So many of us are living two lives. One- on Internet and the other — ‘whatever remains from it’. There are people who spend a staggering 8-10 hrs online every day. That’s like – the whole of their productive day. Being online is fine. But how much of it is spent on social media? If it is more than an hour, there’s something wrong with you! This blog post is a humorous take on those hours you spent on FB, outraged and enraged over nothing, and 12 very simple ways of limiting social media time.

Between my 15-25 ; I used to have some 4/ 5 real good friends; who I used to spend so much ‘REAL’ time with. My energies used to get invested in impressing and having good times with those 4/5 people only. That left me with so much time to think about my real self and about my parents too. Today an average youth has to sound ‘COOL’ & ‘MACHO’ to a minimum of 300 friends in the virtual world. Kitnaa energy lagtaa hai naa ? Sachi mein …So — the per capita attention that they are able to give to each friend becomes in decimals. And still advertisers want us to believe the truth in —

‘Har aek friend Jarrori hota hai’ … 🙂  . Jaan le lo!

In the last 10+ years- Internet is the most wonderful thing that people have harnessed and tried to benefit from. Trust me — it is ROCKING. I reserve travel / hotel tickets online in minutes. Organizations have changed the way they advertise. A tweet from the CEO of COKE Intl’ – “Five years ago, social media was 3% of our total media spend. Today it is more than 20% & growing”. Companies are realizing that they better meet their customer where it exists most of the time i.e. online; rather than spending money on —‘where the customer hardly exists e.g. newspaper advts, hoardings etc’.

Online world is available 24*7. It makes the weakest of the guys feel ‘innately powerful’ ; as he can do anything there, express himself freely. For those who have understood this trick — ‘Business has become simpler to do’. 99% of my business as a Motivational Speaker comes from my website & Social Media. Internet / Facebook have amplified my reach to the youth. You are reading this post because of internet; else you might have had to travel to an auditorium in your city to listen to me/ anyone.

But unfortunately all these pluses bring with them some ‘Vish Kanyaa’ type side effects for the users especially the youth.

Pataa nahin chaltaa ; lekin jaise hi din hai dhaltaa- jeevan ka purpose -internet mein hai badaltaa aur hardly koi hai jo hai-‘sambhaltaa’.

The quantum of time that we spend on FB- if we were to do even :- ‘25% of that with our parents poking them with our love — ‘Gazab ho jaayegaa’. And the amount of time many of us are spending scrolling on Instagram pictures, makes me want to scream – it won’t make you a photographer! But keeping the phone down, going outside and taking a picture might actually help. If we try to reduce our online time, and put even 1/3rd of our FB passion in trying to reach God — trust me — ‘Shankar bhagwaan khud aake Friend request bhejenge’.

I feel pity at reading some of the FB statues of people.

  • A girl had uploaded a pic of ‘Pakoras’ that she had cooked and 5 boys in her friend list wrote comments as if they are seeing the pictures of ‘not Pakoras’ ; but something else!
  • A friend of mine on FB updated — ‘Life sucks’ … 11 friends had liked it. They forgot —‘He is speaking about Life’.
  • My new hair cut, My new Bike (Bua’s gift), My i-Phone, my new Dress , My Puppy (She barks in English)- Khuch bhi update daal dete hain.
  • Some put philosophical updates —‘Life gives us two option — something , something…’ . I am sure — such people are either in the middle of their exams or just do not implement in their lives- ‘what they wrote’. Such statuses attract fewer likes and seeing that — they themselves go ahead and LIKE it after a few hours. How CHEAP!! Haaawww Ji !
  • Never could understand – uploading a highly edited picture of yours with a quote that has nothing to do with you / your life! Bhai / behen – kehna kya chahte ho !!
  • Lastly- the ultimate one : ‘FRIENDS , I AM DELETING MY ACCOUNT …………. BYE FOREVER TC’ . (Shaheed Bhagat Singh waali feeling aayi naa ? )

FB has come to become that ‘Report Card’ of our school days where gets done a splendid display of ‘whatever good we do’. If we do not do good- ‘we end up displaying-  ‘How cool we are’. Sab khuch wahaan pe:-

