Ironically —we in India are more worried about the mileage of our cars than our own Productivity / Efficiency. While we ask anyone with a new vehicle ‘Kitna Deti Hai’, we seldom stop to wonder what’s happening to our own mileage. This blog post is just an attempt to help you boost your productivity. After all – if someone were to video record your day- would you feel PROUD seeing the recording?  If your typical days signify a ‘sense of permanent urgency’ & ‘endless distractions’- Read on …

‘Life is just not an EMERGENCY’; but we live it like that.

We have created so many distractions & still want ourselves & our kids to be focused. Instead of ‘FOCUS’; a smarter thing to do would be to train ourselves around ‘EFFICIENCY’ & ‘ENERGY’. This blog post treats this subject.

Last month I upgraded my mobile set. Didn’t understand the functioning much; as the new mobile was over-literate for my brain.  Asked my tech savvy friend who had issues in his career & his life…He said: ‘Akash, it is not what your mobile can do for you: it is what you can do with it. ‘I told him:-‘It is not what your life does to you but what you do with it’. Keeping SMART PHONES & not using them 100% is analogous to not utilizing the 100% of your life and exhausting it away in trivialities. Do not compromise. You’re ‘ALL’ that you’ve got.

Was looking back @ my last 17 yrs as a Motivational Speaker & understanding: ‘Clarity & not Duality’ has genuinely helped me. Guess – this is the code. Either ‘LEAVE it !’ or be the ‘BEST in it’. It is just like-“You have a girlfriend or you don’t have..Beech ka kuchh nahi (sort of- friend, crush, munh boli behen,etc.).  Being MEDIOCRE is being ‘NOwhere’ (You end up making more and more sisters). When you decide to live like a ‘Rockstar’ every damn minute of the day – you’ll see destiny ‘getting you accepted’; like that. (Here’s how you can Eliminate Mediocrity from your Life)

‘Clarity’ & ‘Fearlessness’ are like two super duper ‘mindsets’; if one could work hard to possess them. One feels like a king with them. When you try to live your life 100% i.e. with full positive momentum – the ‘Useless stuff’ just gets washed out. Focus remains.

I am going to next SHARE with you my biggest learning in Life. You have a choice- EITHER to accept it fully OR to waste a few decades (like me) and then learn and implement. The biggest secret of productivity / efficiency is:-

Keep DISCIPLINE fixed and revolve the rest of your LIFE around it’. Not the other way round — ‘where you WISH discipline; as you live your normal Life.

e.g. If you have decided that ‘you are to wake up at 5 in the morning, have a quick bath and then begin your day — THEN PROTECT THIS DECISION OF YOURS AT ANY COST. Weave your everything else around this / such decisions. Khuch bhee ho jaaye…

boost productivity get more done
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e.g. If you have decided that you will spend 30 mins daily pursuing your favorite hobby (By hobby, I don’t mean Engineers Waali) — then — ‘Ye karnaa hai ; chahe Khuch bhee ho jaaye…’ . Baaki sab iskey aas paas.

My work gets me to be at India’s Top Boardrooms / Colleges / School Campuses and I see 90% of the youth there –  Time passing / day dreaming / remaining obsessed with sex / struggling with ‘People issues’. This is because: –

‘There is DISCIPLINE missing in Life’.  Remain disciplined to your routines / Goals and trust me – there will be no ‘Time’ remaining to pass.

(If you / someone you know is struggling with this obsession with sex, you might want to read Vicky Loner. Trust me, it will give you many a answer)

One reason why we remain ‘MEDIOCRE’ :-  We always let our ‘Will Power’ get ruled over by the ‘SWAAD / CHASKA’ aspects of our life. e.g. Would it matter after a few years -‘Who won in the match between Mumbai Indians & Royal Challengers Bangalore’? or your FB Status or ‘People issues’ or your hairstyle which you feel so much worried about. ,or the fact that “Har ek friend zaruri hota hai” 
Reduce the ‘SWAD / CHASKA’ & see yourself ‘Rising & Shining…’. DISCIPLINE ….Yes !!! That’s it !

