‘200 Rupaiya dijiyega to nazdeek se darshan milegaa’

‘Agar ye Pooja nahin Karwai to yahaan aane ka Faayedaa nahin Bhai’

‘Dakshina Dijiye warna …’

… were a few of the common lines I regularly heard; as I travelled the so called ‘Epicenters of FAITH’ ;across India in the last few months. My Mom was accompanying me & we ended up doing some of the above.

I am sure — you and your family have also gone through this ‘transactional experience in / about your faith’.

The biggest cause which binds people in India / elsewhere; is   not cricket but RELIGION/ FAITH. You can witness the same during times as Navratras, Rozas, Gurupurab, Christmas …

Some ruthless people have identified this need / weakness of the human soul and have started constructing business models around the same. Trust me we are not very far off when some leading B-School shall start offering MBA (Spirituality) with the tag line — ‘Dare to Think beyond God’. 🙂

Jokes apart; it brings to my mind two Questions:-

– Should Business Models (which lead to wealth creation for individuals/ organizations) be permitted around ‘Faith’? E.g. why should meditation CDs get sold for as high as Rs.200/- if those spiritual organizations want to reach out to masses? Do such organizations deserve your tax reliefs?

– Should such PANDAS / DALALS of Faith be permitted to operate like the way they do presently especially in Hindu temples.

e.g. Mamta Banerjee Didi — you asked Tata to take away his industry from your state because it was not benefitting the very few people of Singur. You also had your Railway minister resign from the central cabinet because he was trying to logically charge a few rupees more from the common man. How can you then allow these ‘Dalals of Faith’ charge an emotional drain from the same common man?.

Let me advise you — ‘How you can win the next big election with a thumping majority? ‘ . Clean your temples from these agents of faith, give the people in your state a chance to meet God without red tape. Let it show up — ‘You’ve done it’. You can do it Didi ; as today you sound more shaktimaan than even Rajnikant.

Mamta Di and other state CMs — ‘It is a secret — I am giving you’. The youth, the people are sick of prostitution in FAITH. God will bless you, your people will love you and the world will become cleaner, simpler and FAITHFUL.

God wants to meet me without a stupid, sick, greedy middleman & I know it. Please help me; my elected leaders. Can you make it SIMPLE for me?

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Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

  • Superb *kudos* ! Exactly this is what we need .Nd yes I am not against giving money for the namesake of the DIVINE coz spending a few bucks in the name of religion and not wasting it on Pizzas is not a big deal but yes there should be a system thru which our money do not fill the pocket of the pandas but can do ”JANHIT” ,i.e temples could be kept clean (am I asking for a big thng mamata di since U urself said Kolkata will turn into London!) 🙂

  • Pankush Mehra

    sache satguru ke bina god ko nhi mil sakte.

    • Tarique N

      can i know u who is satguru????

      • Pankush Mehra

        the one who can take us frm darkness to light,meaning the one who can show us divine light within,dispelling d darkness of ignorance is a true guru or a perfect master.-so find such a perfect guru to fulfil d prime objective of lyf.-to meet d god to see him n achieve him in dis kalyug only—–DJJS.

  • Ayush Singhal

    Hi Akash! I once visited Ajmer Dargah, The temple was amazing,I was so relaxed or some where else when I stepped into the dargaah. Now the Priests who were surrounding the Mazar called me up sayin Aaaja baccha Chadar waali pooja kara le (said something similar to it). aur Chadaar chadaane se pehle mujhese 500 maange maine kaha abhi naukari nahi lagi hai jab lagegi tab aaunga. usne mujhe fir kaha haan fir kabhi nahi milegi tujhe naukari. Look at that guy, I mean Khwaja ji ki mazar pe aise log rehte b kaise jaate hein. Bhagwan ko b sharam aa jaati hogi……….

    • Tarique N

      i dont know, why people used 2 go dargah type place……..the grave present in a dargah is a grave of a simple common man( he might was be a very religious person)…..why people used to bow their head in front of dead common man……
      u already become a fool….n u r complaining priests tried to make u………think abt it

      • Reetika Verma

        Firstly mind ur words which u r writing here on a social networking website and secondly no need to pass any personal comments….I don’t feel any need to give u any explanation as to why I visited there.

