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  • CA Ranjeet Kr Agarwal, Vice Chairman Eastern India Regional Council of ICAI.

    Akash’s sterling session super motivated the entire bunch of 2500+ CAs & CA Students from 7 countries. His was the best session of our two days CA Students National Convention. I am glad we invited the best Motivational Speaker in India!

    CA Ranjeet Kr Agarwal

    Vice Chairman Eastern India Regional Council of ICAI.

  • Maitreyi Kandoi, Managing Editor, Kindle Magazine

    I only have one regret about Akash's workshops-that he wasn't around when I was a student! A superb Motivational speaker in India, Akash works wonders on students of all age groups.

    Maitreyi Kandoi

    Managing Editor
    Kindle Magazine

  • Rahul Kandhal, Regional HR Manager, GSKCH Ltd

    Akash's talk influenced all the participants to voluntarily draft individual action plan for themselves to be the best that they can be. As a motivational speaker in India ; Akash has a unique style. He makes sure that the audience is well engaged by adequately incorporating the element of humour.

    Rahul Kandhal

    Regional HR Manager
    GSKCH Ltd

  • Vaibhav Garg, Head-HR, Nokia

    Witnessing Akash in action in an event or in training is a treat to watch. His energy, style and sense of humour is unparalleled. Our experience of engaging Akash for Corporate Trainings has been a very good one. He talks practical and his fundamentals are lasting in impact

    Vaibhav Garg


  • Bindi Thakkar, AVP – Marketing, HDFC ERGO General Insurance

    We were glad to have Akash for Calm-Sutra; his unique Corporate talk on Stress Management at the HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate your powerful presentation. It was not only insightful but also reflected our aim of knowledge sharing theme. Feedback from our clients has been excellent. Akash truly is one of the best Corporate Trainers in India.

    Bindi Thakkar

    AVP – Marketing
    HDFC ERGO General Insurance

  • Kumar R.L, Vice President, SAB Miller India

    Akash's unique colloquial ability to connect with my management teams from across India helped him reach out not only to their minds but more importantly also to their hearts. He helped us realize that 'Motivation is within us'.

    Kumar R.L

    Vice President
    SAB Miller India

  • Manoj Agrawal, Vice President, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

    One word for Akash-'Exceptional'! His talk 'Rise & Shine' was the best that I have witnessed in Maruti Suzuki in my 27 years of career here. He just shook us out of our present belief systems into a newer world altogether. Unforgettable & life time experience.

    Manoj Agrawal

    Vice President
    Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

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