Top Corporate Trainers in India

Akash Gautam - Top Corporate Trainer in India, Asia
Akash Gautam – Corporate Trainer in India , Asia

Akash Gautam is a leading name amongst Top Corporate Trainers in India. He cleverly uses humour & sarcasm in his Corporate Trainings to very refreshingly impact teams.

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His magical Corporate Trainings with mid-senior managements of organizations in cities as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Indore, Gurgaon have received very popular reviews from the managements.

For engaging Akash as a Corporate Trainer; please write to us at .We prefer Emails. We will revert to you with all details in quickest time. However only if it is an urgent business need; you may speak with Riya at +91.708-75-06666 . Akash’s India number is 97799-3-6666.

Do see the snapshots of Akash’s best sessions across the world – Picture gallery.

Akash’s wit, humor, sarcasm and highly researched & contemporary style of delivery has won him many accolades from his happy clients. Below are a few (out of many) from his happy Corporate clients:-

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Airtel 4G Launch Team Outbound at Jim Corbett
Airtel 4G Launch Team Outbound at Jim Corbett

“I was privileged to hear Akash mesmerizing our Top Employees in Agra .To get a standing ovation from our Team speaks volumes about his exceptional skills.. Down to earth and forthright he is brilliant in communicating his message ..I am sure we will be utilizing his services regularly to electrify our Corporate & Sales teams and make them realize their own hidden potential. Unbelievably brilliant talk by you Akash. Thanks”

-Atul Chaturvedi,
CEO, Adani Wilmar Limited


Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd-Top Performers with Akash
Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd-Top Performers with Akash

“Akash’s session was very lively, energetic and informative. It refuelled our employees & left them fully charged up. The best part which I liked was that Akash was very accommodative and much before the program he ensured that he understood the profile of the participants, the nature of their job and the areas which we wanted him to focus on. This helped him in making the content totally relevant to our sales folks.”

-Aparna G S, Head – Human Resources,
V-Guard Industries Ltd.


Sales Trainings for Top Consumer Durable Companies
Sales Trainings for Top Consumer Durable Companies

“We had an overwhelming feedback from all our channel partners & team members about the “Rise & Shine” session and it left them truly motivated and charged up. Would like to Thank You once again for the fantastic engagement we had with you.”

-Sohit Satyawali,
Head- Marketing, The Mosaic Company


Corporate Trained the International Business Heads of a European MNC
Corporate Trained the International Business Heads of a European MNC


“Akash’s connect with his audience is amazing, he engages the participants using humor & delivers with a strong punch a clear and positive message. With his Passion, Energy, Charisma & Laughter therapy, he mesmerized the audience for more than 3 hours in his training. His Training was a perfect climax for our Senior Management Offsite.”

-Eddie Chandhok
(President, Global Delivery,  Infogain)


“Enthralling, Engaging, Enabling and Exciting – four Es for Akash Gautam to sum up in brief”. Akash engrosses the audience in an effective manner and creates a magical experience with the elements of three Fs – fun, facts and frolic. Awesome. Asking for more.”

-Meenakshree Nanda,
Head- Learning & Development (HR), Vodafone


Corporate Training the Senior Management of Leaseplan- A Dutch MNC
Corporate Training the Senior Management of Leaseplan- A Dutch MNC

“Witnessing Akash in action in an event or in training is a treat to watch. His energy, style and sense of humour is unparalleled. Our experience of engaging Akash for Corporate Trainings has been a very good one. He talks practical and his fundamentals are lasting in impact”

-Vaibhav Garg,
Head-HR, Nokia


Not only India but internationally too (across Asia); he has been impacting Corporate audiences in Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia & more. From Google, McKinsey & Co., Airtel, Titan, HDFC, CIPLA, Maruti Suzuki, SAB Miller, GSK, Vodafone to other top names in IT, FMCG, Automobiles, Insurance, Telecom & Pharmaceuticals- his work has found great acclaim across sectors & geographies. He regularly gets featured in magazines & newspapers among the Top Corporate Trainers in India.

Here is what makes him different from others:-

Conventional Trainer Akash Gautam
Time Avg 1-2 days of trainings Avg 2-3 hours of power talks. Just what you need!
Content Theory/Gyaan/Yawn No bullshit, No gyaan, No yawns!Life changing Events. Always!Events remain talking points even months laterBiggest takeaway-Relationship for lifetime!
Cost Huge Cost Value for Money
HEF (Happiness, Energy & Focus Meter) 6/10* 8/10*
Fun Meter 4/10* 8/10*


Role of Senior management in corporate organizations is to create passion around the Core purpose. Every good company has a core purpose and core values. But usually in 90% of the companies they stay as hangouts on walls / website. Hence arises the need to have strong trainers who can infuse the intents, visions & philosophies of the organization into the minds of the workforce.

At Phuket(Thailand) - Corporate Training the Management of BEXIMCO
At Phuket(Thailand) – Corporate Training the Management of BEXIMCO

Goes a classical conversation between a Corporate Trainer & a senior HR Manager of a company:-

HR Manager: ‘Why should I invest in trainings? My employees are in any way going to leave after a few years.

The quip from the Corporate Trainer: – ‘Sir! What if they stay’?

80% of the work in Indian Corporate organizations is coming from 20% of the performers; says a very famous survey done by a top IIM-Bangalore faculty.  Rest of the 80% people are slowly, gradually but steadily falling into extra ones. Majority people in offices spend their days as Vertical Coffins. They just exist doing random stuff here and there while trying to protect their jobs and make their superiors happy. Today there is more politics in work than work in politics.

A good Corporate Training to the important people in your teams can serve as a strong wakeup call to the need to be fully happy & energetic at workplaces & in life too. Corporate Training in India as a function is in its young stage. It is much more than saying rehearsed & borrowed lines in English with an accent to the audience. It requires a very deep & clever understanding of the audience, the industry & most importantly the exact outcome desired from the Corporate Training. Akash Gautam’s Corporate Trainings are not only very high on energy but are also very strong on Design as well.

His power trainings & talks on Stress Management (Calmsutra- CLICK to know more), X-SELL -The secrets of Selling better (Sales Trainings), Team Building, Enhancing Productivity & Efficiency at workplaces, Sharper Communication Trainings, High performance Leadership trainings, Peak Performance Strategies, Strategy Sessions, Creativity & Innovation, Change Management, Execution & Time Management, Quality Management are not only highly researched but also refreshingly different than the mundane.

Akash’s Corporate Training methods include:

  • Multimedia (audio & video).
  • Management stories & Case Studies.
  • Games and exercises.
  • Interactive sessions.
  • Role plays.
  • Non- boring presentation so that attendees read less and listen more.

Akash Gautam’s Blogs get consistently ranked among the most read & top Motivational Blogs in India. His popular Blogs include – 10 Ways to Screw your Life between 20s & 30s , Blogs on sharpening your Communication SkillsHow to Meditate & increase Mindfulness- Everything you need to know

Original, maverick & amazingly refreshing- that’s what Akash Gautam’s Corporate Trainings are. Do not let Corporate Trainers leave your Board rooms as Bored Rooms. Invite Akash & Bring a LASTING DIFFERENCE to the lives of your colleagues. Now!

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