Events for Corporates


Less inspired teams never create a big bang. Akash’s Talks & Events promise a lifetime HIGH for your team. With not one single dull moment; his Events will be a laugh riot with extra toppings of sarcasm, goosebumps & realizations. His talks are very well researched & will unfold a treasure of stunning concepts for awesome personal & professional lives.

Top Corporate organizations like Google, McKinsey & Co., Vodafone, CIPLA, Maruti Suzuki, IBM, Dr Reddy Labs, HDFC, Titan & hundreds more turn to him when they need kickass motivation drilled into their teams.

Original. Unconventional. Magically Refreshing. That’s what Akash Gautam’s Events are.

Four Life-changing events for Corporates:

Rise & Shine: Akash’s flagship talk which has fetched the maximum number of standing ovations so far. A powerhouse of purest, funniest and stunning concepts of life & living – Rise & Shine is evergreen inspiration in a nutshell.

Calm Sutra: The aim of this talk is to make your teams say: “Dear Stress! Thank you for your visit. But my schedule is full.” One of Akash’s most sought after talks, CAMSUTRA will ensure you & your teams permanently move from being distressed to de-stressed.

X-Sell: A talk designed to fuel the inspirational hormones of your most important growth engines – your salespeople. Choose to give them highly researched, contemporary and magical methods to SELL smart & SELL WELL.

Lovepal Bill: Google chose this over conventional talks because this Event is only for those brave heart companies which truly believe that till the emotions & heart are sorted, the brain doesn’t function. Lovepal Bill is a no gyaan, practical approach to creating awesome professional & personal relationships.

You will find much more details about the above events along with beautiful posters on the desktop version of our website. Do visit us there to find out how Akash delivers on this promise of transforming your teams into growth engines.


For more information write to us at info(at)akashgautam(dot)com