Hi beautiful people!!

Your chances of doing ‘FANTASTIC’ in this modern world increase multi-fold; if you adopt the ‘3R’ approach.

‘3R’ is — ‘Running, Reading and Relaxing’.

Let me start with the last ‘R’ i.e. Relaxing. If your mind is not relaxed; I mean, if it is always involved in trivial issues- you will never get a good productivity, out of your day. So, learn to rise above superficial issues in life — as people issues, small stuff etc.

‘Running’ — leads to an energy reservoir within you. Moreover, the old saying — ‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. You need energy for everything in your life. All successful people are / have been energetic. Can you recall the name of even a single successful person who was lazy and less energetic? No..naa !! So, Run and run hard. At least , for half an hour in a day — 7 days a week.

‘Reading’, builds 1) smartness and 2) perspectives in life. Try doing it — you’ll understand, what I wrote. It is a habit. We are nothing, but creatures of our own habits. The better habits we have, the better we become. Reading will give you that notorious confidence to 1) understand and 2) live life better. Our problem is not that we are ‘poor’ readers; it is that we are ‘inefficient readers’. Smart Reading doesn’t take much time to do.

I am enlisting the names of a few books below. All are eclectically chosen, keeping ‘you’ in mind. Almost all the recommendations have been made out of my personal reading experience or from the experiences of some of my very close friends who themselves are very good readers.

The intent is bi-fold:                                                                      

1) Exposing your mind to a variegated genre of reading

2) Get you addicted into reading as a habit; which in the long run will make you a better human being.

You’ll not only enjoy reading them; but also be able to build your mental muscles.

“Be a disparate reader. Be a ravenous reader. More importantly — BE A READER…”

Duaa karta hoon kee salaamat rahe tumhari Himmat — Ye aek Chiraag bahut saari Andhiyon par Bhaari Pade





Level 1 —

  • Who moved my cheese
  • Any book by Agatha Christie
  • Any book by Sidney Sheldon
  • Animal Farm (George Orwell) ( Must Must Read)
  • The Twilight Series (Stephanie Meyer)

Level 2-

  • Any book by Jeffery Archer
  • Any book by John Grisham (King of the torts, The Rainmaker etc.) (Legal Fiction)
  • Any book by Arthur Hailey (Airport, Hotel) (Service Sector Fiction)
  • The White Tiger ( Arvind Adiga)
  • The Godfather (Mario Puzo)
  • 1984 (George Orwell)
  • Foundation (Isac Asimov) (Astronomy Fiction)
  • Any book by Robert Ludlum
  • Any book by Robin Cook (Medical Fiction)

Level 3 –

  • Any book by Amitav Ghosh (The Hungry Tide, The Calcutta Chromosome, The sea of poppies)
  • Any book by Jhumpa Lahiri (The namesake, Interpreter of Maladies)
  • Any book by Frederick Forsyth ( the Icon, The Afghan etc.)
  • The God of small things (Arundhati Roy)
  • ‘The Great Expectations’ or ‘ A tale of two cities’— Charles Dickens.
  •  Stories by O.Henry.
  • ‘A book of English Essays’ — (Penguin classics).
  • ‘Black Beauty’ — Anna Sewell.

Level 4 –

  • Any book by Salman Rushdie (Midnight Children, The Enchantress of Florence, Shalimar the clown)
  • Any book by Orhan Pamuk (Snow, my name is red, Museum of Innocence etc.)
  • Any book by Franz Kafka (The trial, Metamorphosis etc.)
  • ‘The secret pilgrim’ – Joseph Heller.
  • ‘Beloved’ — Toni Morrison .
  • ‘By the sea’ — Abdulrazak Gurnah.
  • ‘The eighth commandment’- Lawrence Sanders.
  • ‘The romantic Manifesto’ or ‘The virtue of selfishness’ or ‘Capitalism : The Unknown ideal’ or ‘The Fountainhead’ or ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand.
  • ‘The dialogues of Plato’- (Batnam books) .
  • ‘The Third Wave’ or ‘Future Shock’ or ‘Powershift’ – Alvin Toffler.
  • All books by Paulo Coelho; especially ‘The Alchemist’.