        • Tarique N

          sorry bose if it hurts u…….n i m not asking 4 any explanation……i told u just think….n all urs decision….cheers yaar

  • Reetika Verma

    Ditto….recently I visited Mecca Masjid in hyderabad, the same drama happened with me. So called maulvi asked me to offer some flowers on dargah and the asked me to donate for the poor in his hands….I landed up with some coins in my purse or a Rs.500 note….he rejected to take those coins nd told me to go back….I was scared when he spoke some ill words for me…but then I came to know that these are all dalals and are making the spiritual places their business ADDAS….I didn’t even stopped there for a second, I regret wat is happening all over our country

    • Tarique N

      i dont know, why people used 2 go dargah type place……..the grave present in a dargah is a grave of a simple common man( he might was be a very religious person)…..why people used to bow their head in front of dead common man……
      u already become a fool….n u r complaining so called molvi tried to make u fool………think abt it

  • absolutely true……………
    dinesh trivedi proposal was a great one….but in the end its all politics…:/

  • Namita_pant

    i loved it..! aptly said. This is what we need. Aren’t Indians sick of these money mongers by now and why doesn’t someone do something about them. Mamata Banerjee should hide her head in shame. She’s installed loudspeakers in all major squares and crossings in Kolkata where Rabindra Sangeet starts blaring from morning till night- flouting all permitted limits of noise pollution by loudspeakers, and Pandas in Kalighat continue to make it a harrowing experience for people visiting the temple she needs some housecleaning to do before she talks about her concern for the ‘common man’.

  • It is a fact that shrines that should lead to spiritualism and inner refinement have become the epicenter of superstition and of unfounded faith. Such “Faith” is a virus which can compel a mind to accept any unreasonable thing which can make him do anything… and these things can range from the simplest gesture of bowing one’s head in front of a piece of stone to the extreme cases of religious terrorism…Religious terrorists have strong “faith” and they are absolutey convinced that what they are doing is the absolute good…
    Nicely expressed , made a good read.

  • Alok Abhishek

    great sir , nice description on Prostitution on faith, do you think the same thing is happening with our government…..??

  • Shachin kumar das

    Great! you are absolutely all right, I’m agree with u.

  • Tutor Neeraj

    hats off to you …

  • I am a non- believer of that thing called ‘GOD’, but after reading your post, I’ve found out the reason too..! I am an atheist not mainly because I think that no such thing exists, but more due to the WAY in which people follow their ‘gods’ (total ignorance of the obvious truth and being foolishly superstitious)

    • Tarique N

      i m with u yaar……..bt i m not atheist…….i rejects the god which u reject…….bt i think u become atheist by seeing ur society…..n u havent read any spiritual book…..as i m muslim i can suggest u holy quran……..just read once…….surely u will change ur mind abt god……

      one thing more every created thing has a creator(we called it GOD)

  • Ajay

    absolutely correct…!!! this is the hard reality.. it has become one of the best ways to earn income..

    also sir i think the concept of temples would have been developed in earlier times as a place where people could go and sit and pray in silence, meditate, few hours away from the daily hustle-bustle of life.. but today there has been a commercialisation of temples.. and we fail to understand.. i dont think we need to climb a mountain to go to a specific place to connect with god.. we should look god into stones and not convert stones into god.. but thats what we have done.. we kick the bricks while walking on the road but buy expensive necklaces for the stone at our home or in a certain temple.. i dont think the almighty which helps us in earning needs any money for itself.. but then today without donation prayer is considered to be incomplete or rather useless.. prayer starts with donation rather than meditation or faith..
    people feel satisfied after visiting “so called special temples” as if they have achieved something by seeing those statues.. the belief that god resides at a particular place has only helped in the constant growth of the commercial temples.. its shocking to see that a temple can earn more than even the top corporate houses.. but thats how it is.. i think god will be much more pleased if that money helps in filling somebody’s stomach or covering somebody’s body..
    faith is in a sorry state today..

  • people offer money because they r fool. i ask u what is the need to go to big temples when u can keep him in ur heart, by this way not only u save ur time but even ur money. and because of those fools pandas exist. suppose their is lesser crowd every1 has tym to stand in the queue and wait for their turn.

  • Shantanu Jain

    I think it has much to do with the fact that people are so wrapped up around problems and tensions of life that they feel that by doing these or performing some customs their life might finally turn less of a disaster than it actually is. I feel that motivation is required in India..The common man is not to be blamed for this

  • Ashish Pandey

    telling you a rea indident. we have “guruji” in our village. he has got it from his ancestors. his son who is on the way to become our gur doesnt even know how to write “OM”. and can you image the income of guruji? roughly around 6-7 lakhs per annum. He is the guru of neraly 500 brahmin families with a zero knowledge.

  • Goel Sourav91

    good message for all the people of india addressing to political people..really people need to get away from this nasty thing of dalals all around for a glimpse of god..sometimes you couldnot visit a rich temples without paying money..

  • i couldn’t stop my laughter when i read a board at a temple saying “shortcut to god” and below it was written Rs. 500 only 😛 which actually meant that it was a way for those impatient people who cant take the burden to stand in queue for the darshan.
    god never needs the help of such people as His blessings are for all and its free. the day such middlemen are removed who rob the common man in the name of god, our temples, mosques, gurudwaras and all places of faith will become free of such social parasites.

