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I truly believe Bhagawad Gita is one of the most compete texts in the history of literature. This blog is my attempt so bring to you, the biggest, most important life lessons from Bhagawad Gita; especially for the young people. Because, it’s better to start early! Converging these lessons onto the ways; you live your life- shall bring ‘Spiritual & Material Magic’ in it. Sure — you shall enjoy; as the descriptions and examples are contemporary. While you read — you may see solutions to your ‘living well problems’. Jai Sri Krishna!!

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Your chances of doing ‘FANTASTIC’ in this modern world increase multi-fold; if you adopt the ‘3R’ approach. ‘3R’ is — ‘Running, Reading and Relaxing’. As a Motivational Speaker , one tip I have consistently given to my audiences, especially young people and their parents is – 3 most crucial habits for a wholesome life are – 1) habit of being physically and mentally fit, 2) a great reading habit and 3) a love for travel. Trust me, it takes care of a lot of things. And that’s why, I have put together this list of fantastic books for you. Because, whether you accept it or not – reading is an awesome habit (if one could develop it right)!

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Whenever I think of practical ways to remain happy in life, this one happiness quote always always comes to my mind:

“Khush rehna ek aadat hai; jisko hai, usko hai. Jisko nahi- woh kuch bhi kar le; wo khush nahi reh sakta. “


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The answer to your questions about ‘dealing with people in your life’ lies in your own emotional Competence while handling people :-

I see most people trying to over do things to:
– Get liked
– Impress people &
– Trying to be a hero / heroine.

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The most important lesson of life that I picked up during my growing up years:

Life is led forward but understood backwards. That understanding comes from retrospection and the ability to understand life. If you can’t do it as you live, do it in your flashback. But until you look at what you have done before – you will never know where you went wrong.

I already wrote about the biggest lesson life taught me. This is the second most important lesson that I am penning down now.

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The Biggest Lesson of my Life that I picked up during my growing up years:

Life is led forward but understood backwards. A lot of times; when we rightly begin to understand a particular aspect of life- we outgrow that need. To live life well – one needs to understand life well. It is not a rocket science. You can get most formulae correct by just looking at the lives of so many people in your life- your parents, your relatives, your friends, your classmates, your boss…

Have been regularly writing down few of my lessons out of having made mistakes. This is the first one :-

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