  • Who says Elephants can’t Dance : Louis Gerstner
  • Who moved my Cheese : Dr. Spencer Johnson
  • Make sure you read every week — the case studies of Business World.
  • The seven habits of highly effective people : Stephen R Covey
  • How to win friends & influence people : Dale Carnegie
  • Think & Grow Rich : Napolean Hill (Must read)
  • Winning : Jack Welch
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono
  • Built to Last : Jim Collins
  • Influence: The psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini
  • The Wal-Mart effect : Charles Fishman
  • Losing my Virginity : Richard Branson
  • The Culting of Brands: Douglas Atkin
  • Emotional Design ; Donald A Norman
  • The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing : Al Ries, Jack Trout
  • ‘I am right , You are Wrong’- Edward de Bono.
  • ‘The GOAL’ — Eliyahu and Goldratt Cox ( A must read).
  • ‘The 80/20 Principle’ — Richard Koch.
  • ‘Small is beautiful’- EF Schumacher
  • ‘Maverick’- Ricardo semler.
  • ‘Pepsi to apple’- John Sculley.
  • ‘Hit and Run’- Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters.
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence’- Daniel Goleman.


  • The Starfish & the Spider – Brafman & Breckstrom
  • Built to Last – Jim Collins
  • Leading Change – John Kotter
  • The Leadership Dojo – Richard Srozzi
  • The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Outsmart – Jim Champy
  • Love is the killer App – Tim Sanders
  • The One minute Manager – Kenneth Blanchard
  • True North – Bill George
  • First, Break all the Rules – Buckingham & Coffman
  • The Compassionate Samurai – Brian Klemmer
  • ‘A Better India, a Better World’ – Narayan Murthy


  • The greatness of Saturn — Robert.E.Svoboda
  • Chariots of God — Erich Von Daniken
  • The prophecies of Nostradmus — Erika Cheetham.


  • ‘Genius’- James Gleick
  • ‘E=mc2 ’- David Thomson
  • ‘Genetic engineering’ — Mae —wan ho
  • ‘Germs — the ultimate weapon’- Judith miller.
  • ‘Men — from stone age to clone age’- John Madeley.
  • 1) ‘The human zoo’ and 2) ‘The naked ape’ — Desmond Morris.
  • 1) ‘The tao of physics’ and 2) ‘The turning point’ or 3) ‘The web of life’ — Fritz o’ Capra.
  • ‘A Brief History of Time’ – Stephen Hawking.


  •  Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaarder ( A must read History + Philosophy book)
  • ‘Taliban’- Ahmed Rashid .
  • ‘Long walk to Freedom’- Nelson Mandela.
  • ‘The autobiography of an unknown Indian’- Nirad C. Chaudhary.
  • ‘Discovery of India’ — Nehru(chacha).
  • ‘Europe since Napoleon’- David Thomson.
  • ‘Burma — The curse of independence’- Shelby Tucker .
  • ‘Memories of Madness: Stories of 1947’ — Penguin publishers.
  • ‘India’s struggle for independence’- Bipan Chandra.


  •  Freakonomics – Levitt & Dubner
  • ‘The black economy in India’- Arun Kumar .
  • ‘The price of onions’ — Ashok V. Desai.
  • ‘Hungry for trade’ — John Madeley.(Penguin).
  • ‘The Elephant The Tiger and The Cellphone’ – Shashi Tharoor


  • Bhagwat Geeta – Any Commentary
  • The Power of Intention – Dr.Wayne Dyer
  • My decision to Live – Nader Elguindi
  • Stop Whining, Start Living – Dr. Laura Schlessinger
  • The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch
  • The Power of Positive Thinking – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Monk who sold his Ferrari , Lead without a Title – Robin Sharma
  • Awaken the Giant within – Athony Robbins
  • The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle


  • Autobiography of a Yogi — Parmahansa Yogananda
  • ‘Hitler’ — Ian Kershaw.
  • ‘Iacocca’ — Lee Iacoca.
  • ‘Business legends’ — Gita Piramal.
  • ‘The diary of a young girl’ — Anne Frank
  • ‘The Flight of Ambition’ – Apoorve Dubey
  • ‘Every Second Counts’ – Lance Armstrong
  • ‘A Beautiful Mind’ – Sylvia Nasar (based on life of John Nash)


  • ‘An unquiet mind’ — Kay Redfield.
  • ‘Creativity’- Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.
  • ‘Them’- Jon Ronson.
  • ‘Emotional Alchemy’- Tara Bennet.
  • ‘Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance’.
  • Alchemist
  • Think and grow rich
  • His call to the nature
  • Doctors
  • The conquest of happiness
  • Unlimited power
  • The fifth Discipline
  • See u at the top
  • Who moved my chesse
  • One minute manager


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    Great job…thanks…I want to recommend one book also which i personally like very much
    ” A better India..A better world” by NR narayan murthy

  • soumya kanungo

    please also include GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ in the list of level 4 books of fiction

  • Ankush

    Gr8 list Sir, though surprised to see “A Brief History of Time” missing from the list of SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY

  • Santosh kumar Tripathi

    Needed this sort of list of selected books for a long time. It will help me as well as my students. Thanks.


