Pyaar ka Ant-Naama: Funniest Reasons to Move On From a Relationship

Very few Love stories in this ‘FB generation’ grow old. The infant mortality rate of love stories is the highest these days. People are confusing ‘Relationships’ with ‘Pre-Paid re-charge cards’. Unfortunately — ‘love’ these days serves the purpose of an exterior emulsion paint:  ‘Baahar kee deewar badhiya — andar seelan & deemak’  etc. And the question they ask is -“Bhaiya yeh deewaar TIKTI kyun nahi hai?” In such situations, sometimes when seriousness doesn’t work, humor does. This is my attempt at humorous and funny reasons to move on from a relationship – when you know it has run it’s course. It delves into the unmistakable signs that the end is near, and ways to move on happily. Dig in!


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