Ten Utility ways to boost your productivity and get super mileage out of your life:  

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I Strongly believe in ‘starts’, ‘starts of the days’.  ‘Morning’ = ‘More + Inning’. It is the chance that God gives us to play more out of an inning everyday.

I generate hazaar  killer confidence with a ‘great start’ to my day. It helps me remain in ‘MAUJ’, the whole day then. Vijay Maalya while addressing students @ an IIM said:-‘Don’t spend much time in the bed, as only prostitutes’ make money out there’. Mornings should be to celebrate silence, celebrate the nature’s prodigality. Just try it once and see the impact it has on your energy levels and productivity for the rest of the day. Quite unlike my neighbor -who celebrates his mornings with loud FM / Bollywood songs. Here’s how you can Wake up Early in the Morning

People who talk a lot early in the morning; create an energy imbalance early in the day. This imbalance lasts then the whole day. 15 mins of Exercise in the morning is much much more effective than 15 hours of ‘Gossip’ that one does in a day.

2. Finishing your To-Dos

Wind up the toughest ‘TO Dos’ early on is a great way to boost your productivity for the rest of the day. Winding up the toughest ‘to do jobs’ early gives me the confidence to do the rest ‘easily’. Keeping the ‘tough- To Dos’ towards the end of the day, keeps me tense about them the whole day. This method has reduced my stress immensely…”An advice- Biwi se sasuraal ke saare issues subah hi discuss kar lene chahiye.” 🙂

How can your day be an ‘AWESOME’ one – if you have not imagined it already to be like that. Visualize WOW! Days and trust me you’ll achieve them.

finish to-dos-boost productivity
(Image courtesy: The Muse)

3. Eat Well

It is SO MUCH about —‘What you EAT’ :- Any small tablet which we take when we fall ill – does so much inside our body – that we get cured. So imagine what bad food would be doing ??? We just EAT & keep on Eating ; as if there is an invisible Rakshash (ghostly demon) sitting inside our stomachs and seeking his quota of food & pleasure. Do simple 4 things (considering that these are v much doable by anyone):-

  1. Eat less — this is the secret.
  2. Do not eat after 8pm
  3. Drink lots of Water
  4. Jabardasti add Fruits & Green vegetables to your diet. An apple costs much less than your educated Burger.

4. A Positive Attitude

One very important way to achieve anything is to imagine what your life would be like when you have achieved it. Same with wanting to boost your productivity!

How many times in a day do you get this feeling – ‘ Wow! I am improving my Efficiency!’ ?  Saying such positively affirmative words to your own self some 4-5 times in a day will permanently set this ‘efficiency chip in your mind’. This can happen when you focus on the ‘intelligent FEW’ rather than the ‘Boring MANY’ aspects of your own.

5. Address your Core Needs

A closer look at the youth around makes me understand why we are ‘Aiwayein Khajal’ (i.e. Feel useless) ? :-
We take too little responsibility for addressing our ‘CORE’ needs- We dissipate too much energy in Blame, Complaint & Finger pointing. SO much busy we are in getting things done that we forget to pause & ask ourselves:– ‘Is this really what I want’- ‘Am I putting my Time & Energy at the right place’ ..

Woh kaam hee kyun karne ; jinko karne kee zaroorat nahin hai. People are just too caught in ‘imaginary troubles’ than the ‘real troubles’… Hota nahin hai – phir bhi aiwayein banaya hota hai 🙂  

6. Impress the Right People

We are too much caught in impressing people around by trying to look / sound ‘COOL’. This results in us being permanently caught in the web of ‘people issues’. This is your YOUTH. To whom do you grant the power to tell you what to do with a chunk of your YOUTH ? Don’t give this power to people around. Mind is a terrible thing to waste to people around. Especially the people — who wouldn’t even matter after a few years.

Oops! I see people irreparably getting into the habit of ‘finding a problem with/ commenting about / discussing uselessly’ anyone who is ‘NOT LIKE THEM’.

7. Save your Energy

‘The law of Conservation of energy’ & smart decisions about ‘Where to put that energy’ are the two most intelligent decisions you can make – if u r to get better…The biggest ‘IRONY’ with us is that ‘WE KNOW what will give us pain’; & we still ‘DO IT’…!!

