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I have always been an ardent fan of the word ‘courage’. There is something about being brave that makes you feel ‘wow’. Doesn’t it? A confession:- I  am a fallible human first & then a motivational speaker. I go on stage every now and then talking of courage to an auditorium full of people. But honestly, I have my own mind-issues about me not feeling courageous at a lot of other places and aspects in my life!. But then – this isn’t my story. This blog is about some exceptional real life stories of courage; courage of all kinds. And what are those kinds, one may ask! I think courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Read More

Every time I log on to Facebook or Instagram, I am a little saddened by the large amount of insecurities at display. One of the issues that a lot of young people grapple with, and I have been frequently asked about is – body image issues. Body shaming has become a commonly accepted norm these days – and there is no dearth of both – the guilty and the victim. Too many people struggle with overcoming body image issues- height, complexion, nose, hair, proportion, voice and many else. As a motivational speaker, I write this an attempt to steal the thunder from vanity in the name of body shaming because of genetics and bring some real clarity on the real things that really matter.

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Recently my newsfeed on Twitter, FB and other places suddenly is full of Modis, Rahuls & Kejris. And it is kind of becoming quite boring. Sick and even obnoxious too at times.

The shocker is that a Punjabi guy who himself is not able to govern even basics elements of his own life has a huge opinion about Governments in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, India and even USA. And that does not stop here. He then vehemently defends his favorite leader everywhere. Fights around to prove that what he thinks is right. Clear cut problem of erroneous priority settings and hyper-drugged mind about his idol (political party). Lots of free time and mind too. Read More

See it is simple! One needs to kill whatever is not working right for oneself. If you delay doing this murder; you shall only be delaying becoming the best version of your own-self.

At 40 my time, stamina and willpower is limited. I have deep realized that only a smart, skillful management of my attention can improve the choicest aspects of my Life. Being on autopilot- not giving much thought to what I am doing or talking randomly i.e. loose talking will not help (frenetic shallowness has not helped me or anyone ever). Read More

Kaakacheshta, vakodhyaanam, swaana-nidra tathaivacha
Alpahaari, grihastyaagi vidyaarthi panchalakshanam

Any mention of studying & what makes a good student would be incomplete without this Sanskrit shloka. It means – the five most important qualities that any sincere student needs to possess are: perseverance like a crow (never gives up), concentration of a heron (who catches fish like no one else does), sleeps like a dog (always alert), does not over-eat and does not socialize like a house on fire. It’s a very brief summary of this entire blog post on how to study for long hours with Concentration.

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It’s either a very common question or a very common problem I see – when someone is talking relationships. And we have all reeled under this. Either suffered at the hands of our own stupid beating heart, or seen people around us suffer as we nodded in disagreement at their stupidity.So, if you have constantly been falling in love with the wrong person, been very frequently saying – ‘Dear Heart, why again?’ – give this blog post a slow, sincere read.

A short story first.

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