  • ‘Neend nahin Aa Rahi’
  • Ladkiyon ka khaas — “ I aM vErY hApPy tOdAy!!..” (Kya hai yeh jumbled paheli??
  • Another thing which is very prominent from our great ‘North India side’- a photo album with cover pics of ‘mehngi waali angreji’ whiskey bottles kept there in line. All drunk guys posing in front of them and then expecting – girls will like it and write AWWWWW!!!
  •   A just married lady posted a pic ‘Me and my Hubby’ on a beach in Mauritius. She is wearing a 3 piece bikini but is also wearing a Chudda, Sindhoor and Mangalsutra along with the 3 piece bikini. Hubby is in his ‘Dixcy Scott (Emergency window waala underwear)’. And relatives commenting —“ Bless ya”..
  • And Yes ! when the college trip went to Goa — Sandeep, Nishant, Mayur ,Maddy, Nilaya, Pandit and Aashish post a pic in their underwears ; trying to look cool and stylish as if they are posing for the ‘Male edition of Kingfisher Calendar for 2012’. Friends commenting — “Mast Pic Bhai !! “. Girls commenting —“MaCho!!”

Why? Why are you wasting so so much of your precious energy? Instead of living your life stupidly online, how about either limiting social media time (if you are using it like an idiot) or using your online time so well that you become a Social Media Celebrity! 

Kitnaa energy lagaate hai naa hum FB pe. By God !! Qatal, Zehar type energy. Every comment needs to be answered. If someone praises us- we have to LIKE that comment. We so much try to be funny there to sound ‘YO ! BABY’ type of a man. Aur agar koi galat likh jaaye hamaare baarey mein- ‘uski to ….(whatever)’. Hum uski deewar mein jaake gandagi machayengay.

limiting social media time facebook

Isn’t all of this so superficial for the only and beautiful life that we have. Isn’t your MIND the worst thing that you can squander on your FB friend list? So much effort we put in to ‘be perceived in a ‘hero/ heroine’ way on FB. Trust me — it is a WASTE. We are not here to be ‘LIKED’ by maximum people. We’ll be so boring then – Buddy ! It will be so useless spending your years – so much on the basis of ‘praise’ & ‘criticism’ of people around you. You will begin to get a lot of attention in life only when you stop to desperately seek it. The surest way to be unhappy is to LINK life with Internet happiness. Don’t end up being average. Being extraordinary takes extra-ordinary efforts. And being online 24*7 is the most ordinary thing you can do with your time, if you are not learning anything out of it.

Read: How to Eliminate Mediocrity from Your Life

The genesis of this internet addiction is our failure to engage our mind with ‘What it should do’. Our mind picks up the ‘EASY’. At our homes; we see lesser love between parents, busyness of parents, siblings too busy themselves in their own lives: All of it leaving us with no option but to get acceptance in the virtual world. This world is open 24*7 and this world makes us feel powerful; as it allows us an easy expression of our views / feelings. The ‘LIKES’ pamper our egos and this gradually becomes a habit.

Here’s a TEDx Talk where Dr. Carl Newport asks people to Quit Social Media

Usually FB / Internet get us into the habit of ‘we giving our BEST to the world’. This over a longer run leads your mind into a ‘indescribable exhaustion mode’. You will feel useless ; over a period of time.

We end up carrying in our minds- the negative energies of so many people on internet . Their issues, their uselessness, their oddities, their comments on us etc. “Woh ladki mere baare me kya soch rahi hogi??” / “ Usne mera Update LIKE kiya; Kya iska matlab yeh hai ki who mujhe LIKE karti hai??” . We have become a bigger social worker than Mother Teresa because we think more about our friends than we think about our own lives.

This blog post isn’t all sarcasm though. Here are some really simple ways of limiting social media time and doing something productive with your life:

1)  Keep 6/7 days in a month; when you will just not touch Internet. I promise — it will just not lead to constipation or piles. Personally Experienced!

I often try the internet detox. And I enjoy those times thoroughly. Lot of reading, hearty conversations, supreme focus on fitness, quality time with family and friends and much more!

2) Do utility internet. E.g. — do not update your status unnecessarily. First make one. Before posting a status — ask yourself- ‘How much useless emotion is a part of the words/ pic I am posting’.

3) Be more worried about —‘what is happening to your Life’s picture’ than your ‘Display Picture’.

4) Use internet in slots e.g. three / four slots of 30 mins each spread across the 24 hrs (This is what I do). I have to do this much — because this world is my office.

5) Reduce to minimum- the ‘swaad / chaskaa’ part from your FB/ Interneting.

6) You do not have to immediately see the WhatsApp / Facebook message / tweet beep on your mobile phone — within seconds of its buzzing. It is not the itch of the fungal infection in your groin — that requires an emergent scratch.

