‘Tum kya sach mein itney ……. ho?

— Do you not regularly feel tempted to look at a few of your friend’s FB statuses & write below (the above line) as a comment? But you cannot say it; as it is your friend & it is social media. One wrong comment and he will UNLIKE all your pics that he had LIKED. And the itch keeps on growing (with every blatant display of low IQ & EQ of your friend) & you still cannot scratch that fungal patch.

This blog is dedicated to all those average people who feel helpless because of the ‘LIKE ME’ disease of their ‘#@&%’ friends.

A few extra terrestrial FB updates that showed up on my newsfeed recently:-

1. “Bye bye Delhi. … Missed the Chola Bhatura this time…. so I’ll be back for sure – feeling sad at Terminal 3, IG Airport. Flight late too.”

Really? Delhi has a facebook account? Please pass me the link will ya? I would like to know how it feels that you didn’t eat its Chola Bhatura! By the way, is Delhi male or female? I’m worried about its security!

All said, had you simply concentrated on T3 instead of Facebook, you would have noticed that there is a Chhole Bhature counter there as well. :). Don’t come back. 🙂

‘Being Quiet’ is better than being ‘Quite Shitty’ & sometimes Gluestick could serve a better purpose than a Lipstick.


2. Skin infection !!!! Skin infection !!!! Skin infection !!!!…… m damn upset 🙁

Oh my Shehnaz Husain! What do you want me to do? Rub your skin medicine on you? Or the doctor has recommended that likes / comments are the cure? Please go. Take rest. And don’t leave more virus on your computer / mobile if you want to get cured fast.


3 A typical girl thanking all on her birthday on FB :-

‘ Had awwwweesssssooommmmeeee time with ma best buddies. by god i wont frget dis bday ever ..i luv you guys so much..muaaah muaaaha muaahaaa ♥♥♥

Madam ji — aapne to ‘Raita hee phailaa diyaa’. Maar Daala ‘Ch’ se ‘Chunni’ baabu ko. .


4. “Me / Randomzzzzz / maaaaaaa pictures/ Bas yun hi” ”

Oh My God! You really have to torture your 500 odd friends! Why do you upload 1000 selfies, all looking exactly same? We know it is you. Spare us. Trust me — ‘NO ONE is interested in YOU or your pictures’. And what does ‘randomzzzzz’ mean? Did you fall asleep on ‘z’ while typing? Itney saare extra zzzzzz kahin tumhari constipation ki bimari to nahin dikhatey na ?


5. “I’m feeling alone. Can someone come over? – feeling alone at so and so apartments

Beda Garak ! I didn’t really believe I am reading this, till I read it again & then unfollowed the menti-sental person! You are not missing your friend but just missing some attention !!

Are you telling me that you are so boring a company for your own self that you cannot enjoy your own lone time for even one evening? And can’t you just call your friend and ask him/her to come over? Imagine if you are so boring; how boring you will be for your friends.

Satynaas kar doge dost ka bhi !


6. Ummmm …. Tastes like heaven.. uplifts your mood in a jiffy .. <3 <3 <3 …. Yumm – eating lindt dark chocolate

Ye update to tabaahi machaa dega. Could you BE more jobless or less attention seeking than this? So you ate chocolate. Abhi taq aisi koi research nahin hui which proves that ‘Hot chocolate’ / Coffee at CCD/ Barista tastes better when you upload its photos on FB’.


7. My love for you will neva die. Pls 4give me …. Miss u … come back soon babiiieeeyyyyy – feeling sad

This is one update which is so Zaleel that I have nothing to say. Did you accidentally post this on fb instead of sending it as a personal text? Or did your personal message inbox just vanish? Baby my only issue is that why did he take so long to leave someone as you?

The best part – it does not have a name. So, shall we assume it is for all the 500 friends you have on fb? Are you not scared of Social media AIDS ?


8. Gf (on bf’s wall) : Muah. Miss you
Bf (comment) : Me too Babes ! Come over soon…

Feel too tempted to just post in the comment; the link of the song- “Sunn raha hai na tu; Ro raha hoon main”.

In this case; it would certainly not be unkind to throw your girlfriend out of the window & shout , ‘Love Is In the Air Baby’ ?

