(Video) What helped me FLY HIGHER in my Life?

Just a few years back I was regularly finding myself stuck in mediocrity, boredom & confusions. Relationships & people issues were chaining me & stopping me from living 100%. I  took a few strong decisions & those decisions helped me drop the unnecessary baggage & fly higher & higher. It is a much lighter and beautiful life now. It is ‘pay back’ time now.


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First two months of 2012: my work got me to ‘make a difference’ to some 20,000+ lives. February has not got over yet & I feel I am already done with 2/3rd of the country. That’s the life of a Motivational Speaker. I feel glad to have carried out my ‘Happy Energy messages’ across 18 states of India at some 35+ Events / Corporate Trainings / TED talk / India’s top College fests etc in the last 2 months. These would not have been possible, had I not realized the sure shot ways of managing stress in life; they were my saviors!


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