Vacations enhance ‘Bonding’ between family members. They are forced to see each other and live with each other while on a vacation. If done well vacations have a tremendous recharging value too. But I have hardly seen people taking 100% vacations. Don’t kill your vacations after you have gone through all the trouble to find time to go on one – by being all over the place!

I am a Motivational Speaker, which means – I hardly get to go to vacations. And the irony of my life is that I travel all the time. There is a huge difference between the two which many do not understand! So when I do get to go on one, I ensure I make the most out of it.

Now, you may not agree to the fact that you are trying to kill your vacations, but if you are doing any of the following three, trust me – you are not coming back very rejuvenated either!

< 100% Vacation

If you take a less than a 100% vacation – then it is NOT a vacation. 100% vacation to me means- switching off mobiles / emails / not uploading pictures on FB / Twitter from the place of vacation etc. It also means choosing the best and not saving money during the precious moments of life.

Timing of vacation is also important e.g. there is no point going to a hill station at a time when almost everyone is there on the hill for their vacations. You’ll only feel stupid at the end of it.

(Some awesome travel stories at the Conde Naste Traveller, for your next trip)

A Syllabus of Places to Visit

If at the end of a vacation – you end up feeling fatigued – then it was not a vacation. Do ‘less’ on a vacation. Do not pack your schedules / itinerary in a way that you exhaust yourself.

I grew up at a hill station. I observed two kinds of ‘vacation takers’ there. Majority take vacations like a Class 10 board exam i.e. ‘I need to wind up my syllabus by visiting all the places possible in the short time that I have’. Then I met the wonderful minority; the mavericks who consume their time on vacations like a slow sipper of a wonderful drink. I became a fan of such people’s attitudes. There is no point in returning from Vacations with traveled bodies but untraveled minds.

A Vacation for Facebook 

CLICK fewer pictures when on a vacation. Over usage of camera kills the vacation. Remember: – You are giving a vacation to the MIND more than anything else. Do not miss on the life’s bigger picture while trying to find the ideal FB Profile picture.

(Read: 12 Ways of Limiting Social Media Time Jab We (Inter)Net)

Travel the world but don’t tell the world about it from every Bus Station that you reach. Vacations will become vacuous otherwise. Take nothing less than 100% Vacations.

I protect my ‘Places to see before I die LIST’ over and above any other list. This keeps the zing in my life going.

There is an explicable joy in traveling, in getting lost amidst nature. Unless you are travel blogger, in which case pictures are probably mandatory – why don’t you just take a real break from everything and focus on the immense beauty that nature has to offer?

If you do not know how to take a vacation, this may help: 3 Ways to Make your Vacation More Enjoyable

Soak yourself in the oxygen of that place, you won’t it anywhere else. Bathe in those clouds, find yourself in the echo that bounces of those mountains – really see the place instead of just taking pictures. The mental picture you will carry back – will remain with you for much longer!

Don’t just travel. And don’t kill your vacations by traveling like a crash course. Live those moments. Come back with memories.

Akash Gautam

About Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

  • Akash

    Nice… 🙂

  • Ankit

    Cool sir….
    Short n interestin stufff…..

  • I wish my parents would read this.. 😉 My dad clicks pictures during vacations every 5 seconds and I’m often worried that he’s seeing the world through the lens more than his eyes!

  • Debika

    I used to find your blogs too casual earlier. But now i’m addicted to it! Totally agree regarding the habit of clicking pictures for the perfect FB profile picture. Twitter is good to follow the famous personalities; FB is a total time killer! But mingling with the minority of the region is easier said than done. And relaxing on a paid trip sounds difficult too because we hardly get long leaves from work and there’s not enough time to see the favourite places as well as have time to relax (plus long queues at museums, temples, etc kill more time). The best vacation I’ve had so far is spending a weekend at home sans email,phone,etc, reading a book, catching up on a tv serial/movie (on a dvd) with my family, and having some good food! The best paid vacation i’ve had so far was visiting Ooty with my family (in 8th Standard) – it started raining while we were boating plus a passing steamer showered us with the lake water, then we lost our way back to the hotel and ended up walking down the streets of Ooty for a good number of hours drenched in water (honed my bargaining skills there while trying to get a jacket so save myself from the cold) !!

  • Aditi

    I got this update as soon as i confirmed my tickets for a holiday! It’s a sign :p

  • pankaj

    There are two sort of things = either you are capturing pic just to put them on fb and let world see where u went and talk about it OR you want to do it because you love it , its your hobby and it makes you feel yourself .

    • manpreet

      now a days its jus been done for status sake or show off …..

  • Anjii

    I liked debika s comment more than the blog

  • Rakesh Sharma

    Akash good observations and nice prescription of dos’ en don’ts’. All the best.

  • Dr S.C.Sharma.

    good observation. Most of the time people and partcularly young people are all hooked to the gadgets ,face book , phone even at times of vacation. people are not absorbing the nature but wasting time and money without any mental relaxation.God bless you . Pl keep it up.

  • Rupam Sah

    The Analysis is good, seems you have keenly observed the tourists. I cannot agree less with you on all the points mentioned. Can I add my bit of observaton also- some people carry huge baggage with them as if every day outing is a Ramp walk being watched by millions, so the performance pressure makes them travel heavy. I suggest for a nice vacation one should travel light.

  • Himanshu khurana

    i would like to quote our very own shaktimaan here ” choti choti magar moti baate” :P…you are absolutely right..i would to like to add one more thing..i have observed that the motive behind clicking photographs has completely changed’s they are for fb walls and not for the memory sake!!

  • good one..:)

  • Deepak

    first of all sir……..i just want to say u that.u r great.i had the same feeling about vacation….but i was not sure whether i am right or wrong but after reading ur blog,i pretty sure that we are some minority people in world who thinks like in this way….sir please motivating and awakening me .thanku

  • I loved that Idea of ” Places to see before I die List ” 🙂

  • One vacation ….so Rise and Shine……Off to Nepal for a stress relief journey…..yipeee…..:)

    • sumit

      U just did what akash told not to do. Sharing status on ur vacations

  • Gaurang Bansal

    its really a nice one……….
    100% true saying boss……

  • MihirNaik.Com

    Your writeups are interesting yaar..! Wonderful. 🙂

    You picked it absolutely correct..! Vacations are also becoming a tool to show the status off..!

  • manpreet

    just in love wid ur posts …… once again as always u rockk sir 🙂 🙂

  • vikas

    absolutely hit the nail on it’s head!
    i’ve always believed in the above philosophy of enjoying the little moments of vacations and for that matter of life too!

  • sumit

    The relation between beautuy and richness…. I have also observed this.

  • LavkaSh Bhardwaj

    I am 19 Yrs old & I Love to click Selfies on a vacation. Pics remind us of wonderful memories we had at the time. Uploading them on Facebook is Fun according to me. I don’t feel its wrong in any manner if U post them on Fb. I guess everyone loves to get acknowledged. 🙂

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