My sarcasm, my words – everything has failed me right now. The only thing I learn about ‘looouuuu’ from this post – always add mushy couples on your FB together. I owe events like ‘Lovepal Bill’ to these nothing-to-do-in-life-except-waste-time-in-writing-love-letters-on-fb generation.

To be honest, can’t even begin to write about how creepy and useless these PDA updates are. Assures me about the reasons why you ain’t succeeding in life!


9. lyz so confusd n unpredictable….a second change d entire lyf ol dreams n wishes simply standder nly dey dnt bcum real….. the happynz n grief r weighing so equal ryt nw dat i dnt knw weder i shuld be happy fr 1 or sad fr oder…

Sorry what? I didn’t bother to read this. And couldn’t read it either. I don’t like to torture myself. Were you sleeping in English class? Or, did you save precious nanoseconds by writing this way. Tysm, hbd, picchaaa, ma, ttyl, ty – wtf are these!


10. ‘Happy anniversary honey’. You are always in ma heart. U mean the world to me.

Even if ‘tumhari honey saath waale room mein baitha/ baithi ho’ ?

By God ! Kitney cute ho na tum. Yes! Keep on posting such updates. We are very much interested to know about your love life.

Then there are those species which keeps on changing its DP at FB / whatsapp / bbm etc too frequently. Warning:- People are silently noticing your desperate attempts to get LIKED.

You can go ahead & bash me up with arguments like – FB is for friends & we will write whatever we want / my profile, my update; why do u care so much / you get a life / unfollow or unfriend if it bothers you so much. Maar daalo mereko ! But TAKE IT — What I & a lot of other junta feels for you!

Unfollow is an option that I have misused now. Over – exploited. This emo shit still crops up on my timeline. Looks like, we are becoming more menti-sental than skilled with each passing day.

Whatever you may believe, at any given point, one cannot have more than 3-4 friends who care for you like crazy; can go to any lengths to make you happy, really happy. 95% of the people on your friend list do not give a shit about what’s happening in your life. They have their own demons to fight. And when they see such wannabe attention seeking, narcissist, highly opinionated, not so humble and utterly foolish updates from your side – they are secretly happy that someone else has a more screwed life than theirs. That someone is more foolish than they are. That someone is wasting more time than they are. Sadistic pleasure!

I too post status updates & pictures of my work & family. With greater than 1.25 lakh believers across my social media; I exploit it as a medium to reach out . At times I over do too. All of us do. But yaar —‘Zehar mat phailaao’.

Create not v loud but ‘Silent statements’; maybe.

Desperation repels! Should not there be some mystery about who you are? What is the point of telling every little secret about you to a bunch of people who do not know you / do not care? Over time, you become used to all the attention seeking and unnecessary pampering. There is no way that you can be having FUN in your life if you keep checking your FB/ Whatsapp/ phone after every few minutes.

Even if these arguments do not make sense to you – I’m ok. Your life, your energies, your responsibility to channel them well. I have never understood this philosophy of “kuch bhi kar facebook mein daal” and never will.

Beautiful women & handsome men on Social media come as a package. They bring with them ‘Hazaar emotional & maintenance issues’. If you see closely- it is the Average people who with the ‘right attitudes’ are ACTUALLY having real fun.

Good luck!

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Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

  • Anubhav More

    You have poked lot of people by these 10 updates but ultimately there won’t be any result coming out of it! because creating attraction to oneself is a trend now! which ever way it may be!

  • niks

    The b’day wala, the shadis and all attention seeking shit happened on my wall as well. I swear what do ppl want to tell? And the “ma” types ppl- Get over yourself. We know its you.

  • pankaj verma

    @akash gautam sir…this Blogspot will create a lot of hungama… Awesome explanation of how young generation waste their time…6th point is hilarious.

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Pankaj 🙂

      I know this will create hungama; but mostly in the minds of those who indulge into this kind of awesomeness 🙂

  • Guest

    Get on with your life Akash…stope meddling in others….will serve you better 🙂 Just saying!

  • Rainbow Hues

    Get on with your life, Akash…stop meddling in others’. Seriously…this post just looks passe and very low class….btw, is it you or someone else writes your blogs…I guess whoever it is needs to get a life ‘of their own’.!!

    • That is what he does for a living. And i must say, he us doing a darn good job. It is up to people to let him ‘meddle’ with their lives, or not.

