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Akash Gautam-Top Motivational, Keynote Speaker in Dubai, UAE
Akash Gautam – Motivational, Keynote Speaker in Dubai, UAE

Top Corporate organizations in Dubai, UAE trust Akash Gautam as a Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker for their very important Sales Conferences, Meets & Corporate Events.

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For engaging Akash as a Motivational Speaker in Dubai (UAE):

Please write to us at .We prefer Emails. We will revert to you with all details in quickest time. However only if it is an urgent business need; you may speak with Riya at +91.708-75-06666 . Akash’s India number is 97799-3-6666.

30+ of the NIFTY-50 Companies in India trust Akash repeatedly for impacting the backbone of their businesses- their very important people.

Top Corporates across the world– Google, McKinsey & Co., BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Maruti Suzuki, CIPLA, Titan, Dr Reddy’s Labs, GSK, First Gulf Bank & DUCAB (Dubai), Dutco Tennant (Dubai), ACC, IBM, HDFC, RIL, M&M, Aditya Birla Group & hundreds other go to Akash for getting lasting, kickass motivation drilled into their teams.

Because they know: ‘To create a big bang; their teams need to be fully inspired & be purged of people / HR issues’. Akash promises ‘Life Changing Events. Always!’ His powerful events will drill into minds of the attendees a few futuristic ideas to make them rebel against the normal ‘Junk Thinking’. They will never ever forget the fundamentals.

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CALMSUTRA | Stunning Stress Management Techniques | Akash Gautam

Rise and Shine | Why Happy People are More Successful | Akash Gautam


Akash’s wit, sarcasm and contemporary style of delivery has won him many accolades from his happy clients. Below are a couple of these notes (out of many) from his happy clients in Dubai & Middle East:-


International Recognition for his work- Akash Gautam
International Recognition for his work- Akash Gautam

“First Gulf Bank invited Mr Akash Gautam to Dubai for his flagship motivational session ‘Rise & Shine’ with its sales team (some 150+ participants). Akash not only just did- what the Bank wanted him to do but also exceeded our expectations. He fired our team with some very practical motivation & Sales fundamentals. His talk was amazingly powerful & gets talked about & remembered in the office corridors & cabins even months after”

– Jayashree Kumar,
Head of Sales – Bancassurance/ Banking
First Gulf Bank, UAE


International Recognition for his work- Akash Gautam
That’s How Akash’s Events End- Every Single Time

“The training program conducted by Akash has been the best investment that I have ever made. With the “real life” drills & examples, it had more impact on me than previous trainings I had been to. Through the use of high quality working materials and role plays which directly employed the concepts we were learning in session, I was able to walk away from the training feeling much better motivated & prepared for new challenges in life. The role plays were especially helpful in reinforcing the concepts. Overall a superbly motivational & learning experience. ”
– Jatin Arora, Senior Manager at PWC, Middle East


Macau 2017- No Gyaan, Zero Yawn Events
Macau 2017- No Gyaan, Zero Yawn Events

“We invited Akash Gautam at our Annual partner colloquium at Macau. His ‘Rise & Shine’ session was simply fabulous and mesmerized my entire team beyond my imagination. Talk was very inspiring, engaging and fun filled too. Thank you Akash for the good time. Keep Rocking with your magic spells ! “

– Ripu Daman SHARMA, Country Manager, India, Lutron, USA


“We were glad to have Akash for Calm-Sutra; his unique Corporate talk on Stress Management at the HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate your powerful presentation. It was not only insightful but also reflected our aim of knowledge sharing theme. Feedback from our clients has been excellent. Akash truly is one of the best Corporate Trainers & Motivational Speakers in India. “

-Bindi Thakkar,
Head – Human Resources, AVP – Marketing, HDFC ERGO General Insurance


TataSky-Annual Sales Meet & Award Function
Tata Sky- Annual Sales Meet & Award Function

“We invited Akash for our All India Sales Team Award Function. Akash was brilliant, outstanding and connected with Sales team right from the start. Full of energy, humor & enthusiasm, he kept the sales team engaged throughout the session. All of us received lots of practical insights about Sales. My entire Sales team needed this only at this juncture. Perfect ! “

-Sudarshan Jain,
Managing Director,
Abbott Pharma (Global Healthcare & Research)


Dubai - Psychometric Games with First Gulf Bank Mgmt
Dubai – Psychometric Games with First Gulf Bank Management

Do definitely read more Testimonials from Happy Clients here: Happy Notes (Testimonials).

Akash promises to deliver the most stunningly simple and practical concepts of life in the easiest possible ways and guarantees a transformation. His unique and fresh approach has made him get counted as the Top Motivation Speaker for Sales Conferences & Corporate Events in Dubai, India; Asia.

His flagship event, “Rise & Shine” has been much sought after since it rolled out. Other highly popular sessions are Stress Management Events, Team Building workshops, Leadership training sessions and much more. Details of the above can be found on his official website:

Among the Motivational speakers in Dubai; Akash has gotten specifically liked by the Indian Diaspora. Not only Dubai but in other Emirates in United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Abu Dhabi, Sharjah – Akash Gautam is becoming a popular name. Emirates like Oman, Saudi Arabia too have shown very keen interest in Akash Gautam as a Motivational Speaker for their Corporate Events.

Over a career spanning across a decade and a half, Akash Gautam has had an opportunity to interact with some of the best Corporate names and their senior- middle managements. Do see the snapshots of some of Akash’s best sessions across the world – Picture gallery.

What makes Akash different:-

Here is what he says himself on this:-

‘I realize that normally when anyone is made to hear or bear a motivational speaker- it can run the risk of becoming too much of an unwanted ‘Gyaan’(boring information).

No I will not kill you with boring Career / Life fundas or global gyaan on anything (which sounds good to listen to but is not practical).

With your permission- I will talk to you ‘not like a Gentleman’ but like your friend. And you know how friends talk with each other-casual, fun, less sophisticatedly & somewhere sarcastically.

I promise ‘No Gyaan, Zero Yawn ! Events’. My Events will cleverly try to demolish your erroneous, existing beliefs about life, emotions, relationships, Careers, Communication, living better & much more. My unconventional, witty methods will unfold a treasure of stunning concepts that will set your productivity soaring’. This is a commitment.

Know much more at Akash’s official website: You may also want to read:- Top Motivational Speaker in India

Akash Gautam’s Blogs get consistently ranked among the most read & top Motivational Blogs in India. His popular Blogs include – 10 Ways to Screw your Life between 20s & 30s , Blogs on sharpening your Communication SkillsHow to Meditate & increase Mindfulness- Everything you need to know

Original, maverick & amazingly refreshing- that’s what Akash Gautam’s motivational talks are.

Invite Akash today to get your teams, clients and lives transformed forever.

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