Turning 40: 10 Life Secrets I Wish I had Figured Out Sooner

Age 20 to 30 yrs was all about Over-Confidence, Impressing people by over doing things, Flirting, Randomness, Eating everything served in the Lunch Buffet 🙂 etc.

The next 10 i.e. age 30-40 yrs in summary were all about Confidence, Work-Alcoholism (Did some 80+ Events every single year), Wealth Building, Power, Kursi Ki Peti baandhiye & then whatever time remained after doing these- on Spirituality, Helping People, Mom, Ritika (wife) & Atharv (my son)- not in the same order. All this while, I was figuring out some really important life lessons as I lived my life forward but understood it backwards. Wish I had known some of them sooner.


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