      • AkashGautam

        Thanks Anupum 🙂

    • AkashGautam

      Hi Guest :),

      I write my blogs on my own. And I am trying really hard to get a life. At present – I am just being real. Nothing personal. Sorry if anything hurt you.

      • Debasmita Das

        I think these FB statuses are really entertaining!! 😛 So I really wont mind people wasting their time on these, if we can be entertained at boring times (PS: only if they dont have this bad habit of tagging the entire universe !!! )

        • AkashGautam

          They are entertaining to a certain extent. Then, I get worried about the ways in which people waste time. Hence, this post! 🙂

    • guest

      Seriously, it seems that akash spends lot of time enjoying the status updates of all his followers. I accept some status are lame but then again you are not the judge here Akash. Facebook or any other social media platform is for connecting with friends and family and keeping them updated. If it were’t for this social media, i guess you wont be even half popular of what you are right now. You are the real attention seeker here buddy with all your gyaan. It truly is a low class attempt from you this time

      • AkashGautam

        Hi Guest

        I think I hit a nerve there with you 🙂 … Trust me, I am trying to get a life. Till the time I succeed, you might have to see more such posts where I express my experiences on why people fail to be more productive in real life.

        And had it not been Social Media, I would have still found a way to reach out to people who need me. Is that the only point you have? Let me tell you – it ain’t a very valid one.

        Lastly, I know I am not the one to judge. And you are right. Fb and other mediums are for connecting with friends & family. And in all these lame updates, I did not see ‘connection’. I just saw ‘low EQ’ and too much extra time.

        Thanks for the attention though. Now I know how the people who update those statuses must have felt 😉

      • UR D@D

        I have got few doubts regarding ur comment.would u plz mind clarifying these ……. dear.
        1. you have accepted <> status are lame …What abt others ???? Can’t u understand them b’coz of lower vocab knowledge ……is it so ?????
        FREE ADVISE :
        Then best way to get out of this problem is keep on visiting AKVD.
        2. Your claim says Akash is judging post of followers here . could u plz tell me where he has claimed that he got bunch of status updates to judge then he found these ten post most horrible ?
        3. You accuse him as a attention seeker . beta r u nt doin d job of attention seeker by posting low class comment here ?.ask ur self once ……..plz
        4.Social media is 4 connecting frnds…ohh thankq so much 4 educating me…actually i didn’t knw dat. anyway whr did u gain these precious knowledge ??plz let me know.
        5 At last u haven’t forgot to mention “low class attempt “here….since when u hv started judging ??? Whn did u clear IJS exam dear ?…

        • AkashGautam

          Thanks! But thoda control karo ji 🙂 .. we all have the right to share our opinions.

  • IG.

    Thank God,i deleted my facebook.Now,I dont have to stand anywhere just to make a new DP,and log in every 2 minutes to see how many likes i got.:P
    Nice article.i wish ,next time you write impact of facebook on our behaviour. 🙂 🙂
    god bless you….

    • AkashGautam

      Hi IG

      I wouldn’t say u have to go completely offline, but I am sure it is a good move nonetheless. Whatever suits you best. However, maintaining a good balance is what I recommend.

      Best wishes


      • Parijat Mishra

        Agreed. 🙂 It may sound ridiculous, but Facebook is quite useful in many ways. It’s just that most of our teens/young adults use it for seeking the attention that they crave.

        From what I’ve learnt in my 3-4 years in FB, it’s best to keep a really small friend list and use FB only for staying updated on the “social” aspect of the world, and for keeping in touch with friends/family.

  • I’ve just started to really understand how 95% of your ‘friends’ on fb don’t give a shit. So true.
    sometimes i feel there’s nothing to fb. But to some extent it is fine, because i’m able to reach out to an audience that cares. Like you said.
    so i don’t see a point in deactivating my account all together. Anything is fine only if done in moderation while keeping things within the realm of normal sense.

  • Manisha

    Ah, I feel exactly same many time… FB has become a torture with all the post saying love u, m getting married…and recently, all the people posting their honey moon pics… what do you want us to see…grrrhhh

  • skrtdng

    My thoughts exactly! Akash Sir, you have actually helped me by writing this post. I used to think that I’m a prude whenever I came across such updates and other people ‘liking’ them were normal. Thank God that you share the same opinions about these ‘wannabes’!

  • Pummy Sharma

    I am happy to find a person who feels like me after reading such shitty updates.