Zindagi mein kaam aur Zindagi kay ‘mudday (issues)’ kabhi khatam nahi hotay. ‘State of mind’ sudharna apne haath mein hai.

If you still fight with ‘customer care’ departments of your mobile number- you need to seriously keep care of yourself. Kyun ? Kyaa hogaa ? Koi faaydaa nahin …Leave it ! We save our money @ smallest of places and burn our blood while doing that. Interestingly we loose more while doing that. Don’t save like this: ‘Penny wise ; Pound foolish’

8. Be less Excited

Almost everything; trust me EVERY-thing around us is feeding our mind into the ‘HABIT’ of feeling the ‘EXCITEMENT’ every hour of the day. Media, Cricket, F1, Movies, Opposite sex, Facebook, College Fests, etc.. I feel worried!! as withdrawal symptoms of all this will be tough ! EXCITEMENT is very different from HAPPINESS. Happiness is all that you get when you are en-route your Goals. Rest everything is EXCITEMENT.

Without the ‘Celebration in the mind’, ‘celebrations outside’ will be vacuous, tangential & too short-lived. Work on being Happy; than just sheer ‘Excited’.

9. Un-Social Media

Limit your internet to max half-an-hour day. ‘Don’t update your FB status unnecessarily. First, make one. It is always better to UP-GRADE your Real-life Status than UP-date your FB one. If you start spending 50% of your internet time; ‘talking sincerely, lovingly & deeply’ with your parents / family – DIVINITY will start flowing in your life. We need emotions around to balance our web lives.

10. Talk less

Take out from your life — the useless talk that we have got into the habit of ‘so much doing’. The secret code of Communication: – ‘Talk about others more than talking about your own self’. Trust me — no one is interested in your stories. Only bore people ‘talk about themselves’. Do not take ‘what people comment about you’; very seriously. One Life — trust me — it wouldn’t matter. Laugh it off — instead of reacting. Our five senses are incomplete without the sixth – a sense of HUMOR.:). Our productivities / efficiencies will much increase if we learn ‘how to avoid unnecessary CONTROVERSIES’.

Today, make a list of 5 things- which dissipate / diffuse / waste / lessen your energies. Now make a list of 5 things which you know boost your productivity. The trick is simple. Do more of latter and reduce the former. Whenever the traffic of the ‘details of LIFE & LIVING’ becomes very heavy – ‘CREATE Flyovers ‘…. & Wrooooom !!

Rise & Shine.

Akash Gautam


About Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer in India. Hundreds of Top Corporates like Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, McKinsey & Co., Maruti, HDFC, RIL, M&M & premier colleges like IIMs, IITs, SRCC etc go to him whenever they need a refreshing, big bang impact. Write to usWrite to us to know how he can transform your Team.

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    sir it’s awesome !!!!! 🙂
    really inspiring and motivating 🙂
    thanx a lot..will surely implement it in my life 🙂

  • “TU EKDUM CORRECT BAAT BOL DETI HAI JANEMAN”……this was the first thing that came into my mind,however didn’t completely applicable to you…if you know what i mean !

    But seriously bro….You are just too good at your profession.I eagerly wait for your posts…iss baar thoda late ho gya…and thanks for making the difference,at least for me !

  • Avni Agrawal

    Whenever i feel down…i just read your blog or posts…they are really inspiring…thnx 4 the motivation sir 🙂

  • Divyajagdeep

    hey aks nice to read your blog specially when it is coming from you but i feel it is not crisp

  • Sumanbajaj Sxc

    Very much amazing 🙂 ure blogs always give us a lot to RISE and SHINE sir 🙂

  • Leinus48

    truly inspiring. I will make a serious decision on dos and donts in my life now. I will wake up early in the morning. I’ll spend very less time with internet. I will try to interact with people more. I will change. This is the instinctive thoughts which came across my mind when I read this post.

    I am sure I’ll do this. I will try to make my life better at least better than yesterday…

  • Freecannon11

    thanks a lot sir

  • Shahnawaz Akhtar07

    Its a very Inspirational post……….Hope I do It

    • Anonymous

      You are bound by your own initiative to be or not to be who u want to be !

      m sure u will do it 🙂

      Rise & Shine !

