10 Awesome Inspirational Blogs I Never Fail to Follow

Motivation could hit from any side of the road, sometimes when you are least expecting. As a Motivational Speaker, I have used movies, songs, ads, sports, stories and what not – to drive home the point I am trying to make to my audiences. And the aim as always, is to make them laugh. Because I truly believe – life is not to be taken too seriously. It is going to come to an end sooner or later. Might as well give and receive joy, be playful and have fun while going through it. You ought to leave a legacy. Why not leave a happy one!


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– Why are we failing to take CARE of ourselves?
– Why do we feel useless; so many times?
– Why do we remain in a perpetual anxiety ?
– Why do we forget our ‘Goals’ in our ‘Busyness’
Do take out leisure time to check out this video; as I attempt to answer the above questions. TEDx talks are always an honour to do; I get to meet and learn from some of the finest thinkers during the talks.

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