    I don’t know how you would feel if you have come across a status update that says:

    “My grandmother is dead and I am fucking sad.”

  • Vatsal Jain

    Hi Akash Sir, i am a big fan of yours, and has seen almost all of your sessions available on YouTube. You are truly an inspiration for everyone. This post is certainly as awesome as others. But in my life i am dealing with a different problem. I am in a relationship with a girl, which was earlier my best friend, but our realtionship has become superficial. There are more of fights than understanding, though i still feel for her but Ii have my studies too with me, i am stuck, what to do 🙁

  • Eesha Dutta

    Superb post Akash Sir….loved each and every bit of it…i guess the best thing to do is to like the several pages available in FB and get their news feed more on your wall than these sick,silly and boring status updates….that’s what I have done and now its so fun to open my FB and see more updates from my favorite pages…. 😀 😀

  • jaya

    first of all hats off to you for picking up 10 out of hundreds of irritating updates…another most irritating habit of people on Fb is keeping us updated about their location…at such and such apartments.then half an hour later..at starbucks..then.at this multiplex…then watching this movie…then dinner at so and so place…What The Hell…we don’t want to know where you are wasting your time while we slog in our office…ppl plz gt a lyf… 😉

  • Assn Rns Ninad Viratholic

    cent percent correct and no reason to disagree with whatever you have written SIR . I have seen youngsters they often upload pics of their gf along with them giving tons of uncanny expressions which we never understand,they boast and are mere braggart exposing their gf and askin’ the whole world to come and join the club of lovers (die hard lovers) that’s what they all wanna show to the world …. aren’t your parents alive or you don’t care about them … busy posting all the garbage stuff on social networking sites. i think they are getting menti-sental . get well soon !!!! 🙂

  • vishal shaw

    Must & Mast read 😀

  • Saurabh

    Thank you again sir..you and AKVD contribute in making fb a better place to log in.. 🙂

  • Kart

    Akash Sir, I am not actually Supporting or Opposing this post . The basic idea behind Facebook is to share your thoughts and emotions. Well it might be Concerning to some and irritating to others. Its more kinda like a news paper. You need not like all the news that the editor publishes.Well, there are several news papers with lot of crap. If you Purchase it read it or ignore it. Similarly if you are some ones friend you can ignore his post or Support it.

    • AkashGautam

      Hi Kart,

      I agree with u, cent percent. I have an option of ignoring such posts. And I do most of the times.

      This is just an attempt to make a few people realize that they are wasting their precious productive time, by indulging into such trivialities. As a motivator, it is my duty to try and tell them ways in which they can improve.

      Beyond this, I do not have intentions to hurt / judge anyone. People can take good decisions about their lives I think 🙂

  • saurabh

    Thank you again sir..you and AKVD contribute in making fb a better place to log in.. 🙂

  • Neha N.

    You forgot the ‘feeling annoyed/excited/hungry/sad’ ones,’drinking water’ ones(with the smileys) here. They are the most irritating of them all.

    • AkashGautam

      There are many I didn’t & couldn’t post here! 🙂

    • Arpit

      Facebook pe miss u babu likhne walo janta maaf nahi karegi

  • Shraddha

    Ds blog states d ultimate truth.Updation of certain pessimistic status on fb n watspp to dsplay ones feelings n to grab attention of ppl is lyk making fun of yurslf in a way.ppl hardly care n few r glad dat yur screwd.ders actually an intrstn wrld out of fb n watsspp..:)

  • Ashina

    although 1 of the status is mine..im enjoying the blog.,its hillerious & humorous 😉

    • AkashGautam

      Ashina! I am glad you are taking humor in the right way. And I Also hope that you have become wiser 🙂

      • Ashina

        All thanks to baba ji ki bhutti 😉

  • Architect

    how insecure are you dude! to right such a long and useless blog.

    • Akash

      V insecure ! Only YOU could identify my real state of affairs. I am touched …

    • AkashGautam

      V insecure ! Only YOU could identify my real state of affairs. I am touched …

      • Aditi

        wonderful reply akash sir, to a really very insecure man(probably). I am a great fan of yours and have attended several of your seminars. Enriched. Thanks.

  • Akshat Kedia

    No one had figured out that heaven was an ‘edible’ entity until now…what? STFU for ” heaven’s ” sake please! #postNo6

  • Nikita

    One of the best article Akash sir,gud job,keep it up!…’coz sometimes i also think the same way that how these people are who use to post such a bakwass status updates on fb.

