Events for Youth


A life changing session! Something you will have never witnessed before’

– is Akash’s only self-target & promise to you.

He gets to talk at IITs, IIMs, NITs, SRCC, St Xavier’s etc. and has observed the youth quite closely.

Akash’s ‘Events’ are his zealot steps towards bringing a strong impacting change in their lives.
His refreshingly humorous & madly alive style of connecting with the youth has earned him the title of India’s favorite Motivator & Enter-Trainer.

You will find much more details about ‘Events for Youth’ along with beautiful posters on the desktop version of our website. Do visit us there to find out how Akash delivers on this promise of infusing youth / students with the much needed enthusiasm for life.

Here’s our set of promises (Event Categories) for the Indian youth:

Communication: With sessions like ‘Bindas Bol’, “Interview Concepts’ & “GD Tricks”, A-Z of human communication gets discussed in Akash’s own unique style. A favorite among the placement and development committees of the top colleges in India.

College Fest Specials: Add the much needed zing to maddening energy & youthfulness of your college fests with events like Lovepal Bill where the most important issue of student life i.e. “LOVE” gets talked about in the most candid way; Bollycabulary – a “100 words 100 minutes” event where English Grammar & Vocabulary is taught in the most innovative way ever & ‘Rise & Shine’ – Akash’s Flagship talk which contains pure, unadulterated, unconventional & life altering motivation. Make your College Fest, The BEST!

Orientation programs:Give your students the best welcomes and farewells with events like “Welcome” & “Campus to Corporate”. The candid discussion of What To’s & How To’s while entering into a new institute and beginning a corporate life will definitely make your buddies remember you always; the best welcome / parting gifts ever!

For more information on inviting Akash to your college, write to us at info(at)akashgautam(d0t)com