Motivational Speakers in Singapore

Akash Gautam - Top Motivational, Keynote Speaker in Singapore
Akash Gautam – Motivational, Keynote Speaker in Singapore

The need for Motivational Speakers in Singapore is becoming a much exigent catalytic necessity during corporate Events to inspire the corporate teams to become world class in productivity, sales, leadership & most importantly attitudes. Akash Gautam- a Top Motivational Speaker in India, Asia is becoming a favorite choice with corporate organizations across the globe; because of his magically inspirational work across almost all Asian countries (specially Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & more).

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Akash’s Events are Motivation minus the Gyaan(Boring Theory); only the stuff that will actually help you- pure, practical & unconventional inspiration.

Do see a few IMAGES of some of Akash’s best sessions across the globe – Picture gallery. See Akash talking to the Senior Mgmt of Dr Reddy’s Labs:-

CALMSUTRA | Stunning Stress Management Techniques | Akash Gautam

Rise and Shine | Why Happy People are More Successful | Akash Gautam

Below are a few letters to Akash from his Global clients. You may want to read more such at Happy Notes (Testimonials).


Global Recognition -Akash Gautam
Global Recognition -Akash Gautam

“Akash’s talk influenced all the participants to voluntarily draft individual action plan for themselves to be the best that they can be. As a motivational speaker; Akash Gautam has a unique style. He makes sure that the audience is well engaged by adequately incorporating the element of humor.”

– Rahul Kandhal,
Change, Communication & Learning Lead (International Markets), Singapore



“The entire session of Akash in our Annual Sales and Marketing Meet at Phuket, Thailand was entertaining and enlightening. Akash is a unique motivational speaker who can capture the audience with humorous talks which are equally insightful. He is a brilliant speaker who inspires the audience to learn how to be happy and successful in both personal and professional life”
– Rabbur Reza,
Chief Operating Officer, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh.


“We were glad to have Akash for Calm-Sutra; his unique Corporate talk on Stress Management at the HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate your powerful presentation. It was not only insightful but also reflected our aim of knowledge sharing theme. Feedback from our clients has been excellent. Akash truly is one of the best Corporate Trainers & Motivational Speakers in India. “

-Bindi Thakkar, Head – Human Resources,
AVP – Marketing, HDFC ERGO General Insurance


With the Mgmt Team of a Swiss MNC
With the Mgmt Team of a Swiss MNC

“Akash delivered thoughtful messages with so much impact that it will stick on to participants forever. What made Akash’s talk very unique however was the delivery. He created happy mood by using the language which most of us prefer in personal lives, blended with sumptuous dose of humor which kept the audience captivated. I can vouch that my colleagues and channel partners got motivated like never before. Thank you very much for inspiring us like this. Lifetime experience.”

-Himanshu Kapadia,
Vice President, Marketing Management, BASF, Singapore


Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd-Top Performers with Akash
Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd-Top Performers with Akash

“The energy he unleashed during his talk has to be seen to be believed. He had the uncanny knack of connecting with people immediately. My team absolutely loved his session and honestly wanted more because of the emotional intensity he was able to bring about. He had all of us laughing, some crying( yes!) and all of us on our feet singing. He left us with many thoughts to take home and quite a few action plans. My team felt that his session was top notch and very value adding to their lives.”

-G Sreenivaasan, President – Consumer Products Division,
TTK Healthcare Limited


Leadership Talk to the Top CEOs & CFOs of Asian Countries
Leadership Talk to the Top CEOs & CFOs of Asian Countries at Colombo, Sri Lanka

Top Corporate organizations across the world–  Google, McKinsey & Co., CIPLA, SAB Miller, Dr. Reddy’s, Maruti Suzuki, Titan, Glaxo, Vodafone, IBM, HDFC (in Sri Lanka), First Gulf Bank (Dubai), Beximco (Bangladesh), BASF (Singapore) & hundreds more regularly trust Akash & go to him whenever for any critically impacting work during their Keynote Addresses, Product launches, Season launches, Leadership Interventions, Sales Meets, Strategy & Goal Setting sessions, Dealers / Channel Partner meets, Annual Summits / Quarterly meets, Global Leader conferences.

A Corporate Talk/ Events are about one thing only – ‘IMPACT’! Not very often does one see ‘Events’ receiving a standing ovation from an audience e.g. from mid-Senior mgmt of a top corporate organization. Akash’s refreshingly electrifying Talks & Corporate Events get it very regularly.Akash’s madly alive & high energy inspirational events will take your team on a HIGH & that too without Drugs. His motivational events are not only a treasure of stunning concepts but also a laugh riot with extra toppings of sarcasm, goosebumps & realizations- a perfect recipe to set the efficiencies & productivity inside the offices to soar much higher. His Events will keep care of I.Q, E.Q, & Entertainment Quotient too. You may also want to read Top Motivational Speaker in India

Akash memorized the entire Oxfords Dictionary in his early college days & regularly throws a challenge to his audience to check him on the same. His Blog gets featured regularly amongst the Top ‘most read Blogs’ in India. More than 4,00,000 + fans on Social Media goad him to work more hard & innovate always.

Akash Gautam’s Blogs get consistently ranked among the most read & top Motivational Blogs in India. His popular Blogs include – 10 Ways to Screw your Life between 20s & 30s , Blogs on sharpening your Communication SkillsHow to Meditate & increase Mindfulness- Everything you need to know

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Original, researched, maverick & refreshingly different- that’s what Akash Gautam’s motivational talks are.

Invite Akash today to get your teams, clients and lives transformed forever.

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