  • Mohakpachisia

    our choices make us what we are,”clarity not dualit” wali baat ekdum kattal thi sir.a certain turn of events in my life has got me to my lower olws.these things charge me comes from inside me also but reading it again reminds us of things we tend to iwill struggle through till i bleed..

  • Anonymous

    Last time in my post i referred u as hello Akash, but this time…

    Hello Akash Sir.

    I have read so many motivational books, articles, blogs but this one was the most practical blog I have ever read so congratulations for that.

    After reading this i would like to discuss something personal with you, may be you can help. most of us know very well the importance of discipline in our life, leave about others at least i know that discipline is the key to success in life and i also know that wht is wrong or wht is right. unfortunately unlike u i fail to implement it in my life resulting deep guilt feeling inside. even sometimes i start to hate ma self for not been able to be abstinent. And now this thing has become so serious that i have started believing that i m a loser. I dont know if i m saying it right but i hope u understand wht i mean. I m kind of running away from my self because my true being know wht shud i do which i always fail to do.

    I loved the question u asked in article that “If someone were to video record your day- would you feel PROUD seeing the recording?” and frankly speaking i wud hate watching that video. I know u r not a personal consultant but i’ll be glad if u can suggest some thing helpful in this regard.


  • Sachinkubawat

    very well written… i m going to be more disciplined in life. thnx

  • Ayushi Jain

    sir 1 thing i ‘ve 2 share vd u , u r nor just motivate us u also gives a direction 2 move on in a right track … Rise n move on ….. tankew soo very much 🙂

  • Agarwal Anuradha4

    really amazing …..must read 4 all…….and will try 2 implement it….

  • Somaideepak

    Awesome sir……

  • pragya sharma

    really amazing …wow..m reading it again nd again……nd trying to impliment all this in my lyf…
    THANK U SIR!!!

  • Tulsi prasad mahato

    sir this is tulsi prasad mahato from delhi,sir i have participated ur lecture or we can say that ur motivational lecture where we learn how to relate the words the movie or songs to learn the vocabulary .i have participated in ranchi through career launcher events, sir i m suffering from the inferiority complex and i m not able explore capabilities ……………….sir please help me …………………..

  • Ashish k pandey

    thanx a lot sir… ur blogs are really inspiring ones…

  • sir i read all your above inspirational talks as it inspires me too much. i personally conduct your seminar in amritsar at guru nanak audiotorium . your way of creativity or thinking is different as diamond in ornaments .but one thing i would like to reccomend to all not only read your inspirational talk even apply them in life kyunki sochta hai sochta reh jata hain.

  • manish pasayat

    Akash i recently was the priviledged audience of your motivation class in orissa(cuttack). i thank you very much for the ray of light you showed us.i would like to put forward a problem of mine that though i have a huge dream in life but still i don’t gain energy of doing the things that i require, even though i fuel it by learning from books,movies,blogs like yours. is it because i am overweight and live in an environment full of crabs who only know to pull leg or something else?

  • ankur

    Hi Akash Sir….
    your observations really changed many youth life…..we need you at avery step of life…..

    U R Rockstar……….!!!!!



  • Abhi Mhta12

    Keep DISCIPLINE fixed and revolve the rest of your LIFE around it’. Not the other way round – ‘where you WISH discipline; as you live your normal Life.
    Indeed sir,Very well written…….helped me a lot :))

  • Sohit Bhatia will be very nice of you..if u update it a regular intervals please….i m loving it..:)
    I just joined it 2 days ago and i have read everything on it..and also start following it to some extent..u r really a generous person..working for students like of cost…

  • PranAy Agrawal

    We wish to see Akash Gautam App in the android market.. 😉

  • Surbhi

    wow…that was soo good…:)
    Sir! you rock…

  • Arjun

    Hats off man u r hell of a writer..
    every single word is meaningful

  • Kumar


  • Vivek Raj Goyal

    Wow..”Reduce the swad & chaska…….” 🙌❤️

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