‘It is a baby Boy’ – my mother told me 9+ yrs back on phone. I was in Mumbai then & I just jumped ran to catch the next flight home (Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh). It was 50 parts joy & 50 parts fear of the unknown (Because like with my new phone; I did not get an instructions manual along with the child).

I have been a parent for the almost 10 years now. Nothing & no one can prepare you for an awesome parenthood. There are no courses. Only lessons learned from your own mistakes. No one else’s.

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Majority people pretend to be happy & making progress. A very tiny minority tries to look for an answer to How to live an inspired life. They have that charm about them, that sexiness which is indescribable.  Their code is GRACE.

Grace is the dignity with which you carry yourself. Grease is the attractive lubricant which you choose to keep your feet on to get carried away. As you get carried away; Grease consumes you like in a whirlpool. You become greasier in your habits & soon you’ll begin to feel like a hollow man. Grace is difficult as it involves baby steps & so many of them for you to feel that you are graceful. Grease will make you mediocre in the long run & grace will prepare you for an awesome long run.

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There is nothing sexier than an inspired & intimate conversation. Isn’t it? There is a lot of seductive appeal about people who COMMUNICATE it right in their lives.

Most people have a Vinegar approach to communication. They just do it ‘just like that’. Default mode. Chalta hai ! Khuch bhi ! They do not realize that ‘One can attract more flies with Honey than with Vinegar’.

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Motivational speakers are like Viagra. Only a very tiny minority of people needs them & hence likes them.

There is a definite set of people that I know who hate self help books or theoretical speakers. They love stories, real life examples, fun & most importantly logically intriguing write ups & talks. I knew that such an audience will be in majority at IIM-Ahmedabad; when I was invited for an Event by the IIM.

So! What did I do? I upfront threw acid & burnt the motivational speaker in me & decided to create a mad event titled ‘Lag Gayi’ – The Secret Science of ‘How we Screw our Lives’. Read More


In your work life- you will find yourself ‘writing’ many a time. People around you will be silently noting & checking your written presentation skills. These could be through the reports, formal emails, even hate letters & anything that you draft and send. “How to Write an Essay” shall help you in your essay writing endeavors for all times to come.

As a young student you are very likely to get formally evaluated on this skill. Many exams test you on Essay writing & presentation skills. Recently- B-schools & other good colleges (when you apply abroad) make you write an essay for the following reasons:

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I put this very seemingly simple, tiny but profound question on my FB Page & Twitter.

It was an out-pour of comments & messages. Around 1200, no kidding! Most were cute, some were philosophical, many were emotional but the stellar ones were the ‘funny & crazy ones’.

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