  • Prateek

    Akash i feel you are way too vella these days 🙂

    • Akash Gautam

      Yes ! Please find me a job 🙂

    • AkashGautam

      Yes ! Please find me a job 🙂

  • Priyam

    As always..a gud one Sir.. All i can conclude fr ppl updatng such statuses is tht..”Thy so religiously follow FB’s Ques “What’s in ur mind” tht thy end up pulicising evry sane n insane shit in th mind.. 😛

    • AkashGautam

      That’s a good one 🙂

  • udit sharma

    thanks Akash..i also do such things and post all the rubish stuff on facebook ..i took lesson from your blog..:D 😀

    • AkashGautam

      This makes me happier! 🙂

      • Udit Sharma

        thanks akash..next time i will always post some logical and relevant content on Facebook. .:) 🙂

  • Mayur Natarajan

    amazing siir jee!

  • Mayur Natarajan

    one more thing that irritates me is people tagging me in statuses n display pictures that do not concern me or have me in them! :/

  • Ocean Sharma

    sir this one is awesome
    man i cant stop laughing

  • Nisha

    U absolutely ryt.

  • xyz

    Why don’t people think when they update such wasteful status? Akash Sir, your post is superb. i feel exactly the same thing.

  • Prafful

    Haha…really sir..even recently one of my fb friend posted “DeNgU :’) feeling sad at hospital”. I mean common yrr.hahah.Agreed with your points. Facebook pe bethana se aaj tak kisi ka fayada nhi hua. Except Mark Zuckerberg 😀

  • Barsha Mukherjee

    Thank you Sir , for such a wonderful blog , i have not yet created a fb account and after reading your blog do not even feel like creating one .

  • Barsha Mukherjee

    Akash sir , i want to ask you that when there is so many negative use of fb is there any positive point of having an account ?

  • Apoorv

    Though I shouldn’t even bother writing a comment, but the piece above made me realize that it itself is among the 10 statuses it tries to describe.
    Exactly! No one gives a damn about what the “Attention seeking, narcissist” writer thinks.
    It’s better to describe yourself in FB than describe others at a blog.
    Get well soon buddy.

    P.S. I just realized how ironic my comment is.

    • AkashGautam

      Hi Apoorv

      The “Attention seeking, narcissist” author also gets asked by a lot of people the following question – Sir, please suggest me a way in which I can improve my productivity. Some of those people make such posts. The writer, that is me, finds it important to answer them, and many others who don’t ask but suffer from the same problem.

      And as far as the tone of the post goes, this is how I write. My believers understand & appreciate this language & accept me with this. So, I am just answering their question.

      If you believe, doing this doesn’t affect your productivity – I must say, you are really talented. Otherwise, I think I just hit a nerve with you buddy.

      I am trying to get well soon. And I will. All my descriptions that are important & worth knowing / valuing are on FB. You would have known that from my ‘fb statuses’ but I know that’s not happening 🙂

      Best Wishes

  • jay

    Sir,i completely agree with you….excess of anything is not good…
    social scientists at Humboldt University and Darmstadt’s Technical University, both in Germany,surveyed 584 users of Facebook aged mostly in their 20s. They found that
    the most common emotion aroused by using Facebook is envy. Endlessly
    comparing themselves with peers who have doctored their photographs,
    amplified their achievements and plagiarised their bons mots
    can leave Facebook’s users more than a little green-eyed. Real-life
    encounters, by contrast, are more WYSIWYG (what you see is what you

  • Gaurav

    Mann ki baat cheen li aapne.
    Specially that mah, pichaa etc thing is so so ……. !!

  • Purnima

    One of the best post Sir, this is exactly what is happenning on facebook these days!

  • NikitaG

    Akash sir, this is one of the funniest posts i have ever read and yet every word of it is completely true. Today social media has become a platform for attention seekers to showcase just how desperate they are.
    A big thank you for the great post and i hope it will help people improve.

  • Harsh Gupta

    Hi Akash,

    Nice 1 i must say. Facebook is becoming waste of time day by day. Looking forward to read interesting articles from you.


