GRACE & not GREASE: Your Code for ‘How to Live an Inspired Life’

Majority people pretend to be happy & making progress. A very tiny minority tries to look for an answer to ‘How to live an inspired life’. They have that charm about them, that sexiness which is indescribable.  Their code is GRACE.

Grace is the dignity with which you carry yourself. Grease is the attractive lubricant which you choose to keep your feet on to get carried away. As you get carried away; Grease consumes you like in a whirlpool. You become greasier in your habits & soon you’ll begin to feel like a hollow man. Grace is difficult as it involves baby steps & so many of them for you to feel that you are graceful. Grease will make you mediocre in the long run & grace will prepare you for an awesome long run.


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