he quits the plan of college or keep trying for those rather then settling for other mediocre options ?
        The fact is, not everyone can be at the same place.

        The real problem in today’s time is the ideology of our youth, which is itself attracted to the glammed up lifestyle and showbaazi, churning up their own self in this rat race.

        • Prabhjot Singh Sahi

          Its all about ‘RISK’ taking ability.

  • Mihir Mehta

    This is a wonderfully written article Akash Sir. The point of not joining any god damn college that markets itself in a glamorous way but has no value has been effectively delivered. However, I just wanted to point out that this phenomenon is not only rampant when it comes to colleges but in the recent times, I have seen the influx of non-value, highly expensive and glamorous schools in the field of primary and secondary education as well.

    But, as is always asked. If this is the problem, then what’s the solution. Being a student myself, I have always felt that our Country is still a degree-oriented one where a person without a degree is not given due recognition even if he possesses better skills than others. Once our country and importantly our people understand that value is in the person and not the degree, then the desperate need to get a college education and thereby the phenomenon of entering a world of false promises would go down!

    • I 100% agree with you. In India we are bound to follow the rules. Everywhere I look, I see people running a race blind to the actual reality of the world. The corporate world has taken it all, the food, the air, the water everything. If we make a choice to get out of this rat trap then theirs only one option left, either do or you would die.

  • KAUR

    just passed my 12th…..
    and a friend of mine just said that i am dumb to not try to get admission in SRCC or st. xaviers…..
    i just know when they will hold degrees in there hands i ll hold some good memories with family along with it……
    just because i am staying in my home town and not in a metro to get my graduation degree people say i wont experience the exposure and will remain in middle of nothing and they say i will never be able to communicate with public(my hardcore dream)
    i am just not interested in this non sense…..
    and reading this article just made me a bit more confident….
    THANK U……


      I am not sure if I am qualified to reply, but it seems you might be confusing two things.
      Don’t stay in your hometown because you think you want to live with your family now. Do whatever it takes to build your career, family will always be there. There are holidays to spend quality time with your family.
      That said, stay in your hometown only if you have better career opportunities in your hometown than in any metro (if career is really important to you!). Only if you think the nearby college is better than Xaviers and SRCC. In the next 5 years if you are stable career wise, you will automatically do all you wish right now with your family and they will respect you for that. Be bold.

      Bottom line, don’t compromise with your career options for any mental blocks. Do what you think is the best for it.
      You might regret later all the opportunities you missed because of unnecessary misconceptions!
      All the best 🙂


    Hello Sir,
    You have talked about children getting CONSUMED by the marketers but this happens just because children aren’t definite of their career.Children today are jack of all and fail to chose what to be master at.Also they are wrapped in the blanket of logic which insulates them from their dream(s).
    I am also at the helm of starting my college life and what i have noticed as a trend is that students are completely obsessed with the biggies(i.e the srcc and iit stuff)they want to make it to these keeping aside the courses they offer.Many are busy fighting to get admitted and grab a seat in the college which has nothing to do with the course they are aspiring for.Why-just because it’s a good college and would act as a backup.C’mon how can some one have a backup for a dream/career choice.I really can’t understand this paradox.
    Good lines keeping in mind the present air, just felt like quoting ”is mun ka kya kaha hai 7 saal business karke mun karega IPS banjau fir lagega ki chor banjau”-Siddhart Malhotra(Hasee to Phasee).

  • Rohan

    Stunning. Bravo.

  • pragati

    Sir where were u at my time???
    U r awsome sir

  • himanshi jain

    sir commendable as always …

  • Prat

    Only THANKS ……………

  • neha

    hi akash ,
    In your article you suggested to follow our dreams …where we wish to see ourself in future ..ok..lets talk about myself ..i have completed my engg but i wanna become a photographer as i am very good at photography but seeing the present status of this industry , it doesnt give much money and not stability …and due to these two reason my parents never allow me to opt that career being a girl these two are very important..that is why im preparing for mba…so according to you wht should i be doing …following my dreams which gives alot of disappointment to the family or do the mba and go for a corporate job it is a hell alot of confusion in head?

    hope you will reply soon.
    thank you.

    • Follow your dreams but before that make sure it is what you want. There is no point getting all confused after reaching certain point. Sure, getting a job in some company is an easier choice but ask yourself Is this the Right Choice. And parents, well they worry too much, after all you are a daughter, but once you will prove them that you can do or assure them of your talent. Am sure they will be more than happy to see you happy. Watch 3 idiots 😀 😀

  • sumitsngh91

    Oh what a great post, i ever had read. Knowledgeable article thanks for sharing this. Love to visit your web, bookmarked your web.

  • akul

    Why girls put a right man to friend zone and go with the bad one and regret afterwards

  • archana

    hello sir,
    I’m unable to manage my day between my hobby and professional studies i.e. college and banking exam prep.
    Will u please suggest something…..?

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