7) Stop making a desperate attempt to ‘Impress people’; when on Internet. You’ll see that when you stop doing this — ‘MAGIC’ will begin to happen in your life. Personally experienced!

So much of ‘onlining’ depletes the genuine energy of our soul/ spirit. Rejuvenate it by :-

8) Having an outdoor hobby. It will ‘FIT’ you up. It will balance you up. Spend a minimum of 24 days in a month in spending a minimum of one hour daily on that ‘outdoor’ hobby.

9) Jabardasti spending quality offline time with your real life friends. But then do not go and update about that on FB (e.g. Me, Chadha & Romeo at CCD )

10) Having a good ‘Reading Habit’. Read at least 3- 4 books every month. Par jyaada photo waali kitaab nahin (You know what I mean 🙂 )

11) Try, just try this – Removing all social media apps from your phone. Many argue – it’s not the solution. But it works like a charm, trust me. If you want to de-addict, you have to take such drastic measures. App hi hai, tumhari kidney nahi, jisey chhodne ke liye itna sochna pade! 

12) Having a GOAL in your life; which you can die for. Once this happens — everything else will fall in place- be it discipline or FB or people issues. When you are making ‘smart progress’ in your life – the best people will automatically happen to you.  Personally Experienced!

And if you are looking for some really serious but wonderful tips to fight this addiction, you need to read this: 10 Ways to Spend Less Time on Social Media and More Time with Humans

All this just for limiting social media time might look difficult to do; in the beginning. But trust me- if you do a ‘jabardasti waala Focus’ for a few weeks only — you shall surmount your addictions of the virtual world. JUST DO IT ! You just CANNOT be doing ORDINARY stuff and be expecting Extra-Ordinary Results . Add some DARE + MADness to your Life & see the Change.

If it is 1) Not on the road of your Goal or 2) is not making you a good human – ‘IT IS NOT WORTH IT‘.  Get a firmer hold of the LOGIC and stop expecting MAGIC.

Your mobile / Laptop ; I agree is an educated instrument and offers you everything cool- FB/ Twitter/ Youtube etc etc… Your life too ; like your mobile is offering you so much- A chance to be ‘the best that you can be’. Choice is yours —‘You wish to pick up your mobile or your Life’.

Everyone else is on his/ her mobile / laptop. You can make a statement by being ‘with your own LIFE!

I have been writing for the past 6 years. Hope some of the blogposts will help you combat your addictions.

I know you are reading this through Facebook too. In my defense, if you are looking for an alcoholic, you have to go to the bar! 🙂 . Don’t let this analogy become the harsh truth of your life. There is still time.

Rise & Shine!

Akash Gautam 


About Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

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  • Himadri

    thank u so much sir…this is very very helpful post..& thanks for opening my eye…


    Hope this BLOG will make us understand that our REAL LIFE status is moch more Important than FACEBOOK status.


    Hope this BLOG will make us understand that our REAL LIFE status is moch more Important than FACEBOOK status.

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      Deepika : What u have asked for is a very pertinent question…

      It is for one to experience that ‘If you really wish to impress someone – Just do not put an extra effort to impress him / her’…. This is all what it takes to make a big impact…

      Cultivate a quiet kind of a confidence…

      Dont u see around that people who do not try and seek desperate attention ; usu end up getting the most attention

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    sir,i passed my 12th from bio ,dropped a year for medical entrance exam ,i didnt qualify i then did BBA den dropped for mba entrance exams since i didnt get gud percentile in my 1st attempt… parents keep telling me” i m gud fr nthngg n wasted their hard earned money wen i m nt capable ,” they think i m gud fr nthng bcoz i dont attend religious gatherings n pravachan……i spend most of time online bcoz i get to learn new things,read gud stuff,talk to my frnds…..i need ur opinion,how can i impove msyelf….wht shd i do? i love my parents a lot they r my life….i can do anything for dem n deir happiness..

  • Pradattgautam

    wah.. sir maja aa gaya readke ,,,
    mane apke sare blog read liye hain

  • Vipulm124

    though i m not addicted to FB……………..but certainly i m impressed wth d FORCE in ur words…………

  • i realized the wrong in my lifestyle……….thanx a lot sir………really grateful to you….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaya

    awesome blog specially a lesson to those people who are updating status which carry no meaning

  • Ankit bishnoi


  • Premkishor007

    after reading ur blog, one thing i m gonna do for sure that reading 3-4 books per month & not spending too much time on fb..thanx

  • shruti

    Amazing Akash……… u made us relies WHT STUPIDITY WE DO ON fb……..

