And The Secret Art of Managing People Is…

to see them as ‘Package Deals’… People are like mobile phones. Some have a great camera but poor battery life; some are great at music but are average at processing speeds, some look sleek but are v expensive. Ditto with people! All we need to understand is that you JUST need to be bothered about that feature in a particular person which is important to you. You need not confuse your mindset with a feature that is not pertinent to your usage. Accept people as ‘package deals’& that’s about it. That’s the secret art of managing people!


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“LIKE ME’ — Please , Please , Please…” –  the ‘Like Me’ syndrome we all suffer from !

The Problem:
Our ego may think otherwise but a majority of us have ‘extra ordinary’ desires to get accepted and get LIKED by people around us. It is very human and an OK thing. In fact, it is all the more important that you be liked by people around you especially when you are working in teams, organizations etc because people purchase from a point of emotional contact.


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You know which is the most useless thing inside every human being? Your answer might be ‘Appendix’/ ‘Armpit Hair’ but you could always get rid of either of them. I’m talking about the ‘Filmi feelings’ & ‘Extra Emotions’ we all have. We breed things that need to be united with the dustbin at the first chance available! This blogpost deals with ways to manage emotions, especially the ones that stem from guilt trips.


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