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The ‘Free stuff page is a repertoire of some of my best writing that I have done. The ‘Learning Zone’ below is a collection of my Dil Say articles, written from my experiences as a Motivational Speaker; the best of Akash Gautam’s blog on Motivation, Relationships, Careers, English & Communication and much more.

It also contains a list of all the guest posts I have written for all the wonderful motivational blogs out there!


  1. Why Marriages are Failing and How You Could Get Lucky in Yours
  2. If Warren Buffet were to give you Relationship Advice
  3. Vicky Loner
  4. Lovepal Bill : For the Corrupt Dil
  5. Mona Darling
  6. 10 Inspiring things that successful Parents do for their kids

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  1. How to Get Rich by Becoming Money Wise
  2. Grace & not Grease: Your Code for a Super Inspired Life
  3. 10 Ways of Screwing Your Life between 20s & 30s
  4. How to Eliminate Mediocrity from Life
  5. Singing in the Lifeboat: Ayesha Chaudhary’s beautiful Talk

See all entries under Living Life Better.


  1. Choose who you take Advice From – Very Carefully
  2. 12 Inspiring Quotes to Fire up Your Career Mojo
  3. Smartly Choose A Career
  4. Six Pack ideas for a ‘SIXy Career’
  5. Khosla ka naya Ghosla

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  1. Notes YOU need to crack an Interview
  2. How to Become a Three Times Better English Speaker than You are Now
  3. 9 Clever Tricks for Effective Communication
  4. How to write a good SOP
  5. How to write a good Resume & CV

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  1. Angreziwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
  2. Homonyms – Not a Problem Anymore
  3. 150 Common Mistakes in English Grammar
  4. Awesome Unforgettable Rules for Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives & Verbs
  5. English Grammar Rules for Subject Verb Agreement
  6. Grammatical Mistakes you were not aware of 
  7. Troublesome Articles, Tenses & Conjunctions & how to handle them
  8. Troublesome Prepositions
  9. Commonly Misspelled Spellings & Ways to Remember Them


  1. VPL 20-20 Season 1
  2. VPL 20-20 Season 2
  3. VPL 20-20 Season 3

See all entries under Vocabulary & English


  1. List of Fantastic Books for your Reading Habit
  2. Movies you MUST see to Inspire/Motivate the Self


  1. 6 Simple Ways to become a more Confident Speaker – for the Motivation Grid
  2. 5 Ways You can Develop Unlimited Will Power for Success – for Addicted2Success
  3. Confessions of a Motivational Speaker – for Complete Well Being Magazine
  4. Do you Think You Value Your Parents Enough? – for Youth Ki Awaaz
  5. Suicide isn’t the Remedy  – for The Inspiring Indian
  6. 15 Things Successful People Never Say At Work – for
  7. 9 Characteristics of Highly Desirable Women – for
  8. Why the New Year isn’t that Important – For The Indian Economist
  9. 5 Conditional Probabilities of Work Life Balance – for Bameslog
  10. 10 Simple Ways to Read Faster & Better – for Success Consciousness
  11. Letting Go of the Past: Don’t Stumble Over Something Behind You – for Wingman Magazine
  12. 5 Ways to Use your Breakup as a Motivation to Reinvent Yourself – for Elite Daily
  13. 7 Awesome Things that Very Inspiring Bosses Do – for Dumb Little Man
  14. Want to Break your Phone Addiction? – for Menprovement
  15. 7 Ways to Avoid Being the Salve to your Inbox – for Change Your Thoughts
  16. 6 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time – for Youth 24×7
  17. The Quality Without Which a Leader is Incomplete – for Get Motivation
  18. Do Textbook Motivation Theories Work? – for Fearless Motivation
  19. 5 Motivating Lessons from Fantastic Salespeople – for Pick The Brain
  20. 5 Signs of a Demotivated Workforce – for Inspiration Feed
  21. 5 Signs You Should Break Up even when it’s Hard to Do – for Everyday Power Blog
  22. 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Depend on Others & Love Doing Things by Myself – for Sir Motivate
  23. 5 Ironclad Ways to be a More Genuine Friend – Wealthy Gorilla
  24. 5 Ways of Ensuring you Stick to your To-Do List – for Personal Growth
  25. Moving out of India to Study? This Should Help
  26. How to stay Motivated when you just want to Give up! – for The Health Orange

This is just a snap shot of the more than 100 blog posts I have written so far for you, and the many many more that are already taking shape through my pen (keyboard) everyday!

I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

Akash Gautam