  • amit

    IN sab ne comment to bhut achey kiye “mager kya aap ki baat mani akash goutam sir”………………?

  • True words!!! really, your every sentence is stuck to my mind. Hopefully, I am already trying to decrease my FB addiction. 🙂

  • jeet sandhu

    i fb as a business contact those people..whom are not possible to be contacted..on phone..or in another words..u do not want to spend bucks on phone manage them as friends… thing is sure…now-a-days..that..2 dimensional life is really hurting..the values…the time. we spend..offline..or face to face is get counted…here when..we are not even sure..that..the person talking to really talking truth..or just..experimenting. with emotions….so..i really like to enjoy my real life….coz..ur time will be counted by those ..with whom ur spending it..

  • AFTAB SAMA (fb-Aftab Sama)

    no comments…m speechless… Main tumhe kuch dena chahta hun …aey le… grand salute…

  • Kopal agarwal

    sir ur words are very powerful……….n will create miracles 4 those…………who hv understood ur intention 2 write dis article……… those who r unable cud harly make a difference……….

  • Cute Me1857

    really helpful…n osumly written

  • brilliantly articulated sir and all this are so true with humor in it that it never makes us feel low while going through your posts….

  • Roopam kelley

    i somehow felt the same for fb and u put it in words..!
    n second this aim thing is still not clear in my that s the only part undigested as yet..
    thank you
    and i am a girl who does not use awwwww and the worst of all muah at all..

  • Chhavi

    Akash Sir,
    I know I am quite late in writing a comment.. and I wont be surprised if this goes unread.
    But I felt like dropping in a few words!!



    sabse pehle to thodi taarif, so that I get the attention <>

    The flow of the post was very nicely set and it delivered,at apt intervals, exactly what was required!
    Be it grabbing the attention of the teenagers by talking to them in their language, or be it flooding the lines with real-time examples! And then, when you had successfully arrested your readers, you provided THE-GYAAN!

    Frankly telling, even I keep on saying similar things to my friends, that C’mmon ppl!! There is a life beyond this world too!

    “Clicking a picture” is no more done with an intention to preserve the sweet memories for the future times when we’ll become mummy’s or papa’s!
    >> :p Waise! with the pictures that people click nowadays. ..they cant even imagine their children having a look at them, in the future! Lest the children should be allowed to do similar things! <> multiple puns intended :p <<

  • Chhavi

    Perhaps the hyper text protocols garbled up a para! just coz I used the signs!
    Here is the sensible version of that para!

    (waise, sir …i feel,people have lost the patience to read the stuff that is written in correctly spelled words, that follows the correct protocols of a language and that is without unnecessary capitalized alphabets! perhaps the very sight of it makes it look BORING to them!)

    PS: Ignore the ” ” at the end of the previous post! :p
    PPS: this is just for those who could manage to take out time to read my previous post!

  • Chhavi


  • Arch

    I’m not on fb.And no….I’m not a Martian 😀

  • deepali dixit

    its an awsome blog…

  • i m speechless.. the ultimate story!

  • Sumitjha89

    i really agree with you.
    it was a nice reading.

  • Mauli

    very true sir…the fact which worries me the most is how do people get so much of time?? I mean at times I feel that I’ve been cheated and given only 24 hours a day to do so much of work!! How do they get time to update every insignificant thing they do when there is a lot more to do than just telling the whole world that u played farm ville..

  • dhriti

    fabulous stuff sir ! Have been your fan since I attended the jab we cat session in Ranchi.

    P.S. But haven’t AWWWED till date… ! not even once !

  • Gautam Sharma

    Wooaahh…. I liked it..Akash sir is a master of his art…..

    I wnna have an academy of my own sir 1 day…

    Gautam Sharma

  • Pavneet Singh

    That is absolutely correct I mean one of my friend’s grandfather got expired and just after 2 days he posted it on FB and he is getting 15 likes and 10 awwwwww matlab kuch time baad if there would b saas bahu wrestling in family doo nahi hai wo din jab vo sab bhi post hongey with videos

  • Rahulbajaj

    really nice

  • Jhony Deep89

    Really a great article sir,Inspired till yesterday I haven’t update anything.

