Why We Usually Keep Falling in Love With The Wrong Person?

It’s either a very common question or a very common problem I see – when someone is talking relationships. And we have all reeled under this. Either suffered at the hands of our own stupid beating heart, or seen people around us suffer as we nodded in disagreement at their stupidity.So, if you have constantly been falling in love with the wrong person, been very frequently saying – ‘Dear Heart, why again?’ – give this blog post a slow, sincere read.

A short story first.


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Do you think something would happen to you if you did not have a boyfriend / girlfriend like your other friends have? Are you scared to be single in a world full of committed people (who often don’t know why they are together)?

Let me tell you if you didn’t already know – that would be the worst reason to get committed to someone. Simply dating because you want to fit in should be declared a crime in the land of crazy young people! It is like going to toilet at a specified time (e.g. 11 am) with or without the need.


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You may ask, what makes me qualified to say I’m going to give you the best relationship advice ever! And you would be right too. But I have my share of trysts with the ladies and I have also been married for the last 11 years. Good experience no? 🙂

Asha Bhonsle & Parveen Babi sang it right -way back in 1982:-

Jawaani jaan-e-man haseen dilruba

Milein do dil jawaan nisaar ho gaya

Shikaari khud yahaan shikaar ho gaya

Yeh kya sitam huwa

Yeh kya zulam huwa

Yeh kya ghazab huwa

Yeh kaise kab huwa

Na jaanoon main na jaane woh, AAha…

(Repeat this AAha.. in your mind ; with a painful sound emerging from your very lower abdomen .


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