Are you solving the Problem or its Symptoms?

Fever, body aches, shivering, and weakness- each of these symptoms can individually be treated and solved during Malaria. But each of them shall keep on recurring again and again till the Malarial Plasmodium Vivax doesn’t get decimated with Quinine (medicine). Ditto for a lot of other things in our lives!


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One of the most important skills you could learn in life is to negotiate, be it work or otherwise. Great problem solving and negotiation skills can not not only get you out of tricky problems but also help build better relationships, both professional and personal. Here’s a story which I as a Motivational Speaker often share during my Corporate Trainings & Events. It will show you just how important it is to believe in the existence of a solution for every problem, if you are willing to negotiate 🙂 … Read on:


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