Boring is the NEW Sexy

Nandan Nilekani after the recent Infosys quarterly results made a hugely deep statement – ‘I am glad, Infosys is back to its Boring ways’.

My take away from his statement:-  ‘Anything that is very exciting has a very high risk-reward ratio of it turning out to be a disappointment’. Boring is the NEW Sexy.  (more…)

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Year 2015 was probably one of the heaviest years for me about my work-travel. I did some 100+ Events that year across India & Asia. One September evening, when I was totally zonked & bored with daily flights I decided to have some fun. I held a contest on my Social Media: Motivate the Motivational Speaker. My believers had to try and motivate me. Some people did surprise me with their originality & creativity in their point of views. Few of them became friends & they manage to inspire me even today during conversations. My work as a Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events & Youth in the last 18+ yrs has had the influence of some of the most brilliant, top Motivational Speakers in the world. Their content, their stories, and their style of communication – it all just makes me a fanboy!


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See it is simple! One needs to kill whatever is not working right for oneself. If you delay doing this murder; you shall only be delaying becoming the best version of your own-self.

At 40 my time, stamina and willpower is limited. I have deep realized that only a smart, skillful management of my attention can improve the choicest aspects of my Life. Being on autopilot- not giving much thought to what I am doing or talking randomly i.e. loose talking will not help (frenetic shallowness has not helped me or anyone ever). (more…)

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