Angrezi Dhaba!

timthumbI am an English enthusiast. Love this language. So much so that in my early college days- I could memorize the entire Oxford’s dictionary (forgotten much of it with age though).

‘Powerful English’ is a deep desire with almost everyone who I meet; wherever I go. It is like the makeup of the bride (very few genuinely understand it, but it looks good). Hence, this effort at making ‘learning english’ simpler and more enjoyable!


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English Grammar is a majorly important section in almost all entrance examinations that are the doorway to the best colleges all over the world. And for the non-nerds and non-wizkids, these often become the deal breaker as they tend to make some very common mistakes in English grammar section. There always will be questions in Competitive exams like CAT, CLAT, SAT, Bank PO, GRE, GMAT, SSC, NDA, IELTS, TOEFL etc where one might end up pulling his hair asking – ‘I never studied such Grammar & I have no clue how to get this one right’.


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