  • Nikita G

    i myself was a fb addict but then with time I got bored of it and now i dnt like fb much. May be 5 or 6 days a month i go to fb. So I feel at some point of time the ‘ fb addicts’ will get fed up of their ‘show-off’. The sad thing is for many teens fb is their internet, i doubt they use internet for purpose other than fb..

  • shweta

    Thanks allot!!! it include all the things that i want to tell my friends…….

  • sandesh

    thankyou sir for such a life changing advices……….

  • Surbhi

    teenagers ko samjhaana is not an easy task…
    but u do n did it so well…:)
    *respect* 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Surbhi!

      glad I could connect 🙂

  • Vaishali Agarwal

    wonderful article sir…

    • AkashGautam

      Thanks Vaishali !!

  • Ved

    It’s 7.18 in the morning. I went for a walk immediately after reading this. I am actually commenting after coming back from the walk. Thanks 🙂

  • diwas

    too gud… it worth reading

  • Really appreciative….This make me crossed. thanks

  • alisha arora

    awsome article akash sir ………… i hv become a fan of urs ……

  • Rohan J

    Dejavu feel, I got off social media sites 2 yrs back and believe me you really get a long time every day to reflect on your life , do activities which you wont otherwise, living for real people, dosti ke fundey badlenge, for better, koi compulsion nahi, raat raat time waste nahi hota, not taking faaltu tensions, jaldi sojao aur refreshed utho, aur haan hero banna hai to filmon me jao, stop living that hollow life. Still use the internet for various needs & research which never drains me. Hero ya Zero, Life still moves on.Thank you for your wonderful post Sir.

  • The request in d end, to share the post… Didnt it make the post sound a lot ironic :/
    I quite often see ur pics and statuses on fb, sir! Irony!

    • AkashGautam

      Hi Vinnie !

      Ironical as it seems, I’m talking about ‘not getting addicted’ and using internet for ‘constructive use’ .. Maybe I couldn’t explain myself very clearly.

      As for the irony of my pictures and statuses being visible on fb, I can’t help it really 🙂 … I still abide by what I have written above. One can’t really make everyone happy. Irony!

      Surely, you are not the addicted one. Else, you wouldn’t have found so much irony in this post. I’m glad 🙂

      Best Wishes


  • Sonam


  • totally true sir….
    sir i attended only one seminar of u….
    please let me know if u come gwalior or delhi …
    please sir….

  • Aasim Abbasi

    grrr8 work sir… it seems like this blog is specifically for me… u knw wot sir I have jot down aol d suggestion of urs (bade bade achcharon me) nd paste it in my bedroom (it hurts me qk bechari babes peeche chup gayi hai)…bt it rly works sir… the best part is “Hv a goal in dat u can die for…” !!!…keep sharing ur grrrr8 veiws… u r actuly making a new world…

  • Amit

    Akash if you think over it you would realise your fan-list is full of such BOYS/GIRLS who belong to one of categories you have described/complained in your blog.

    Ask them to unlike or delete comments(as they don’t mean it) they have done on your person or non-social work like ….”is now a fan of the movie – ‘Fukrey’! ”

    If it’s Fukrey for you… it can be somebody’s pakora, hair-style, bua’s gift bike and so on…

    If people go by your formula, anything else won’t be left there other than AAKASHVANIES, SOCIAL-WORK and etc etc…

    I guess your blog is specific; otherwise advises are nice and welcomed.

  • Aman

    Sir…Where can i find more videos of Bolly-cabulary?..I find them really very helpful

  • Priyanka

    Just 1 Thing …Why There Is So Much Debate On Girls “Aww” ….Jahaan Dekho Chayaa Hua H…:P

  • Nikita

    its an amazing article sir. Its so relevant in today’s times as you see internet addicts everywhere.

  • Akash

    Dear Akash sir,
    It was a very good blog post as it is the burning issue in the recent times. People specially youth today is wasting a lot of time for maintaining its online virtual image. People today are more interested in creeping into the life of others. Although it may be a good source for being social in today`s fast track life but excessive use is very dangerous. It is a wastage of time..
    Thank you for enlightening us.
    Looking forward for more motivational Posts…

  • navjot singh

    interesting and humurous article aakash sir…

  • Yatindra Srivastava

    Thanks…m in the right place at the right time…
    I m 24 have a job daily exercise 1 hour give some time to frnds too…but still i feel to cut down internet…Thnks a lot… 🙂

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