English Vocabulary 20-20 Season 3: Learning Is Fun

It’s time for your favorite, English Vocabulary Premiere League, the finale episode!

Presenting to you, VPL 20-20: Season 3, the English Vocabulary Finale. It is more crazy, more difficult and definitely more memorable. This time, there are 30 words instead of 20. From Pyaar Ka Punchnaama 2 to Baajirao Mastaani to Manjhi, the Mountain Man – we have covered the season’s flavor full time & ensured that the difficult (but utility) Vocabulary words get drilled into your heads.


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In the last twelve years of my working as a Motivational Speaker, if there is one fiery need that I have identified across School / College campuses in Asian countries- it is that of improving English, both spoken and written. As the world becomes more global, this need becomes more pronounced.

I wish this need were limited only to the students/ youth only. Unfortunately it is not. People in the corporate sector; at the end of my corporate training will silently / secretly want to get answered the same question.  🙂

If you are interested to know the ‘Real Secret’ behind becoming better at English speaking / writing skills in just a few months’ this is the blog post for you!


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