  • jitendra

    sahi hai…

  • Manisha Karan

    nt only ths s funny,bt exposes the mindset of people who use fb now n then for evrythng!i mean even for expressing love to loved ones near to them,really pathetic!!!awesome job Akash!!!

  • Rupan

    The 9th status is just excruciating for mind . Virtual assassination,annihilation and what not of written English . I am very thankful to god that I was your student .have not indulged myself wastefully on FB ,since its inception . Brilliant article for today’s generation .

  • ✖ Abzz ✖

    Believe me, I’ve seen worse! -_-“

  • Anushka

    Akash, U missed to mention the Happy new year/ Christmas etc. pics which people posts n tag us along..And then we have to go to each pic un following it..
    On a serious note. Its a real big issue which you have raised and its not not only the teenagers who are suffering this attention seeking disease but people in their late 20’s are recent victims.. We all have limited energies to be spend in a day.. lets utilize it in something constructive..

  • shankh

    superb post sir

  • Samridhi Sharma

    I couldn’t spare a minute for such statuses… But u seem highly irritated .. Fault is yours – do not invest a minute.

  • Soumava

    At the end you said “Do SHARE”.
    Couldnt agree with you on 75% thing. Social Website is a medium to communicate and to bridge gap. A status msg wont eat much of ur bandwidth but will keep u updated about ur frnds mood, I am saying this hoping u add only frnds in ur fb profile.
    Happiness gets bigger when spread, Sorrow gets lessened when u find frnds to cheer u up or to care.
    Currently u may be surrounded by ur closed ones thus u won’t understand relation of every human emotion. I agree with u on the selfie part but famous Oscar Selfie is one which I love most too. Akash ur good, write something productive, such as about economics of India, very few people understand how a share price gets evaluated or write about politics, guide young minds without imposing ur favourite in their mind wen election is near. Even paparazzi as a profession cn b ur topic. Just stop criticising. Paramhans Ramkrishna, Sai Baba, Krishna and even Jesus told one very same thing, never criticize anyone bcz everyone is good, god is in everyone and wen u criticize u actually convert urself into bad.

  • Khushi Roy Chowdhury

    Well written and interest evoking… as always 🙂

    But, FB is all about that… Isn’t it?? It makes you a star in your own little world… It permits you to share your silliest sorrows and biggest joys…

    Getting married??? We are so overwhelmed and we looked the best on the day… Gotta share

    Being parent??? Can’t flash the baby bump but yes the day baby comes out, it becomes an absolute necessity to shout out loud to the world………………………. “see i have got the gem of my lyf “:

    The mushy romantic pics actually makes you believe that u have created that mills and boons world of your own….Although an illusion and rest of the world might not end up feeling the same; but, ki farak painda hai if this illusion alone can make u happy ??

    So FB par thoda sharing, thoda mushy mushy hona and thoda attention seek karna to banta hai na boss! After all in this big world full of mango ppl, it makes you a celebrity 😉

    PS: Whatever it takes to be HAPPY 🙂

  • Khushi Roy Chowdhury

    Also, I just hope one fine day my organization(which keeps on organizing motivational sessions, training and other events) gets u here for some session 🙂 It’ll be so cool to meet you in person and attend a fun session of yours…..

  • Bhramari

    Recently one my batch mate was hospitalized and another posted his pic saying “Get well soon hunk”..
    Not only this people actually LIKED that status and wrote get well soon..
    In midst of all this, i was thinking What the hell am i doing here by looking at this post???

  • Jasmeet Singh Saluja

    Sir, each and every post of yours is a BULLS-EYE. A perfect piece of art to leave a long lasting effect.
    a new fan of yours from NIT Raipur [ U visited yesterday 🙂 ]

  • nancy

    ” Assures me about the reasons why you ain’t succeeding in life!”
    Dude! Success is not same for everyone..success could be earning loadsa money, being a top official..for some but for others, success could also be getting the love and support of the person you love the most.
    So, instead of being judgemental in the first place, maybe understanding where the other person is coming from could be a better idea. After all, the people in the world are not entitled to think/act/behave the way you do…they are entitled to their opinions! Or in simple words,”Mind Your Own Business.” 🙂

  • Madhumita Gopal

    haha..one which made me go ‘what the..’ was -‘my nail broke!! feeling sad’

  • hemendra619

    Thanks for “unfollow” button on Facebook, first time i came to know this functionality half of my fb friend list was swiped.

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