  • Aman

    obvious… heading was much better.. actually really good,, management guru,, u actually are..

  • If u beleive that God is everywhere then wats the need of getting fooled..whenever u need God, just pray at that spot God will help you….remember Allah is most merciful and Beneficent

  • Karishma khanna

    I really liked the line…”dare to think beyond gods”….lol…Akash Sir,your topic emphasis on a serious issue that every indian faces today…hopefully we will get rid of it soon…!!

  • Vikram22sep

    aren’t we equally involved in this menace. Be truthful to yourself and ask when was the last time you knelt in front of that statue without lame reasons. Sometime it is for a penny rise in salary and other times it is to get rid off that “arrogant boss” . Without criticizing the system every time shouldn’t we dig somewhere inside our soul !

  • Anuj Kumar Gupta

    i would like to share an experience where in me and my family were in ‘Ajmer sharif Dargah’ . after ‘darshan’ when we came out of ‘dargah’ there were about 200 to 300 of these people including children also. my parents offer money and ‘prashad’ to those people, but to be really frank if my father is to give those money to everybody there then we probably would have run too short of all the money we had….
    The incident that i still remember that day was about a girl who was not more than 7-8 years old. my father offered her 5 Rs. but she was not satisfied and she keep coming back… we did the auto but to our surprise she was still following us, running…. when we reach the hotel which was about 3 kms away we found her standing outside… we were shocked … my father gave her 50 Rs and the driver scoldings….

  • Shashank_in2001

    when everything has been rolled up to business…as per even your heading sir – “humans”…faith does takes a roll-back… i do agree with u dat there is no point being a mediocre…so all didi’s (mamta, jaya. mayawati etc…) including bhaiyas ( akhilesh, rahul)..ya to legalize karo is dhande ko ya fir ukhaad hi daalo…”puja” ko “puja” hi rehne do…koi “naam” na do…!!

  • Himanshu K

    nice…. religion is indeed the opium of masses!

  • Laveena Behl

    seriously.. the agents of faith support hippocracy.. one way we consider the female gender as “devi maa” and on the other hand the same religion considers male to be superior sex in society and are given more importance? when same girls are treated devis, worshipped and served prasad in navratri…. why on other days dey are harassed, raped and even killed in womb? when God is eternal power, why he is needed to be pleased with huge dakshinas? seriously some questions, may be rebellious according to so called “bhagwa ke sevak”, but do have a logical sense.. excellent discussion sir 🙂

  • Mahima Nigam

    I like this post a lot and it made me delve a little deeper into my mind. Also, not just in India, this poor pooling of resources (here i’m talking about the donations and food wasted every year at the name of religion) all across the world happens. No one can really ask a religious organisation where they are putting in their money, because you see THE GOD IS WATCHING US (is what we apparently believe). In many other religions, a lot of money is wasted like this only, and will continue to be wasted. It’s not that i’m not religious or a non-believer in spirituality, but the things are way different for me. I know myself, and the god I worship also knows me. I don’t care about the rest.
    Yes, funny part is what I have seen, people feed the poor in front of temples, make donations while for signing big amounts.. why doesn’t any body think of helping without any reason involved. just like helping.

    Apart from this, in ancient Indian religious books, it has been mentioned, charity should be done is such a manner that even your left hand doesn’t know what are your right hand is giving. But, how the big,rich fat cats feed their ego than.??
    Religion in meant to bring peace, routine and discipline in life. Those Great indian saints in ancient history designed religions keeping these things in mind. I’m a believer in ME FIRST concept (of course without Harming anyone), my god will be happy when He sees me happy. Thank you.

  • Abhijeet

    you are right in the begining BUT u lost somewhere ….. i want to notify the thing that u told ki meditation ki CD 200 rs me kyun sell kar rhe ho ….. but the thing is that we never question when we spend lot of money in watching movie in multiplex , cricket … we are making player & actors billaniors and what they do from that money who do no social work .. but when some trust ( there may be some thaagi baba as we seen in recent time but not all ) wants to do samaj seva by earnig from those 200 rs CD that we questioned ………… as far as credibilty of Spiritual babas is concerned we are gifted with mind to judge what is Right / Wrong ……. SO NEXT TIME BE AWARE THAT THOSE 200 RS. CAN MAKE ANY POOR’S LIFE HAPPY ( as many organisation run bhandara , school , etc ) THAN THOSE 180 RS. WE SPENT IN MULTIPLEX TO JUST GRATIFY OUR SENSE …… hope u get it ……… dont take it otherwise … keep rocking aakash .. you are a showstopper

  • Faithful Believer

    The moment I read your ‘Tag Line’, All I could think about was Kalighat, yes in the land of Mamta Didi. Lo and behold !! you tackled the same issue in the same land. Pandas there are mean, cruel, rude, greedy and immense ‘pile ons’ who will not let you go untill you succumb to their services, want it or not. Pandas are the reason I dont visit Kalighat anymore (sorry Maa- but you are in my heart, I pray you there).