    Thank u so much sir for this “profoundly needed” list.Done with a few of them.Loads of them yet to go.Just finished with Khaled Hosseini’s THE KITERUNNER. An extermely touching novel.

  • Akhil Gairola

    I think we should include Stephen Hawking too in the list of science and fiction. His “A Brief History of Time” is a very good book for knowing our universe

  • N.Ramakrishnan

    i have attended one seminar of urs in agartala, if u remember!!! any ways thanks for the list was in need of one!!

  • shivendra

    “the elephant the tiger and the cellphone” by shashi tharoor. a good one.

  • shivendra

    a beautiful mind by sylvia nasar

  • kunal

    Thank you SIR,
    I have read some of the books and they have helped me a lot in improving my vocab, reading interest , and lots more……thanks a lot sir…!

  • Great Post! I am so glad I found this. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for Posting. Ill definately visit again!Regards: SB2011LAIN_AING

  • Thanks for this fantabulous list. Extremely well categorized.
    I would love to have my 2 cents 🙂
    1. The Flight Of Ambition by Apoorve Dubey: A must read for everyone. This is a book by an entrepreneur, IITian, philanthrope who reveals the facets of achievement and successful people’s lives. A compelling read and a book that is popular among all people.
    2. Every Second Counts: An autobiography by the one of the greatest athletes of all time: Lance Armstrong. This book is a great testimony to how the champions think.

  • Thank u sir

  • I can’t seem to fully load this post from my smartphone!!!

  • Ansumanbhattacharjee

    Gr8 list of books sir!!
    Sir i completely agree with ur 3R approach,but some how im not able to cope up with the relaxing bit of it
    As u summed up,trivial issues get over my head
    Plz suggest some tips as 2 how 2 get over it

  • Rashika Bagri

    why is PAULO COELHO nt in dis list??
    he has written some amazing books ( alchemist, veronica decides to die, brida, wait all his books r awesome so i shud just stop here or otherwise i might just end up mentioning all his books) which deserve a place in dis list…

    • Akhil

      already mentioned at level 4….

    • deepti

      already mentioned …… read properly ….

  • Neeti

    Sir, even Ayn Rand’s books… are worth reading… !
    esp. Atlas Shrugged !

  • Krishanuc1001

    Sir, u kno wat ??? u r a rockstar… ranveer ko maaro goli… keep us motivated sir, plzzz & THNKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS A LLLLLLLLLLLLLOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!

  • Mahesh Medisetti

    Hello Sir, I recently read an amazing book about the many secrets regarding the human life in a book. This book is called “Many Lives, Many Masters” By Dr. Brian Weiss. This book not only answers so many questions about life, but also keeps even the worst of readers glued to the book because of its amazing information.

  • shaloo

    A few recommendations to add to the list:
    1. Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert
    2. Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma
    3. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen
    4. The kite runner by Khaled Hosseni
    5. A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseni
    6. Not without my daughter by Betty Mehmoodi
    7. The power of less by Leo Babauta
    8. 29 gifts by Cami Walker
    9. Many lives, many masters by Brian Weiss
    10. The greatness Guide 1 & 2 by Robin Sharma
    Also love the hunger games triology and our very own Amish Tripathi’s triology- The immortals of Meluha, The secret of the nagas and The oath of the vayuputras

  • Anupam Shrivastava

    Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Rashmi Bansal

  • Rhythm Goyal

    sir,I would like to add one more book to the category of motivational books… i.e. THE SECRET-RHONDA BYRNE. It is one of the best books i have ever gone through..

  • shivam

    why dan brown is not in the list??

  • amit

    you are awesome….akash…may you live long enough to inspire all that needs it 🙂

  • parag kejriwal

    Few more
    1) chanakya’s chants
    2) Aryavrata chronicles
    3) Dhandha (good for entrepreneurs)
    4) A leader who had no title
    5) The Rozabal line
    6) autobiography of Mary kom

  • Soham

    sir there are many translations/books available on The Art of War by Sun Tzu… which one do you suggest that we read?

  • Anshul

    I feel these two should be added to the list:-
    1. Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
    2. Wings of Fire – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Kapil joshi

    Bollywood action hero- Akshay kumar
    Motivational action hero- Akash Gautam
    Akki fever is evrywhere 🙂

  • Arabind Panda

    I really liked this list … Thank you Akash. If you can keep adding to it as you read or learn more books, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank You

  • Nikita

    it really helped.. I turned out to be an addictive reader (I was striving hard for the same for last 3 years but wasn’t able to)… will soon complete the entire list! 🙂 😀

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Join 50,000+ other smart people who regularly pursue my life hacks, career advices & some non-conventional inspiration. They tell me that my emails help them bunk the junk stuff in life. Check for yourself.
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