10 Ways of Screwing Your Life between 20s & 30s

In these 10 years (20s to 30s); I have seen people going to any extent to avoid doing what actually needs to be done! As a Motivational Speaker in India – 90% of the stuff which I receive in emails or as messages on my Social Media is what I am going to SHARE in this blogpost. All I am going to do is – ‘Take the hindsight of those thousands of messages & try & make it your foresight’ about the ways of screwing your life that you can definitely avoid.

Below are 10 ways in which people screw their lives in their 20s & regret it after 30s. As always- No Gyaan. Just pure- reality check. Intention is only one :- To help you understand ‘How to live a super inspired life in your peak youth years’. (more…)

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“LIKE ME’ — Please , Please , Please…” –  the ‘Like Me’ syndrome we all suffer from !

The Problem:
Our ego may think otherwise but a majority of us have ‘extra ordinary’ desires to get accepted and get LIKED by people around us. It is very human and an OK thing. In fact, it is all the more important that you be liked by people around you especially when you are working in teams, organizations etc because people purchase from a point of emotional contact.


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