  • sandeep samal

    i’m so much impressed after reading your blog… but one thing i’d like to say that we’ve heard “man ek mandir”… do we carry any impious things when we go to a temple..?!!! no.. nah.. !!! another thing can we stay or live in a filthy place…?!!! no..!! so how can GOD be able to reside in us if we constantly go on putting filthy things like anger, greed, jealousy in our mind… okay if those things are internal/mental issues of a human mind, put it aside for a while, but how can we feed ourselves the filthy things like non-vegetarian stuffs, if we want GOD to live inside us… is this a solution to spirituality?, that you eat meat but stay close to GOD… no..!!! it can never be… so how can parents convince their children & themselves to take meat… so the real problem is lying within the family…, that how children are brought up an taught in their family… if they are taught good virtues in an earlier stage then only they’ld be able to find out what is right or wrong actually when they grow up… then another thing.. i’ve heard “yatra naryastu pujjyante, ramante tatra devata”…so if we don’t have the position for worshiping women as deities in our minds then how can GOD’ll be able dwell inside us and give us inner peace…?!!! so i’m quite confident saying that if the present day parents could be able to first change themselves by setting right examples and then their children’s mind, then only some good thing will come out… unless and until there’ll be conflicts within a family, then within a region then nation and then in the whole world… because the right vibration for a sound body will then be generated when we feed it with the right and purest kind of fuel… we need “this kind of FUEL” for change… if there’ll be the “GOD’s constitution of love” then no other regional/national constitutions are required any more… We don’t need democrats to rule us but we require the demigods inside us… GOD is nothing but our true and the purest nature… the more we ignore it the more we keep away ourselves from the enormous blessings of GOD…
    Finally thank you a lot for coming to our beloved KIIT UNIVERSITY for bolly vocabulary programme, and helping us to know the right kind of attitude in life…
    Hare Krishna… 🙂

  • Jaya Dixit

    And this is the reason, temples never faces RECESSION!!! 😀

  • lastseek

    Faith and belief is the ugliest things in this world.This is a tool to exploit.Do you have faith in sun,tress,water.Have u faith that food satisfy you.No you don’t have faith because you know.You don’t believe that earth rotates,but you know that earth rotate.The things you know there is no point to believe in them.We believe if we don’t know.Who the hell is God.He is dead.

  • lastseek

    This is law of nature if there is demand,there must be some source of supply.

  • lastseek

    If every thing has creator then who created God.God also must be created by someone.If GOD is not created by someone then possibility is that universe is also not created by someone.

    Who created Evil.If God didn’t created evil then who created evil.If God created evil then that means God is interested in evil.

    When the master disappear from earth religion should also disappear from earth.All the religions of world are doing same non-sense.Just in different language.In whole world so many people are killed just because of different religion.These good people has destroyed the whole world.If you want to look the effect of holy books.Don’t look in holy books.But look the people who are following that holy books I don’t see any difference.All the religions fight that they are best and rest is stupidity.All the religions believe that God created the world and also mankind. But if you are created by someone, you are only a puppet, you don’t have your own soul. And if you are created by somebody, he can uncreate you any moment. He neither asked you whether you wanted to be created, nor is he going to ask you: “Do you want to be uncreated?God is the greatest dictator, if you accept the fiction that he created the world and also created mankind. If God is a reality, then man is a slave, a puppet. All the strings are in his hands, even your life. He pulls the strings, you dance; he pulls the strings, you cry; he pulls the strings, you start murders, suicide, war. You are just a puppet and he is the puppeteer. Then there is no question of sin or virtue, no question of sinners and saints. Nothing is good and nothing is bad, because you are only a puppet. A puppet cannot be responsible for its actions. Responsibility belongs to someone who has the freedom to act.Either God can exist or freedom, both cannot exist together.No theologian, no founder of religions thought about this, that if you accept God as the creator, you are destroying the whole dignity of consciousness, of freedom, of love. You are taking all responsibility from man, and you are taking all his freedom away. You are reducing the whole of existence to just the whim of a strange fellow called God. Man is free, but free for what? If there is no God and man is free, that will simply mean man is now capable of doing anything, good or bad; there is nobody to judge him, nobody to forgive him. This freedom will be simply licentiousness..

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